What a Brilliant Existence! (WIP) (UPDATE: 3rd December 2019)


I’m…not sure, honestly? You’ll be allowed to keep your options open for at least the entirety of Part One (which will be five chapters long; I’ll update the main post here explaining how that’s gonna go soon). I’m still studying the idea of casual dating, which would allow you to date more than one RO at once for a while, until one of them (or all of them!) eventually puts your back against the wall. If we’re talking poly, honestly, the only couple I could see agreeing to that would be Max/MC/Dani, but we’ll see. I’m not used to writing polyamorous relationships, so I’m also not sure how that would go; it’s an idea.



I haven’t had the time to playthrough the update but i’m so excited :pleading_face: i love syd so much i might combust


I love the new update. It really makes you look forward to more


Loved the demo. Always enjoy playing a quiet anxious character with secrets. Would it be possible to be more neutral or even negative about some of the characters? The MC is always so positive about starting a friendship and being around some of the other characters and I don’t get the option to skip talking to them or having the MC say no to hanging out with them. Other then that, I liked the game and am looking forward to the next update.


I’m having a bit of trouble with that, honestly. The thing is, one way or the other the MC is going to become friends with each character, because that’s just the way the story is supposed to go. I know being forced
like this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s the way I prefer writing.

Still, I want these relationships to feel more natural, and you are right that the MC is receptive to all friendships right off the bat. I’m still struggling with a more distant, standoffish MC who will still end up becoming friends with everyone, but it is something I want to work on.

Hope this clears some things up!