What a Brilliant Existence! (WIP) (UPDATE: 3rd December 2019)

Oh good to hear you are still active! I didn’t knew you were active on tumblr.

Guess who has a whole lot to read?


yep i’m still very much active, and the tumblr has lots of fun asks for u to catch up on :wink: i will try to show up here more often, however! it’s the least i owe you guys!


This is… interesting. It’s too soon to speak about character or world development (because there’s only 2 chapters) but the first one seems to be going very well for now. The second one is kind of vague to be honest, but I think it’s because we’re too early in the story and we’re not actually getting to the plot yet but we’re instead, getting to know everyone.
I’ve spotted some inconsistency errors, unfortunately, my device has almost no memory left and, I don’t know if this happens to other phones too but, it doesn’t let me take photos/screenshots anymore. My MC is a female and all my ROs are male, I hope this information can help a little bit.
Anyway, I’m so excited for chapter 3! Lots of love :heart:


Navigating tumblr gives me a headache, so much appreciated.

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Yeah, Part One (which will have five chapters) is basically getting to know each character and befriending them. World development has been purposefully, well not necessarily vague, but slow, I guess? My plan is for the reader to just figure it out as they go. Part Two will definitely speed things up, but, you know, don’t look too hard for a plot here! hahaha This is more slice-of-life than anything.

Were they gender pronoun errors with your MC and/or other ROs, or something else?

Thank you! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Awww that sounds so good too! We need more choice/hosted games focused on the characters. I just hope we’ll see more of Celeste and, by the end of the book, everything about MCs powers is explained.

Well, I remember at the beginning, Sydney was called a “they” even though I choose to make him a male since the beginning, I was like “Oh, I guess it is a nonbinary character” until at the next page the story called it a “him” and I was like: “Oh, okay lol”
Also, this is not an inconsistency? but I think I read something like “him hair”
Thanks for listening my opinions, I know my answers are kind of vague but I hope it helps you at least, a little bit.
I wish you the best of luck with this project :heart:


Agreed. There’s so many great games here with very interesting characters, but such high stakes. It stresses me out a bit! Sometimes I just want to enjoy scenes with my RO/friends without constantly having to worry about the world ending. :persevere:

Oops, thanks for reminding me of that. When I first started making the game, you couldn’t pick the ROs genders straight away yet, so Sydney was just called a “they” in the beginning. I’ll fix that.


Hey, everyone. Since I’ve promised to remain more active, here’s this week’s Snippet Sunday! It’s a shorter one, but it does hint as to what you’ll be doing on Chapter Four, after this update - a party! :partying_face: And one thrown by Dani, no less.

Hope everyone has a good week. :slight_smile:


So I forgot to post this here the moment I did it on Tumblr, but we reached 400 followers there! So I made some dumb memes hahahaha I don’t want to spam you guys with every little thing I post on Tumblr, but I thought this might interest some of you.

Also - I just saw that the link to the demo has five thousand clicks already, and I only started posting on, like, April! That’s insane!!! Thank you! :slight_smile:


When is the last time this has been updated? Is there anything new because this is a very good wip.

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It was last updated on August, and the new chapter is coming. I’m gunning for a mid-December update! I’ve just been busy, that’s all.


Surprise! The update has arrived!

I’ll be honest - this is a shorter one. It’s basically a setting stage for the beginning of the MC’s individual relationships with each character, and it’s a way the player can start to get to know them a bit better. There’s probably going to be a smaller update down the road adjusting some things (for example, the relationship stats) and making this chapter heftier, and I’ll appreciate any criticism you might have.

We’ll start to pick up the pace next chapter, as we near the end of Part One.

Still, enjoy! Hopefully, it’ll brighten up your Tuesday.


Oh my gosh, I love how relatable the MC is! The cast is so lovable and adorable that I can’t even pick favourites (except Celeste…).

World building and character interactions are well balanced from what I’ve read so far (including the new chapter). I look forward to the party! Have a reclusive mc so that’s going to be…a blast haha.

Hope you have a good week and thank you for the update! Don’t forget to take care of yourself too. :+1:


I had to eat cold pizza because of you! I was browsing along waiting for my pizza to be delivered then blamo! Update! Now that I have finished playing through again I can finally eat my pizza.

Still one I’m really looking forward to. Enjoy getting to know the characters some more.


Me before the update: I’m so romancing Max!

Me after the update: I’m so romancing everyone.


Hey @beeanca, story is pretty mint my dude, im enjoying this sweet sweet edge and being able to act like A MAXIMUM POSH PRICK.

Also the ROs are all pretty good friendship buddies which is nice, I don’t feel like I am actively missing out by not romancing them which is good.

Also a really cute continuity thing I noticed you do is how Sydney actually remembered how I let her answer for me, which was a really pleasant suprise that made me feel like my character has tangible weight in this story.

Keep up the good work bud!

(Btw how old is Alex, I can only imagine him as being like 14 years old with his height and personality, yet he himself mentions how he is an adult or something)


My work here is done!

jdjdjdjd i should change the status screen to that

That is great to hear! A big draw of the game are the relationships, so they really need to actually be interesting.

lmaoooo they’re like 18/19, so around MC’s age. They just act much younger than their actual age.

:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Thank you all for the kind words! I’m very happy to know the update is being enjoyed! And now let’s start chapter four! :face_with_hand_over_mouth:



the new update is amazing! i love it! i love interacting with the characters and getting closer to them! and dang it now i want to romance both dani and sydney! why does the characterization here have to be so good??

(on a completely separate note: i’ve forgotten. is it still plausible to romance them both at once? i would absolutely be willing to do multiple playthroughs if not but… god do i want to romance them both at once.)

seriously, though, this game is great. i love it. i’m looking forward to whatever happens next!

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CaN I KeeL Da mOtHeR?

i shall devour her and take my powers back nyes nyes I will be the greatest goon among all goons

btw thanks for responding <3


Damn game is so good.

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