Werewolves rising (working title)

Hi! So I am working on a choice of game which takes place in a small village in a fantasy world. Chapter one shows the desolation and hardships that the villagers must go through to survive in this world. Every night, the werewolves kill and infect villagers, and in the day they live ordinary lives. Suspicions grow as werewolf suspects are lynched in the day. After a werewolf dies, a mark appears on their chest, showing that they were a werewolf. However, most of the lynched villagers are innocent. Vigilante humans also stalk the night, hunting for werewolves. Will you stay human, or become infected by the dark disease of lycanthropy? Will you become a vicious werewolf-hunter, or will you try to reform the wolves? It’s all up to you in werewolves rise.

This is the idea so far. I am very far into dev already, but I don’t want to post it until I iron out a few bugs, so stay tuned for when I do! Also, I would appreciate some feedback and game ideas.

This sounds really interesting! Can’t wait for the demo. If you get infected with the ‘disease’ is that the end of the game? Will there be a common storyline for the game or will there be completely different stories for how you have defined your character?

Thanks! About those questions, the first part of the game follows a set storyline, but somewhere in the middle, you can go down completely different paths depending on whether you are infected or not. If you are infected, you can become a ruthless werewolf or try to ensure the safety of everyone around you.

(Yay werewolf game!)
Inquiry: if the werewolves come every night why don’t people follow them at night, wait for them to transform back, and kill them then? Or take a suspected werewolf restrain them and wait for them to transform? That would stop the innocent deaths. Do people know if they’re werewolves? Cool concept, I always like “fear the night” kind of settings.

Seems like a lot of cats like werewolves :slight_smile: Yes, the werewolves do know that they are werewolves. About them coming every night, if they do reach someone’s house, the person either becomes a werewolf or dies. the townspeople lynch any suspects without question, which is not the smartest thing to do -_- maybe I could think of a way to get around that. Although, a werewolf would have no problem breaking free of a few ropes once they transformed. thanks for the feedback, and I will post a topic with the first couple chapters asap!

99.9% of people who play this game will be a werewolf

@WolfieGrey You read my mind, but ill replay it for the human version

As will I

“the townspeople lynch any suspects without question”

That sounds like it’ll be a problem.

@RagEgnite How do we know your not a werewolf!?

“Every night, the werewolves kill and infect villagers”

That doesn’t seem economically viable, especially in a *small* village - you’d run out of people in less than a year. Basic farming tenets: Cultivate the population of your flock.

Moreover, why, exactly, would the werewolves adopt a policy of infecting humans? It seems to me that infection would be accidental: “I’d pinned that chappy to the ground and was about to guzzle on his gullet, when some bounder wopped me upside the outside of my snout with a bumbershoot… long story short, I was driven off, and I guess we’ve got another mouth to feed” - Bigger pack of werewolves, less food to go round… you get the gist.

Humans are especially odd targets, too, since they can defend themselves, and tend to sleep in shelters which are, to some degree, fortified. I suppose a deer shortage could drive a starving pack to go peasant gobbling, but hey-ho.

“the townspeople lynch any suspects without question”

What fresh madness is this? Even the Puritan hysteria in Salem had some twisted semblance of due process.

@WolfieGrey “99.9% of people who play this game will be a werewolf”

Which part of “vicious werewolf-hunter” did not captivate you?


Do you shave?
Do you like to go for walks around the block?
Do you like to chew up couch cushins and everything else you can find?
Do you have teeth so long they put the big bad wolf to shame?
Do you stand longer and closer than usual to fire hydrants?

I believe this game is based of the game werewolf, it isn’t exactly meant to be realistic. If this is based of werewolf i can’t wait to see a demo


I think im a werewolf… because I answered all those questions with a yes, well sorta because I dont shave my face but I shave my armpits… so it’s weird ill keep my hobo beard but my armpits must be hairless.


The part with the wolf(iegrey) hunter. To be fair though, I will end up going through that path eventually.

Okay, I just finished chapter 2. It is still a little buggy, and needs some more details cleared out, but I will post what I have so far in another topic.
About people wanting to be werewolves, you can’t really decide -_-
I mean, you can run into a pack of werewolves on purpose, but there’s a 50/50 chance they will murder you, and a 50/50 chance they will infect you. Take the risk if you want, I guess.

@lackofmops I like my odds B-) Yay~ demo~ I’m gonna play it ASAP!

This sounds a lot like werewolf, its a really fun game that makes leads to some awesome moments of brilliant strategy and luck. I would explain the rules but my tablet refuses to stop jumping all over the page. Good to run into some people that play it.

Yeah, I did base it off of that party game, werewolves of Miller’s Hollow.

@Reaperoa can you close this one too? Thanks.