Werewolves rising chapters 3 and 4

Hey, guys! Sorry it took me so long to post this, even after I finished it… But never mind.
I’ve finished chapters 3 and 4, and fixed chapter 2. In the previous version I posted, you could only access chapter 1.
So, here’s the dropbox link.
Just click on it to start playing werewolves rising.



You know if you put your ENTIRE “web” folder in the “public” folder, and then go to “index.html” in the “web” folder, right click and click “copy public link” then paste it here, we wouldn’t have to download the entire file and we could just play it by clicking on the link?

Oh man I made a huge mistake in the code, I am fixing it and posting a new link. Sorry.

And @Headhunter180 I had no idea. I tried to add it now, but I’m not sure if it will work. Time to try it out.

why don’t you post all the chapters into the same thread?

@WolfieGrey Because I can’t edit it after 30 minutes.

I guess I could comment on it though.

I meant open up your “werewolf rising part 1-2” thread, and just update it through there. Speaking of editing, I noticed you could have just done that instead of posting twice.

Yeah, I didn’t know you could do that. Thanks! :smiley:

I love the twist at the ending, it was completely unexpected.

Now I’m on a cliff hang, please keep writing Lackofmops! I want to know what happens next and thank you for making this awesome game.

Edit: I would say keep it all on one thread so no one gets too confused. c:

@Tiffashy thanks a lot! I will keep writing it, and this will be the new thread for the game.

Small update, I just added about a half a chapter on to the end.


Posted on your other one before reading this. If this is your new thread you should have the other one closed. You don’t need to bring a new one out for evey chapter

I don’t know how to close the other one, sorry. But Now that I have the dropbox set up, I can just update it with new chapters. And wolfie, are you on the forums all day? Seems like it… Lol just kidding but I would appreciate it if the old ones were closed.

On my days off I check it on my phone every now and then, depending on what I’m doing.

@WolfieGrey lol just joking.

Alright, I have an objection to make. Yes an objection.
Why does our intelligence stat go down when our body stat goes up? That’s basically saying that anyone who wants to work out or do some form of exercise is a muscle bound moron. That makes 0 sense.
The same with speed and strength, why are they opposed stats???

@lackofmops i played your werewolf game until it says end great work:]

@HeadHunter180 you are kind of right, but I wanted to make it more real. I’m probably not making any sense, but in real life, nobody’s perfect, right? So if you want to have strengths, you have to have weaknesses.
@Werewolf123101911 thanks man! (epic username)

Yeah but opposed stats? So the moment I go rock climbing I somehow lose about half of my brain cells? You could just put them as normal stats and have limited stat boosts.