Werewolves: Haven Rising — Rise up, werewolves! Fight for your freedom!



Actually he will, because if you didn’t take him down it says at the end
that he escaped.
Plus after they shoot him in the back you still face him on the battlefield.


Yh. Who could do such a thing. kicks syringe under carpet Thats so crazy.


I thought the soldiers took care of him for me :scream:


How is it that I can find concrete evidence of something, but when it is time to confront the person the narrative acts like you only have a mere suspicion… Despite discovering multiple evidence of treachery?

Also why have I been playing the entire game feral and pro war, but the narrative and characters act like this is a new development and I am just coming to my senses?


slowly hides the empty syringe and whistles

What syringe? Oh… That. I dunno. I lost it somewhere.


There are 4 main ending branches, but several permutations for how you can get there and what happens from there. Plus an early death scene and the hidden Williams ending.

  1. The DC branch (get captured after the battle). Includes 2 main endings. From here, werewolves who are particularly violent (or human-hating) will be likely to get chosen by General Rivera. Other wolves will be removed and sent to the basement cell with Williams. You get to DC by not making close friends of the activists, not being overly liked by the military, and having low to moderate public sentiment.

  2. Sonoma’s camp. There are 2 main endings here. Trust her or don’t trust her. Get a chance at this by having high activist rep OR high public rep, OR high human military rep. None of these are a guarantee, but they give you a good shot.

  3. Retire to a cabin. This has 2 slightly different endings too. Join Rivera or stay in solitude. This ending may be reached by getting the Sonoma’s camp ending and refusing to fight, OR by befriending the military to a moderate degree, getting the sequence where they betray Williams, and choosing to leave with them when they offer you a ride to safety. (This is tough to get on purpose. If you want to get the cabin ending, I suggest going the Sonoma route.)

  4. Escape with the activists to Anna’s father’s mansion. This ending is ONLY achievable with a very high activist rep, and by staying with them after they break in to save you.

  5. If you fail the two fighting checks when battling Williams, Razor will jump in to help you. If you decide NOT to run, but instead to defend her against Williams AND your pack did poorly in the fighting beforehand, you will likely die here.

  6. Join Williams. Getting this ‘secret ending’ path is complicated and happens in chapter 11. You must either FAIL your stat check to escape from the decontamination room where you are reverted to human form OR pass the check then decide to question Williams, but this will only work if you made no delays escaping during chapter 10, otherwise Williams’ soldiers will come too soon for you to question him. You must then have a neutral or higher reputation with the human military AND be less than 50% feral to open up the secondary line of discussion. From here, you will see choices beginning with “So you believe that your extreme measures are justified?” You must then side with Williams and NOT call him a traitor. This will switch your ending companion to “Elan”, open up a good deal of alt dialogue, and unlock an ending where you fight against Haken and leave Haven as dear ole’ dad’s protege. (Side note, the human army rep check for this is set at 25. ‘Disliked’ is 19 and lower, and ‘Neutral’ is 29 and lower.)


This game has me conflicted.
First I was like “give peace a chance” then The military mutilated Tiva and murdered for shits and giggles and I was like " human genocide time" then Justin showed up and I don’t know if him/ Anna. Are spies because they the guards mentioned their spy being that squirrelly kid. But they could mean lapu. It’s confusing.


This response is actually an exciting read for me, because it shows that your thoughts are changing as you read the book and you’re taking clues in a very interesting direction. I’d love to hear how you feel once you’ve finished the game!

Also, I love your username! Fan of ‘Repo the Genetic Opera’?


They were most definitely talking about him. He’s lucky there wasn’t an option to kill him.

@GreekWinter fixed


Dude, spoilers! :frowning:


To be honest, this was one of the best games that I’ve ever played. A few people have said they don’t like how you’re forced to fight in the end, but I took it as a real-life lesson, which is kind of the point of reading these stories for me? Like, I took a pacifist route for the whole game until the battle where you’re trapped and have to fight. I’m a very peaceful person, and because of that I’ve been taken advantage of, mostly by people who get me to do stuff for them because I won’t say no. But being forced to fight put a new light on things where I realized that sometimes, you have to protect yourself, not just lay down and take whatever’s coming at you. It’s definitely a good lesson, and one that I needed. :blush:


Yep the name’s based off an AU where Luigi and Amber had two kids Rebecca and Biagio which means Lisp in baby names

I think I’m near the end having a tough go choosing between Wetworks or false prisoner. Both sound like the tendency for badassery.


For the end I chose false prisoner, for my main playthrough. Wetwork sounded really nice but since my wolf couldn’t sneak on a blind death grandma, I fear it was not for him… But high combat seems useful on a prison break and high leadership will help get the other inmates fired up :wolf:

But it seems I’ll need to do it another time since the save system isn’t ready yet…
I also really hope Tiva (for the violent playthrough) and Anna (for the diplomacy playthroughà will be romanceable in the next one.
I was expecting it to be a one book serie, given the way it was going, but I’m pleasantly surprised and hyped for the sequel… I know that having 4 differents ending could to some difficult work to tie everything up in the sequel but the story on this one was really solid and allowed a good variety of style to play so I’m confident for the sequel !


The sequel is going to be interesting Wonder if me and Bly will have to do some IVF since we’re a lesbian couple. Anyway what is the best object to steal from the base? The Serum seems to have possible bad effects in the sequel.


Here you go
The gauntlet punctures your skin, but apparenty it’s not too much trouble, and no permanant damages.
Stealth doesn’t seem to have any drawback either as of now.
It could be nice if the serum was the only one giving you harmful side effect but would also be the one with the greates potential like developping some mutation like Elan


Sacrifices must be made to wield the gauntlet.

Thanos agrees with this.


I’ve actually got it all pretty well tied into the sequel. Every ending vectors into the same narrative (albeit from different angles) except for players who choose to stay behind at the remote cabin and reject Rivera’s call for help. Players with that ending won’t have their characters carry over since they choose to live in peace. (book 2 won’t be a farming and leisure simulator.) You CAN get the cabin ending but also choose to help and continue though, so the choice is there.

Anyway, I’m glad you’re hyped! I’m hyped too :slight_smile: It’s going to be an awesome ride!

All three objects will have both advantages and disadvantages. While the academic boost will remain neutral since there’s not really much I can do with it.

Poor Gamora :frowning:


Anyway I’m a Wetworks operative dating Bly looking forward to the sequel though I don’t trust the new packleader maybe Elan and Lapu made me paranoid.


Bly is best girl… :+1: