Werewolf: The Cursed

Werewolf: The Cursed


What does it mean to be a monster? A beast stirs beneath your skin, and closes its claws around your soul - if you still have one. Day bleeds into night, and you feel the pull as the full-moon rises. You can’t run.

But, what can you do?

The choice falls on your shoulders.

Werewolf: The Cursed is a horror game and story that explores the themes of being a monster, both dark and beautiful. The hows, the whys, and for how long a body and mind can take it before humanity slips away completely, and what you do when it does. 

You take the role of a person drawn into the curse through an accident, a family line, or selling your soul to the devil. You are armed with your skills, and your best friend Sam in a little town called Wrenbrook off the west coast of Canada. 

The game is broken up into three parts, with three different branching stories connected to the origins of the curse, intertwined with the main plot. How you interact with the world around you is important, as is the relationships you will or will not form with your hometown residents. They could be your undoing just as well as an asset. 

You have thirty days to find a cure before your first full-moon. If you even want to. After that, the story’s just beginning. 

About the writer & project-

The project is still in it’s early days, but a good chunk of work has been done for it and planning. This story is my ‘baby’. I love werewolves, and have been wanting to write a story with one as the centre for ages, but I am also a game designer at heart. When I found Choice Of Games, and Choicescript it was a wonderful epiphany. This is what I want to do. This is the medium for me. It allows for a unique experience, and can be a powerful storytelling tool. Despite the projects early days, I decided to make a thread here; a place where I can ask for advice and look for feedback as I progress through my work. And I do plan on releasing a beta as I go.

I’m literally shaking to death right now! Luckily it’s from excitement… I see potential in this upcoming game, and I’m glad that it’s about werewolves. Werewolves and dragons are both my top favorite fantasy creatures, and it’s hard to find good games about them or even having them. Games that do have them are either really old or aren’t that good. So I say, good luck and you have my support!


Sounds admittedly cliched, but it seems to have promise.


Thanks! I’m glad for your support! One of the reasons I’ve wanted to write a werewolf game is because I want to see more of them.


Yep. I’m not going to win any originality awards here. But these are the sort of tropes and themes I love to write. I’d rather do something I’m passionate about than something just for the sake of being different. There are a lot of ways I can portray cliches to have fresh twists on them, and that’s what I intend to do.


The game is broken up into three parts, with three different branching stories connected to the origins of the curse, intertwined with the main plot. How you interact with the world around you is important, as is the relationships you will or will not form with your hometown residents. They could be your undoing just as well as an asset.

@Looshi - Clarify for me? Three branching story lines PER curse origin? Or one for each curse origin?

Assuming its the former, 3 origin stories, than branch into three unique stories that I assume branch further via choices, plus the hometown/npc management and I reckon you have a huge amount of work on your plate. I’d highly recommend keeping the writing tight if you’re prepared to take on that amount of work.

Unless I’m assuming wrong and you have a core plot that the three branches will revolve around? (edit: on re-reading it sounds like this option… but I’ll leave the question anyway!)

Ah shoot, sorry that wasn’t clarified very well! One for each curse origin. Phew. But yes, even that is a great amount of work. Which I am willing to do, and am doing. I’m keeping will organized, which helps a good deal. This is something I’m very passionate about, and anything worth doing is hard!

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@Looshi sounds a little like my game… But still cool, I’m always up for competition!

The only similarity I see is the title and subject.

@lackofmops Really? If anything is similar it wasn’t intentional. Dealing with werewolves is a pretty well-trodden ground, similarities are bound to pop up now and then. And good friendly competition never hurt anyone. :slight_smile:

I’d suggest against that name. White-Wolf just came out with a game called Mummy: The Curse. With Werewolf: The Cursed, you’re far too similar. Even choosing The Curse: Werewolf! Or The Curse of the Full Moon or something would be different.

I don’t see the similarities between @Looshi and @Lackofmops games other than they both involve werewolves. Lackofmops your game’s about fighting werewolves, I thought, in a fantasy setting. Whereas Looshi has you becoming a werewolf, in a modern setting. Entirely different.

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@FairyGodFeather y’know, I really should have taken that into account when I was thinking about names. It didn’t occur to me at the time, and I’m a white-wolf fan. I completely forgot about Mummy. My bad. Thanks for pointing that out to me. It was meant to be a tentative title of sorts, and now it definitely is.

This was the kind of feedback I was hoping for!

I’m looking forward to it. It sounds like an interesting game. Titles are tough. It works fine as a WIP title and I’m sure you’ll come up with something better.

Like Werewolf: THE BLESSING! Isn’t it awesome to be a werewolf!? :slight_smile: Curses are for vampires and mummies. Werewolves are fierce! And awesome. :stuck_out_tongue:

@Looshi, looking forward to seeing how your game develops…

@Looshi - Cool, keep at it :slight_smile:

@FairyGodfeather That title is pretty lackluster, honestly. I just needed something to fill in a blank and though ‘well why not’ and there it is.

Werewolf: The Blessing. Hah! I would totally go with that if it fit the tone of the game, but alas it does not. :stuck_out_tongue:

@Havenstone Thanks for the interest! I hope I don’t disappoint!

@RVallant Sure will!

Soon, I will be making a post about the game-play and how stats make an effect. And as it goes, I will be writing more about the game, such as the characters, and possible spoilers if I need feedback. Oh, and look out for artwork, I’m a bit of an artist. :slight_smile:

@Looshi sorry wasn’t meaning they were TOO similar, just that they both involved werewolves. Also, I have a suggestion. It might be cooler just to call it just “the cursed”, dropping the whole werewolf part. It would still fit into the game, but make the title more ominous.

I think Werewolf The Blessing is definitely… a little out there as a title. I suggested it as a joke. I’m sure you’ll come up with something good closer to the time.

I’m also doing a sort of inspired by World of Darkness but not really game. Vampires, Wizards, Fairies, Ghosts and Werewolves oh my!

I plan to have my two Werewolves fight it out over the whole Blessing/Curse thing. One thinks their powers are very much a blessing and revels in them. The other sees them more as a curse and tries to deny their werewolf nature as much as possible. Naturally, the werewolves do not start off as friends and I’m hoping it’ll make for an interesting dynamic, especially when the protagonist is forced to work with both of them and doesn’t have a leash to keep them under control.

I’d love to see what you do with werewolves. Werewolf is my least favourite of the White Wolf games, but I think a Werewolf game has such potential.

@lackofmops Oh no worries. I do believe “The Cursed” is also the title of a not so great movie. I might avoid that. Thanks for the suggestion though!

@FairyGodfeather Haha, I knew it was a joke. I’m simply overly fond of cheesy titles.

I’ve read your project thread, actually! Greatly looking forward do it. Urban Fantasy/and/or supernatural is definitely my favorite genre. Really interested in how you handle the defined MC in a choice game. I was considering doing a defined character for this game at the beginning, but thought against it simply because I like giving people options of customization towards their character, and this doesn’t truly call for it.

Werewolf is my least favorite as well(Changeling: The Lost hold my favorite space), it gravely disappointed me. I haven’t played the oWoD werewolf because I have issues with it, so my experience is with nWoD. But yes, I also think that a werewolf game has a lot of potential. This game is more about a personal experience with the curse, rather than all the awesome things you can do(While there will be cool things, they aren’t the point).

I love Changeling the Lost. It’s my favourite of all of White Wolf’s games (both old and new). Followed by Mage the Ascension.

I never liked old WoD Werewolf or new WoD Werewolf. I like the idea of a psychological exploration of being a werewolf, the horror of losing your mind, of the rage and animal instincts taking over, the risk of snapping, having a short-temper and being angry all the time, hair sprouting in strange and horrifying places, suddenly not knowing your strength, smelling things you normally wouldn’t, being distracted by sounds, especially high-pitches noises no one else can hear. Having sudden cravings for food, especially raw meat. Animals being scared of you and children being unsettled and almost everyone else telling you it’s just in your mind.

I have a new name for you. I went to thesaurus to find you a better word for cursed. :slight_smile: Werewolf The Doggone! AROO!!!

Awesome, another Changeling fan! Man, I could talk about that game for forever.

That is exactly the problems I’m going to be exploring with this game, down playing the rage however, as well as many others. It intrigues me greatly on how the human mind would be able to handle such alien concepts that are being forced upon it. One of the plotlines I’m especially looking forward to writing is selling your soul to the devil to be a werewolf, as it’s something the mc willingly afflicts on themselves. With it being interactive, I’m hoping to aim for an intense and personal experience. That’s one of the main goals of the project in general.

Hah! You shouldn’t tempt me with that name, I’m pretty close to changing the folder’s name to that just for kicks. :stuck_out_tongue: