Wellspring : Origin

Ok so is Gravity Manipulation’s specialized ability Phase similar to Obito’s Kamui?


Thank you for your observations and suggestions. I appreciate a critical eye, as it only improves the final product. Should you continue reading this work in the future, please feel free to point out any areas that could be improved.

Understandable, as I did not provide any details regarding the plan, nor do I intend to in this installment of the series.

This statement is mostly correct under normal circumstances, though once again, other factors mentioned in the source material explain the reasoning behind this issue. This explanation is not relevant to this installment of the series, therefore I will forgo providing further details.

Yes, they are indeed massive, and the interference is present at each position. When I used the word “satellite” I meant it in the literal sense, as the structures orbit the earth. These “satellites” originally consisted of many large space stations, and a failed colony. Though size plays a role in the disruption of the Moon’s gravitational pull, it is the gravity fields generated by the structures that do the most damage.

I completely understand why you would draw this conclusion based on the information provided in the demo. I assure you that this is not the case.

This advise is well received, and I will attempt to do just that in the next update.

No. Phase does not send one into a “pocket reality”, but rather shifts objects out of phase with three dimensional space.


Two questions, when will we see the rest of the power descriptions/explanations? And how does distort work? I’m still confused on how it actually works.

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Distort gives the wielder the ability to manipulate three dimensional space in various ways.

Further details regarding the remaining power sets will be forthcoming, though providing such information has taken a back seat to completing the next update.


Have any large amount of animals gone extinct from the issues facing earth in this story?


Very likely.




Who is your favorite character to write for in this story?

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If I were to chose, it would be the MC. The variety of personality types/abilities available to the MC makes their interactions with others quite different with each play through. This has been the chief reason that the game is taking longer to complete than most readers are comfortable with. I was resolved from the start to make a game with in depth, fully fleshed out paths, variety of choice, choices that influence the outcome in more than a cosmetic capacity, NPCs who are not simply stale plot devices, and an MC that feels organic. Many have said that this is ambitious, to which I have replied “Yes. It is.”
Thank you for your continued interest.


Love the story so far hope to see more in the future


I like this game, still very WIP but I can see the potential

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I hope this project isn’t dead


Same here. I find this WIP very interesting. Let’s just our hope in the author.

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Very interesting WIP. Is there some place where we can get more info on it?

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Those powers in the description are… WoW.


I love this idea so much and I don’t want to read it again ´cause I know I´ll be disappointed once the demo ends. Keep up the good work, wherever you are and however you’re feeling: I can only hope you’ll grace us with an update soon