Weirdest dream/nightmare?


Oh yes, please do read that thread about dreams and nightmares. I have posted some rather strange ones there, and many more have not be posted >:D If you ever need dream inspiration dm me because, ooo boy.


I had a weird dream a few days ago, where I threw up in my nightmare… and green toys streamed like a river out of my mouth along with a very fluffy teddy-bear and a porcelain doll of all possible things And now that I say that, I’m not that hungry for dinner anymore…


I have had a ton of dreams and nightmares some a really odd i think like the one where im in a walmart or something and i knee the zombie Apocalypse was coming so i wanted to get food like key lime pie cuz its delicious and then the entire Walmart store goes underground like some kind of underground bunker and at on point i leave it and start skating up a an elevated area still in the town or city and im not even moving my feet to skate while i do that i shoot zombies with my dual pistols that must have infinite ammo i do that and im happy because this isnt like my usual zombie Apocalypse dreams and i can actually kill them. Usually with my zombie Apocalypse dreams it all fine then one moment the entire world is somehow infected with zombies now everyone tho just there everywhere


I pretty much remember all my dreams. But this one stood out.

One of my parents friends died (in real life). His name was Flemming. I met him in my dream at my old school at night. He had horns on the forehead, white-blue skin, black hair and glowing eyes. All he said was “it’s a wonder, you’re not dead yet”. Then I turned around to find a small girl in a glowing white dress, and I can’t move. I’m just getting more and more scared, until I wake up.

This night I met a former friend in my dreams, and he told me, I’m friends with people, I actually hate. Thinking about it, my dream had a point. They often do :stuck_out_tongue: