Weirdest dream/nightmare?


A funny situation happened one time when I had a nightmare several years ago, there was a friend of the family staying over and since I was the only one with a single bed he ended up sleeping in my room, my mother went with my sister and I had the room with my dad. Since it was an unfamiliar bed I was likely off a little anyway.

In any case I had this nightmare where someone was trying to kill me, a serial killer type with a knife. Meanwhile my dad woke up needing the bathroom and left the door open where the landing light was still on. Just as he comes back in I wake up from my nightmare and immediately see this shadowy figure in the doorway. I scream extremely loud and pretty much terrify everyone in the house whilst my dad moves to me to see what the matter is. Which is not a good idea - whatever my dream was, in my current state I must think its real and I actually start attacking him! It took both my parents to make me realise what had happened and where I was, thankfully dad only got a few hits on the face and shoulder from me, I am not especially tough so he was fine, but I must have been pretty shook up for a good half an hour! I don’t think I have ever had as vivid a nightmare as that since… :worried:


I looked up the meaning of the drowning dream and it doesn’t seem so weird anymore.

But not long ago I had an actually weird dream:
In my dream I was alone in a room with the door open. I had an urge that I really should close it, kinda like if I don’t close the door immediately something really bad would happen, but no matter how hard I tried I just couldn’t close it. And while I was trying I tripped and even when I was down on the floor all I cared about was the door, so I tried to close it with my foot since I couldn’t reach it with my hand and it feelt so urgent to me that I didn’t waste time with getting up. And when I would have finally managed to close it with a kick someone stopped it by grabbing it then in stepped my grandma who died like 5 years ago. That’s when I woke up feeling kinda bad.
Now this is a dream I really don’t understand how came.


This is more of a hallucination than anything but I’ll still tell the world of this thing.

One of my more common and stranger dreams involves myself talking to a cat-person, usually a regular small-talk type of thing. However, this event is always common no matter what type-of-dream I have, including nightmares or lucid dreams. I sometimes become the role of the cat-person and experience the dream through its body.

This is when the hallucinations kick in. Whenever this occurs, I would occasionally slip in and out of consciousness, usually doing something like hiding my phone or moving something else. However, I never get any single memory of this happening, just the feint feeling that it had occurred while I slept.

I’m not sure what this is, but my theory is pointing to an alter-ego type of situation.


I think all my dreams are weird.

There was a dream where i was transported into a cartoony world i tried to desperately wake up when i woke up it felt weird then i realized it was still a dream after minutes of trying to wake up a few times and finally i got out of bed.


Also i know that im dreaming sometimes so i do whatever i want in my dream



My weirdest dreams are like computer games, with me knowing that everything is a game. So I form a party, mostly consisting of people I know in RL and play the game, which is easy because I´m not only in the game but viewing parts too. Always loved this dream ^^


I had a dream that I was chased by little clay looking anti-matter people. Because Me and my clone deleted the world’s Delete button. Beacuse we were being chased around my childhood house by somekind of long thick-ended double-sprouter thing that kept popping outside of itself. Also I learned that meatballs are supposed to be made, and you add the meat later. There’s also a certain way to pick up a meatball that I wasn’t able to do. It’s called salsa-fancy.


I’ve had a dream about a burnt man wearing a glove with 5 knives attached to it fighting a man with a white mask and one piece attire holding a kitchen knive. The burnt man is shouting “Welcome To My World, Bitch!” While the masked man just stared at him. I’ve just watched Freddy Vs Jason and Halloween (2018) btw.


I will never forget the nightmare I had when I was a teenager. I was exploring an abandoned house and the whole time I could hear someone who was laughing. Or maybe they were crying, I couldn’t really tell. I hear the sound of something creaking above me. When I looked up, I saw a person hanging from the ceiling, a noose around their neck. Then, their head snapped down to look at me, and they were smiling so wide that I thought their face was going to split in half. The rope snaps, and the body crashes down on top of me.


I plan to make a CoG game, with the idea, that dreams come true, LITERALLY! The somnalypse devasted the world and now castle rise out of the earth, unnatural creatures with every size and form roam the world, someone had to have a nightmare about zombies of course, and one badass robot walks across the land, but can’t a say a single sentence without saying Beep Beep Boop.
The problem that I have, I usually don’T remember my dreams. Of course I could come up with many crazy idea, but I want to have more relateble ideas out of real dreams. So that is what I ask for, what crazy dreams did you have, that could come true. Any idea would be appreciated.
And with that, I mean any dream, a normal one, a weird one, nightmares, lucid dream, if it is a dream I wnat to hear them. Anything can work, or inspire me to something


all dreams ? or just…fear dreams? nightmares?

cose if its all dreams…you gonna have one hell of a chaotic thing on your hand .

Some peoples can dream of religious things…getting rich…imagine what serial killer dream of…huh…

some peoples can dream of games they play…you can turn that into pixel mobster showing up…everywhere and a gang war…

well 2 night ago…I dreamed skyrim was taking over my other games…:rofl:

yeah it went like this…

Skyrim: Hey…wouldnt be fun if the dragonborn (thats ya character) would be in that game…over there?
Me: no…h-hey! what are you doing! get away from that ?!
Skyrim: Aw come on…this game could use me…I’m just too awesome to just stay still in one game…hey buddy…wich game are ya huh?
unknown game: Go away…ya ruining my poster !


Any dream. Of course I must make them somehow come into our reality, but here I want to have ideas and inspirations for the work, so any dream, nightmare, lucid dream is welcome. I just want to know more of them.


My own story is about dreams, so I have asked the same to my friends :sweat_smile: Off the top of my head (and I’m not sure if this will be useful at all but) there’s this pink bush that was made of something really soft and all around it were small robot bugs. They didn’t even do anything, they were just small robot bugs. And that one a random kid wanted to dance with me. And all of those abandoned supermarkets filled with random things. And the giant mosquitoes, of course. Oh, and those dreams where Saturn or the moon were really really close to Earth and, you know, apocalypse ensued. It was so creepy but so cool. And that anxiety dream of people coming to your store and asking too many dumb things and you just can’t do anything. Normal dreams.

I’m sorry if it doesn’t really help.


No, everything can come true in this WIP, so any idea is helpful. You have me given some good examples. The pink bush can fit easily in the story, and I wouldn’t have gotten the idea on my own, so thank you


Hahaha that’s a funny dream!


Wouldn’t this go in the interest check thread?


I don’t think so because it seem like they aren’t asking about “what your interest in this wip?” it more feel like they are asking “I’m trying to make a wip involving dreams, can you guys tell me your dreams?”

This thread is kind of similar to this thread:

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To the first point , you are correct.
And to the second, I didn’T know that there was such a thread here already, I will definitly look it up and see if there are some intersting ideas there, but I will still let this thread open for new replys.


An old (and sort of cliche, now that I think of it) nightmare: looking out the front door peephole, and hearing monsters behind me. Running out the door, through some scary places, and ending up back behind a front door again. Rinse and repeat…

A weird, half-remembered one: I was in a ring? arena? of some sort. There was a fight, and someone cut my head off. I think I was semi-lucid at that point, and vaguely aware that I was in a dream, so I just decided that it wasn’t a big deal, and sort-of pulled myself together into a ghost, and wandered off to explore the neighborhood. Also spontaneously gained teleportation powers at some point, I guess the dead aren’t bound by physics.


My dreams all tend to have something to do with me or what I was doing earlier, I tend to remember most parts of my dreams as well and have sections to it or seemingly different dreams all together in one night, but most are completely butt fuck insane which I only realise on reflection.

Such as imagining I am a fictional character or in a fictional world while splicing it with ours.
Mundane shit like going to get a water bottle, opening the fridge, and saying “Damn, no water” then waking up.
Danny DeVito being a Yu Gi Oh monster, a complete ass, and having a harem as some Jamaican guy steals one of my video games, runs off with slimey snake powers that lets him slip between my pool fence, and my cousin comes from fuck off nowhere and says “STOP HIM!” and chases him but I was done, so I go to fight Danny and Shoot him an- ok this dream goes on for fucking ever and it ends with me going to school as Gumball (from amazing world of Gumball) but who transformed into me and I am him (?) after I spent a year run away from home and being a street fighter.

Also Lewd Dreams, the fun ones :3

But yes doing a world where dreams become reality and making it “Realistic” is basically impossible since the world would be a massive fuck fest, clones of yourself and others everywhere as people dream of each other, people with bizarre fucking powers, a metric fuck ton of fucking going on from horny teenagers dreaming shit, horrifying monstrosities, stuff that actively contradicts reality or another persons dream, and hopefully my adorable loli girlfriend (Like adult looking loli not 2 year old loli, so they were just small and cute) who I loved and who loved me but then I woke up and was sad for like 3 days ;-;


My dreams are often strange and probably a product of my “overactive imagination” lol. (Often strange in a good way though, like being transported into your own alternate reality fantasy/sci-fi world.) Not convinced people’s own dreams make good fodder for a game like you’re talking about though. Your imagination would do a better job at getting together something interesting and that makes sense.

Anyway, as an aside, you can actually teach yourself to remember your own dreams if you want to. Have the intention that you’re going to remember them (tell yourself that) right before you go to sleep, and as soon as you wake up (like right away) have a pen and paper beside you bed and write down any fragments you remember. It takes some people time, but apparently it works well for a lot of people. If you get really keen, you can set an alarm to wake you up during REM sleep. (Can’t remember how long into your sleep cycle that is likely to be, you’d have to check as I’ve never done that.) Anyway, consider it, dreams can sometimes be interesting to be able to remember even outside of writing purposes.