Weirdest dream/nightmare?


Years ago I had this classmate in the 7th Grade and he was the class clown. I dreamt of him going to my house killing my dogs and family and looking at me with a knife in his hand and a bloody faced grin. It was a scary nightmare. I never talked to the guy again we’re not close anyway. I thought about it everyday and I think it’s because I laughed too hard in his jokes earlier that day and that night before I went to sleep I watched Evil Dead . Maybe I associated the two most intense event that happened that boring day in my head? Hmmm :thinking: SMH crazy brain :roll_eyes:


I need to put this down for prosperity.

Today I dreamed about the world experiencing a major disaster that led to its apocalypse (and it was pretty detailed about how bad things had gotten)…due to a mini bagel covered in coffee beans and topped with a birthday candle.

It was only through time-travel triggered by the small bagel that we were able to avoid truly experiencing that disaster once more.

…I have so many questions for my brain. :sweat_smile:


So, I saw a thread that was as acient as twinkies in a garbage disposal lot, but nothing this year, so here I am.

I wish to share a dream with you, and I want you to share dreams with me! I don’t want to feel alone in the world, as my boyfriend thinks me and my dreams are cray cray.

Let us begin with the one I dubbed.

Island of the Moon People


Basically, I was this man who hunted down legends and treasure for a living. Kinda like Laura Croft, but without boobs. I found out about some ancient story about a newly discovered chain of islands off of the South East tip of Africa, like near Madagascar. So I sent my wife ahead to check it out. But suddenly after weeks she stopped emailing me. (idk how she had WiFi, hot-spot maybe??? :woman_shrugging:t2: ) So, I decided to follow her and see what went wrong. We sailed and sailed for like, ever, from Greenland for some reason? Guess I was Icelandic or something. Anyway, my ship ended up hitting a super bad storm, probably a hurricane with my luck, that crashed us upon the island my wife went to. Rip, So now we are stranded and have no idea about the layout of this island, thus we decided to go further inland. We get a little of the ways into the jungle when we realize the plants and stuff have minds of their own, and the spiky ivy starts stabbing the shit out of the sailors. So me, I’m like “Excuse me please, fuck this shit I’m out.” and run far away through the jungle where I end up jumping off a waterfall and pass out. Badass Mcgee here.

I wake up surrounded by these people, covered in furs and mud, pretty much your average indigenous people. Of course they speak English because why not, and they tell me that my wife was indeed here, but she went missing. Some rituals happen and we worshiped the Sun for a bit and feast. After I ask them Ok, where did she head to, and they lead me to this old ass temple in the middle of nowhere. So here I go traipsing through the temple when I reach of room of cacti and these mosquitoes with huge ass stingy tongue things. Idk where the sailors came from, but apparently some of them survived and followed me, and as I was studying the cacti, one got bit my the mosquito and started turning into a cactus! So then we all got bit and passed out.

This time when we woke up, we were surrounded by plant people, and my wife was with them. (also a plant I might add) She explained it was a disease that the animals/insects/fruit held that turned you into a plant, and that’s why the plants had minds of their own. Some went crazy and started thinking they were a plant and others started attacking people. According to her the temple held a sacred mirror that let you see into the past, and they needed it to cure themselves so they could return to their people. Turns out they were all island natives who were thought monsters. So my plant lookin ass goes back to the temple and gets the mirror. So I go back in time to live with the first people. They are like super advanced and stuff with like Roman technology, and trading with other countries. It turns out they worshiped the moon, which imbued this living gold to become super magical and go into their blood, which made them immune to the disease. Idk.

So back I go to tell the people hey, worship the moon, and they think this is blasphemy because the moon is evil and can only bring ruin. So I have to bring proof to them right? So I take their leaders to the mirror, but the mirror is gone. Turns out one of the sailors who didn’t turn into a plant or died, took it and is trying to get an airplane to come pick him up so he can sell the magic mirror. So all the tribes, plant people and regular, team up to find him. When we find him, he’s dead, and it turns out the Russian gov send a battalion of soldiers to destroy the island because the disease is actually a Soviet experiment that used time travel to make a weapon for mass destruction by turning everyone to plants, that the world can never know about, and then I woke up.

No, I don’t drink or do drugs. I’m as confused as you.

This all happened in one night. Enjoy! Please share with me bizarre dreams so don’t feel alone.


I recently had a lucid dream O_____O
Pretty freaky.
I was like on this rich guy’s farm house and there was fighting and texting and… well the dream was everywhere…


Wow that was a wild ride from start to finish.

But ok the weirdest dream i’ve had as of late is from last night. I don’t remember all of it but the gist of it is that Im a kid with a group of kids (??? Im 19 so like weird already) and we want to go into this farm with a train track running through the middle of it? Of course we go at night, and it turns out the farm (or the train tracks) are haunted by ghosts that want to kill us with sniper rifles(again???) and so I die and then have this out of body experience( think like 3rd person view) and watch this farmer ghost gun down my friends and then I woke up so like pretty weird
(just want to tag you guys in this @impeccably-stressed and @rinari and @smod I want to hear your weird dreams :stuck_out_tongue: )


Lol :joy:




For some this may be more of nightmare but here goes.
Spiders. A bunch of them. No joke, underground. I woke up in some kind of den; it was so dark I couldn’t see shit. Suddenly the lights turn on and I’m surrounded by a bunch of human sized spiders. I look down and I find myself sitting down a dinner table. So lemme recap, I wake up and suddenly I’m at a dinner table with bunch of hairy big ass spiders sitting at a table getting ready to eat whatever they’ve prepared. The weirdest part? THEY WERE TALKING. I don’t know if talk is the right word, more like communicating, or basically incoherently murming some crap to each other. And they acted like I wasn’t there, like it was normal for a bunch of spiders to be eating dinner with a human.
My second weirdest dream was back when I was like 14. First year of highschool and I dreamed I married my teacher…yeah I know, don’t look at me like that. Ironically I failed that history course (ha, no I didn’t fail but it would’ve been funny if I did).


Omg I had a dream about bugs once. I was with my boyfriend in a hotel. It was the first time he visited me in Virginia, and seeing as he didn’t run away, I’m glad I’ve kept him. But let me set the scene.

This got really long so Imma collapse it again. Oops. Sorry not sorry.


Ahem. We were homeless, and looking for any work we could find. We saw an add for a duo car mechanic and babysitter, so we went to meet them. It was this old woman, who looked like sister Jolene and Brother Billy Bob had an incestuous child who was like 75. She had this ugly old car, that looked like a tractor she wanted us to fix. Then we showed us this ugly little baby she wanted us to watch. My boyfriend decided he was a feminist, and that as a woman I shall do the “man’s work” of fixing the car to break societal boundaries or some bs. Plus he hates cars anyway in real life so whatev. So out I go to look at the car. Idk what was wrong with it, but think of two cricle batteries right, with metal connecting them. Kinda like this.

[ --------- ]

inside the front of the car. That was all there was. The front of the car was also kinda like an accordion. I like could collapse in on itself. Anyway the metal peice was bent and wouldnt connect so the car thing had no power. So here I am minding my own business when I accidentally pushed the fron into the car. No big deal its supposed to do that. When I released i back there were this bugs EVERYWHERE. They were like as small as a grain of rice to as big as my ARM. And idk how I knew, but goddamn I knew.

It was the ChiggerTicks

look like this might I add.


with the body of an ant.

That was their name apparently. So here i shriek and run into the house. I say we are LEAVING. I tell the lady there are ChiggerTicks everywhere, and she tells me I’m lying, and that they only exist in myth and I;m like. “Bitch I might be blind and need glasses, but them mother fuckers are REAL. I’M SHOOKETH.”

Now my bf is all upset saying he’s going to break up with me cuz we really need the 200$ that she was offering. So we walk outside, and its a damn SWARM. These bitches are everywhere. The lady starts screaming and my bf goes like, ninja mode and starts swatting them out the air like Bruce Lee. Then one latches onto my arm with the strength of braces and I try to get it off. I;m bleeding everywhere and I take and I bend this horrid ChiggerTick the size of my arm in half, and break it in half, and then I wake up.

Again, no drugs, no alcohol.

So yeah, maybe I’ll change this thread to “Finding out how Ara’s mind works.” instead.

I mean just read my WiP, who else makes a flaming pit of death an execution method.



Well my first ever nightmare doesn’t make sense. It was this giant man on a throne, his eyes were completely white (no iris). He was wearing a jester uniform but it had the old jail house black and white stripes. He wa taking but nothing came out.

Any evaluations?


HMMMMM. Perhaps you feared the Majorist dynamics of the world. That’s why he was so big, and his eys are white because he is blind to the social injustices of the world. And maybe you believe that spouting nonsense was like being a joker who deserves to be jailed. idk maybe you don’t like jesters.

I’m just trying to make this sound as dramatic as my wing eyeliner when I fuck it up and end up looking like a raccoon.


i can pay rent on a 40 hour work week, i can support the kids i dont have, i can afford cable, phone, and internet in one bundle and im making atleast 30k a year on a regular paying job o; oh wait this is supposed to be a nightmare huh ? woops my bad…~


pffbt right. Credit card who? debt who?

Anyways, I don’t have nightmares, I have adventures!


talking about i woke up today new soul who dis ?


Haha I was like 7 when I had that


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And last time I checked, the mods’ practice was still to revive existing threads for anything that’s not a WIP, rather than add lots of threads on a given topic. So I’ve moved the discussion to this one.


I had a dream once, where I die after some fatal accident involving a theme park’s ride. And I can see my family members from behind the caskeg. Pretty scary for me, actually, considering that I was like 6 years old at the time.


My weirdest nightmare happened when I was about 5 or 6.

So I was dreaming that I was playing football/soccer with my German Shepherd in the backyard… because for some reason I owned a German Shepherd, and suddenly a giant snake slithered out the shed, killed my dog and chased me…

According to my mum I was screaming, “The snake! The snake!” In my sleep.

My childhood was fun


As I mention in the other thread my weirdest dreams - or nightmares are the ones were I dream about something and a day or often years later I dream about it again. But my weirdest dreams I had when I was six. For example


I dreamed about going to the zoo with my dad. We entered a shack and it turned out to be a shower inhabited by dolls and action figures. They could talk but not move and most of them were strung up. I was horrified. One action figure said, “I need to pee but I can’t!” To which my ever-so-stoic dad replied," Just do it. Let go." And then the action figure peed :neutral_face:

I was still scared after I woke up.

Years later I dreamed about going to the zoo with my classmates and there they were again, the hanging, talking and peeing dolls in the shower. I freaked out and was like," Yo guys! I’ve been here before!" And then I dramatically whispered," They can pee!" After that I had a discussion with my classmates because they wanted to stay and I didn’t. Eventually I woke up crying.

So yeah, one of my nightmares was about talking and peeing dolls…


As a kid I often dreamt about drowning. I was standing at our garden, at the street etc., the water came and I couldn’t move. It keept rising until it was higher than me and that’s when I woke up. I find this weird bc I was never afraid of water even back then when I couldn’t swim.