Weirdest dream/nightmare?


I always have strange dreams, but there is one that would recently come up when I’m asleep. I’m not quite sure if this is considered as a dream or nightmare because I wasn’t scared nor do I like it. I always see this tall and naked humanoid creature with bend back, his head is able to rotate in 360 degree, a large gaping mouth with pointy teeth somewhat similar to a shark and the alien/clown from the movie IT, its head were bald and on its face were these two black holes staring. It would always follow me around. When I run, it would get to all four and run after me.


A image that look similar to the creatures is here.


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A weird dream I recently had was when I were walking up the stairs and my ducks mocked me because of the way I walked :duck:


My weirdest dream was trading lives with a superhero. I saved people from a collapsing bridge and it was awesome. It was so high-paced, I’ve never had that before.

My weirdest nightmares are “follow-up nightmares”. I would have a nightmare about a non-existing place or event and the next night or even years later I would have a follow-up nightmare. It still freaks me out.


I’m have one strange dream since childhood: I’m in wasteland where ground covered by only dust and rocks, also rocks falling from sky. In this dream im destroying this rocks with my hands without any reason, but rocks keep coming from the sky.


I had a weird dream last night
a bunch of butterflies attacked me and tried to get into the skin, it was horrible


Well, I once dreamed about falling off a big ship right into the ocean (which already made it a nightmare; not too fond of overly large bodies of water when there’s no land in sight). I was struggling to swim back to the unmoving ship, but eventually decided to save my energy and called out for someone (think someone from my family) to throw me a life-saver.

…And they ended, throwing one of these in the ocean.

As I momentarily contemplated my family member’s sanity while holding the life-saver candy, I suddenly found myself lifted up from the ocean by a whale’s tail. And with great force, that tail threw me up into the sky and suddenly-

I’m in local gas station my mom and dad’s car with my siblings while my parents were putting gas in the car at night with no one around. And a few seconds after experiencing this scene, I woke up.

I had the dream as a kid and I’m still not sure what to think about it. It’s right up there wih the dream when I was marrying off a hippo and a giraffe. :sweat_smile:


I just woke up from a super weird dream. In the dream, I was eating a burrito at Chipotle and suddenly found an earring in it. I turned to my friends and smiled, saying, “It’s pay day, bitches.”

I walked up to the counter and had to wait a long ass time. When a manager finally come to talk to me, he said all he could do for me was give me one free McDonald’s meal. And I don’t even eat there. T.T


Back when I was really young (about 2-4 years old) I would play House of the Deadad a lot, and I would have these strange nightmares. One was me being left home alone, except it wasn’t… Really home. It was like maze that went forever, but it wasn’t a maze. It was just these black small 2 wall corner type things and evrything was black. The house of the dead zombies were looking for me, and they always found me.! I think I remember waking up just as their heads turned, and they were beginning to let out this… shriek… :fearful:


I just woke up from a dream. I was an actress in Hollywood. I had just gotten a medium sized part in my first movie. Kelsey Grammar was also in the movie, and I think somehow he was also my room mate because he had stolen the Haagen Daaz ice cream bar that I was saving out of the freezer. It was okay though because the hotel balcony we were meeting on was also a convenience store, and they had one left, but I couldn’t make my debit card work.

Oooh I just remembered more. Earlier in the dream I was with a friend who wanted to buy drugs, but he jumped out of the car and ran away when we got the corner where I knew we could get some. I was too embarrassed to pull away when the guy came up to my window so I bought some, but he gave me waaaaay more than I thought I had paid for. He also gave me two dirty old gold coins as change, and then stole a loaf of bread out of the trunk of my car.

Sorry CoG forums. I’m single right now so you have to hear about my weird dreams. At least until I start dating again.


I just had a dream that my beard grows longer and thicker.


I had this dream once where it was pouring rain at my house and this giant truck pulled in and parked near my house I went out to investigate and got inside without being spotted only to find that the truck was some sort of prison for demons. Fun stuff I got chased by the guards and killed by the prisoners and somehow wound up in the darkest corner of the prison, it was pitch black but there was a goldon birdcage down there with two song birds just a singing inside. But there was another monster down there and I died… again. I’ve had a lot of bad dreams but this one really stuck with me.


Weird dreams, guys!

I had a short one recently where I had just learned a new trick to bring about a lucid dream. The trick is to naturally wake up at 4 or 5, IMMEDIATELY use an index and middle finger to alternate light pressing on your other hand, and do absolutely nothing else.

Within a second of starting this, my hearing smoothly transferred from hearing a fan in my room to a ringing in my ears and I could no longer feel myself touch my hand. All this happened in maybe 5 seconds tops, and then I started dreaming.

That was the weirdest part of it, that I could force my body into a dream. The not-as-weird part of the dream was that I looked around the area which was a scary and dark swamp with a large unmaintained and broken home. It was then that I decided that there was no way I would walk into that scary house because of all the things I could imagine myself imagine, so I woke myself up and started my day.


Fell asleep during the English class one time while we were reading the Great Gatsby and was shocked awake because I was hit by a car in my dream. I told my teacher and she said she would let it slide because of that.


I had a weird dream about an incubus fighting a whole group of vampires because he was defending his clan.


lol, I read it twice to digest what your teacher told you haha!


Well do I have a story for you fine ladies, and gentlemen? I in fact do.

In this dream I was still in high school, and had returned to my old school in Virginia after going to Oklahoma for a year. For some reason that the dream never really got into a bunch of the students including myself possessed superhuman abilities, and were put into a separate class. One of my female classmates possessed the powers of telekinesis, another the power to shape shift, there was another gentleman like myself in class who was basically granted the abilities of spiderman, and I possessed the most remarkable ability to spontaneously generate a limited quantity of jelly out of thin air every few minutes (It wasn’t the most glamorous ability but I was able to make a little money on the side selling jars of jelly at low prices). Well it wasn’t long before we recognized some of our less important classmates had gone missing after being sent to detention for some unexplained reason; when we raised the issue with our teacher we were told they simply moved away. The four of us all agreed something fishy was going on, and that we had to do something about; with the exception of the shape shifter who just wanted to keep her head down.

Late at night after school hours have concluded; myself, pseudoSpiderman, and the girl with telekinesis met up behind the school to break in and snoop around; I brought a baseball bat to break in, but the girl with telekinesis just opened all the doors with that. We snooped around the school for a bit, and eventually found this strange laboratory on the third floor with all this unrecognizable equipment and beakers of bubbling chemicals; most notably of all inside was one of our missing classmates, his face stuck to this tube like mask device protruding from the floor; pseudospiderman rushed over to pry him out… and that my friends was when the proverbial excrement decided to take a one way bullet train straight toward the proverbial fan. Psuedospiderman pulled our friend out of the device, and we saw his face was just this warped mass of sinewy muscle (no blood though) tendrils shot from his back and struck Psuedospiderman who collapsed, and began seizing before melting into this black tar like substance; before that could even finish our former friend had torn the telekinetic in half, and only myself; a seventeen with jelly powers and a baseball bat to face this monster alone… I threw a nearby beaker in his face which as luck would have it was filled with some kind of acid, and as he collapsed on the ground; hit him with my baseball bat until he stopped moving.

One might think that with all that the dream would be coming to an end soon, but it had only just begun. There I was surrounded by the corpses of three former friends, so I did the only sensible thing; I ran and took hid in an abandoned warehouse on the edge of town trying to think of what to do next. The school of course framed me for the murders, and expelled me. They thought reporting me to the police would be just about the end of my interference; little did they know they had sent me just what I needed in the form of a detective name Tracy. Tracy tracked me down, but came alone; I had been sitting alone in the warehous wondering how in the world I was going to get out of this and drawing a blank, but Tracy explained that he had been investigating a series of disappearances centered around the school, we realizes that if we work together we might be able to find the evidence we need, to put things right.

After all that’s happened I ended up having to sneak back into the school to find evidence; some files about the experiments which I found in the vice principles. I almost got caught on my way out, but an old friend from theater hid me back stage for a bit. With her help I snuck out through an underground bathroom leading to the football field, and aside from a short altercation with a killer clown in the bathroom who was no match for my baseball bat of justice, I escaped once again. After my excursion Tracy and I had the evidence we needed, but I received a call from my shapeshifter friend telling me that the staff of the school were rounding up the students by force and taking the all to the auditorium, I heard a few gun shots in the background; she panicked saying she had to go then hung up. Tracy tried to call for backup but no one at the police station was answering; we decided that we would split up, while he investigated what was wrong with the police station, I was going to try and save the remainder of my friend; he gave me a gun, and we parted ways. Little did I know, that would be the last time I saw Tracy alive.

I was going back to the school, the heart of this mystery yet again, but this time I had no time for subtlety. I went straight in through the bathroom entrance, and burst in to the auditorium taking the principle hostage at gun point and demanding the release of my friends (The one from theater, and the shapeshifter) Reluctantly they complied, we backed up to the exit, and I shoved the principle at the nearest security guard at which point we all just booked it as far away from the school as we could run. When I thought we were safe I had the shapeshifter take a dog form to track down Tracy. As we three walked through the streets they were weirdly empty, we didn’t know why at first, but Tracy’s trail lead us to the wilderness just outside of town where we discovered what had happened to everyone. We stood at the edge of a great pit in which was a swirling vortex of the souls of the town’s inhabitants.

That was where the dream ended, rather cliffhangery isn’t it? Anywho I hope someone gets a kick out of reading about my own weird dream.


Sell that to Hollywood
It would make millions


Last night (or rather, late this morning) I dreamed that I lost all my teeth. Very visceral, tactile dream, too. Then after that I dreamed that I woke up from the dream, and my family reassured me that actually, I only lost three teeth, and also, the baby was all right. I have no idea who this baby was, but in the second dream I was very relieved.

When I woke up, I was so keyed up I was nervous to move my mouth or check it I had any teeth.

Aren’t brains fun?


realized i was in a dream then tried to wake up but instead woke up in another dream… realized it was a dream because i was too handsome in it…