Weirdest dream/nightmare?


Oh god, every time I’m feeling ill, like a fever, I have the same dream. It includes a giant black bomb in the middle of a market place, me trying to get a key from a goblin in the forest and a plane driving away over a rainbow


Looking for da gold.


Hehe, one of my recurring dreams for years was:

me being stuck in the ocean with sharks circling around me. The scary thing about this dream weren’t the sharks (i actually really like sharks). It was not knowing If or when iam being attacked. This usually went on for what seemed to be hours.

But the weirdest dream i can remember, still gives me the chills. Imagine a normal day. Only difference: everyone has a blank face without eyes, mouths or noses and everytime you look at them they stop doing whatever they do to “stare” at you (yeah i know staring without eyes, really funny).


This was my first nightmare and for 4 years after that I was afraid to go to sleep. (It was when I was 2)

I had a shopping cart and was pushing it along, and my parents were beside me. They sped up, and got a shopping cart and were about 5 metres in front of me. Suddenly, there was a solid wall of people pushing shopping carts beside and in front of me. All I knew was that I wanted to join them, but they moved at exactly the same speed as me. If I sat down and suddenly ran, the copied my moves exactly, which freaked me out and kept them exactly five metres in front of me. To make matters worse, a bunch of people on the side were coming up to me, confused about me crying, but they took one look at my face, laughed, walked away and I sensed they were saying bad things about me behind my back.


I dreamt I was in a war. It looked like WW1. Trenches and machine guns. But the uniforms looked more like the American Civil War. I wasnt a soldier I was a singer brought to the front lines to inspire the troops. I was in a big white dress up on a white wooden platform behind the trenches. As I started to sing a sweet, the fighting starts. There’s a General with a bushy beard. He wants me to sing this one song, but I think it’s too sad, and I don’t know all the words. (I swear I can almost remember it to this day) . He’s in charge though so I start singing the song he wants. The men, the soldiers start exploding. Not like bombs like water balloons full of blood. They’re not scared or really even aware of the danger. They keep fighting and bursting. It seems like it’s raining blood. I’m the only one who’s scared, horrified, devastated. I keep forgetting the words to the song. The general keeps screaming at me to keep singing. …

…and that’s about when I woke up.


My earliest nightmare I can still recall to this day… I must have had it when I was about four or five. I remember the black and white Columbia logo of the lady holding the torch, and then I’m in the living room in pajamas and there’s a Christmas Tree. Mom is mad at me for some reason, so she takes a serrated steak knife with a bone-colored handle of the type her mom had and begins to very casually saw through the skin at the top of my scalp with full intention of cutting me in half vertically. I didn’t feel pain, but could feel sticky blood and the zzzhppp zzzhppp sound and feel of the knife on my skull.


My weirdest dream well more of a dream fragment I can only remember this part of it but it was me looking into a room with a pentagram painted in the middle of what I think was blood with a person sitting in the middle also I don’t know why but I feel I knew the person


last night i think had the cake. i dreamt i was back in school (sort of anyways) and i also could control things with my mind. well i think it was my mind, but i only ever used it to like twirl stuff, so it happened when i rotated my fingers. and i also could control the air currents around my hands, so it looked like i had wind magic. and then there was a bit where i made a car park like i was in the sims and then my schoolmates showed up with chicken goujons. yeah man i have no clue either. and then i was showing off my power to scientist people, and this old dude wanted to date me. so we went on a date, and then at the end he broke down crying that he loved one of the other scientist ladies. so i encouraged him to be with her. then i woke up. i hope that old dude went for it.


I Once had a dream where my pillow tried to kill me and I couldn’t call out for help…


Not exactly a nightmare, but I occasionally get sleep paralysis. It happens in the morning around wake up time. My mind is awake, but I have no control over my body. Can’t move, can’t even open my eyes. It was terrifying the first couple times.


I got a wolf chasing me then i realize its just a dream then told myself to wake up but i woke up at another dream like inception happend tqice before i woke up in the real world. ( realize i was in the dream when i was being chase part of my body move the my body went into sleep paralysis)


The strangest dream I had was me living in a large, Spanish style mansion which did not conform to Euclidian geometry at all. It was bigger on the inside, the rooms keep changing once I leave it, some doors seem to lead to nowhere, etc. It was like living in the house version of the TARDIS. There’s also this group of people in my dream; mostly old people, but some adults and kids there as well, who claim to live in the house because they know me and my family.

How did it become weird, though? During a family reunion at a relative on my mother’s side, some 3 or 4 years ago, someone dug out some old, unseen family photos for the adults to reminisce about, and I was able to identify some of the people in the pictures. Some of them were already dead when I was born, and those were still alive I have not yet met. SInce the photos were never shown to me until that day, I should not have known who those people were to my family. But I did.

The weirdest/creepiest part? I dreamt it up on Halloween of that year.


Shamelessly reviving an old thread.

I always dream a lot to the point that there’s no weird dreams to me whatsoever.
But I think I can share some dreams I deem interesting to share.

So, it’s quite a short dream (or maybe I just forgot the rest), but there’s this part of the dream that chiseled itself into my memory.

So I was in what I guess as a bedroom. A luxurious one. And then, there’s a woman in a glamorous red clothing. I don’t know who she is referred to my acquaintances, so maybe she’s just a random dream npc.

And yeah, if you don’t feel comfortable, you can stop reading. Else, enjoy the story :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

[spoiler]So, there you go. We both get up to the bed. She’s laying down, I stand on my knees and unbutton her dress (the buttons were on the back)

However, once I touched her shoulder’s back, there’s this thing happened. Her skin turn reddish, and then gone purple as if you got an internal hemorrhaging. I reflex-ly put away my hand, and then there’s a long silence between us.[/spoiler]

Aand… I think that’s all I can remember of. When I woke up, I was just sitting on my bed and thinking "what the heck was that?"
That dream remind’s me of a WIP For The Crown by ToxicDreams, tho.


Fever dream story time

Backstory for dream

I was talking with my brother about the apocalypse and I said that I was reading up on a lot of philosophy about morality and exsistence so that if any ultra dimensional apocalypses happen I would be mentally prepared he said I wouldn’t last 5 minuites
My brain does stupid things out of spite
Also playing 5 hours of glitched and modded Garry’s mod probably didn’t help

So in the dream I went into a virtual world to help stop this cursed rouge program from killing people. Besides the fact that this thing ran like a cheeta and looked like the black bride from incedious the main thing was that the program was only weak in the fourth dimension (brain didn’t care that it made 0 sense) so
The fourth dimension was something like a baby of that one wormhole scene from 2001 A space odessy and hp lovecraft. Imagine that physics stopped, a mans hand could stretch to Pluto and still be attached while going through his own body and would never stop. Now imagine every part of his body did that, every organ, every cell, every atom. That happend to the whole world. But the worst part was their thoughts, their brainwaves and thoughts crossed over with mine and I could essentially hear the whole worlds thoughts all at once. And then the ghost came rushing at me, I realised that she had every hate, rage, and pain that mankind ever had, she rushed at me and everything got 200 times louder and the people rushed making me see nothing but black
And then I woke up
Luckily I didn’t piss myself but I was in a little shock but about 5 paranoia filled minuites later I was completely fine
At least I am alive from an experience that would put most in a coma


I don’t recall any specific nightmare, but they usually involve someone breaking into the house and me bolting…and leaving the rest of my family members in the dust…hopefully that doesn’t say too much about me as a person.

As for dreams, one that stands out to me because of how vivid and in depth it was (Even over ten years or so later I still have a pretty good memory of it.) would have to be the one about a girl going to an underground goblin school. I can seriously even remember how some of them looked, and the environment. Somehow no one but her friend knew she was a human, then they found out and she was being chased. Then I woke up.


Well, I’ve never tried lucid dreaming, but I tend to turn normal dreams into nightmares for some reason. I’m so used to it I’m not even frightened of them anymore.
Soo, in one of my dreams, I’m in a room filled with all kinds of junk. Toys, tools, pictures, it looked like a storage room to me. The atmosphere is pretty normal before I actually realize I’m in a dream and something tells me this won’t end well. What can I say? Right as I thought of that, I felt dread in the room, I just wanted to leave for some reason. And of course, the door wouldn’t open. For some reason, I immediately thought of a vampire (don’t ask me why). After trying the door again and again, it finally opened. I left the room and saw that I was outside in a graveyard and it was night. Funnily enough, I look forward and see a woman near the gate, she did look pretty. But I don’t usually like talking with strangers in dreams, and I’m pretty sure I did good by not doing so: as soon as I ignored her and tried to leave the graveyard, she smiled and revealed her sharp teeth! Of course I realized she was a vampire. I actually tried going back into the storage room but the room had completely vanished. So be it, I said, and waited for the vampire to kill me (assuming she did want to kill me), but suddenly, everything went white.
“Do thank me once you wake up,” a voice said, and I thought I had heard it before.

I did actually wake up, but erm, still can’t figure out whose voice was that. I did have weirder nightmares, but I don’t remember them at the moment.



I dream a lot, and I really I like most of it, because it almost feels like I’m watching a movie (although there are lot of cut scenes in between), I can make a story out of it. Types of apocalypse, corrupt government, rebellion, death, horror a mixture of anime and reality, etc. Yet, the weirdest ones are the simple dreams that will happen in real life later on.

I thought it was only a memory, but I how can dream a memory if I have never been to that place before? The color, position, the events/happenings, everything from my dream is the same with real life (when it occured). It freaks me out everytime my dreams happen in reality. Seriously. No kidding.


All my dreams are strange but here’s one:
Jim Carey killed my mom so I grabbed a bat and hit his head, it flew to the neighbor’s roof and I saw wires in his face so he was really an android. He escaped and I was looking for him and while I was crossing a street a car almost hit me and it was him, trying to use makeup while driving…


Well you asked for it, anywho. So it starts in a first person veiw of a classic spooky mansion with ms going through the place wjth my step dad, which for some reason seemed completely normal at the time. We were hunting something but i couldn’t tell you what. So we keep going and end up going down a spiral staircase which kind of just merges into my house at the time’s downstairs, so i somehow determine that im meant to keep going into the next room. At which point i notice a spider web esc looking thing right above the door way about a meter or so in width with about five insectile like being, if you’ve ever played skyrim think of a chaurus just about 5 - 7 inches in length, anyway so there’s about five of them all hanging upside down looking into the center with about the biggest arachnid I’ve (never) seen, sat in the middle, my stepdad then wanders underneath them and motions for me to follow, i hesitate, because of course you would. But eventually i follow. As i walk under i feel, and i mean i actually felt it (or at the very least my cognition did) and two intense pains form near the base of my spine. And then i briefly wake with the intense pain continuing i naturally attempt to scream due to the shock, but only get as far as exhaling what was left in my lungs as my vision begins to fade. And i colapse back into the dream where i had colapsed onto the floor looking up to see in the place of the insects six cacoon looking things attached to the web instead. When my head finally moves i see my stepdad calmly say something, out of all of this thats the one part i dont recall. And fade back to where i started downstairs. Where the process starts again, he wants me to go into the same room, hesitate, follow. But this time no creepy insects. So we step in for a second. And before i know it, he wants to go back the same to the previous room. So im annoyed but follow. And thats where the pain happens again, exactly the same but this time i dont go straight back to sleep. So im left awake searching my lower back for signs of anything. To no luck while my shock subsides. So yeah. Fun times.