Weirdest dream/nightmare?


I wanted to put this up because I had the weirdest nightmare ever.

I dreamt that I thought paintings were coming alive and attacking my family (for some reason my sister was nowhere to be seen) but then it turned out there was just a voice in my head and I was attacking my family.(I woke up so confused)

I think I dreamt this because I played a twine IF game about the main character having a voice in their head (at least I think it was in their head)

What weird dreams would arise out of a magical Apocalypse?
What weird dreams would arise out of a magical Apocalypse?
Share your freaky dreams

Let me add to this, hehe.

When I was younger, I used to have a weird dream where, for the whole thing, I was in some surprisingly empty train station with large trains, seeing someone off. Only problem? station frekking empty, and I don’t even know who’s going off. The whole dream’s just me wandering around the area. Had it multiple times. Really weird. Don’t even know why I had this dream…


Maybe its your subconscious telling you to ‘train’ your mind to control your dreams. (Heh heh, train)


It’s plain creepy when I wake up and realise what dream I just had. Haven’t had it in years though…


If you know Oblation Run done by Alpha Phi Omega (APO) then you either have a dream come true or a freaky nightmare. Every woman or man is very very very happy when December 16 arrives lols the event holds some purpose it is over shadowed by the actual thing they do.


I don’t dream much, but semi-recently I had one where it was just an image of my alarm clock. (If I remember right the time was midnight) other than that nothing happened in the dream…

I’m pretty sure I’ve had strange dreams other than that but I don’t remember dreams after I have them usually.


I’ll bite.

When I was really young (like, still in kindergarten) I dreamt I and some of my friends were in some old Victorian town and the whole place was empty; with thick fog, gas lamps, cobblestones, a full moon and all those good, creepy stuff.
Then suddenly, a bunch of Disney characters (don’t laugh) showed up on a unicycle (they were all standing on each others shoulders while [I think] Donald was the one spinning the wheels).
After a minute of staring at them they hit something and they all fell off the unicycle in a really gruesome way, dead.
Then the zombies showed up while I was distracted and they somehow managed to get really close (the next part is really memorable).
I distinctly remember them grabbing a friends arm and yanking it off in a really messy way.
The potruding part reminded me of chicken bones, I probably starred at it for a second or two till I ‘blacked out’ and woke up.

I have a large list of weird/creepy/**** up dreams. I might write up some more if I feel like it.


I’ve had an assortment of weird and terrible nightmares. But I’ll share one which felt like a lucid dream because I remember it horrifying detail.

I was kidnapped by a murderous… Thing. It was 6ft tall and resembled a muscular male but his flesh and skin resembled rotting garbage tangled in tight string and really thin chains. He has no visible features but a mouth where the lips were stretched back and yellowing teeth and gums where on full display.

What was most haunting about this dream was this thing murdered people and made me live through his vision as he does it and I genuinely believed I was the one committing the murders. (I’d rather not go into detail how it murdered, let’s just say it was done in ways I could never imagine.)

It never spoke, it never restrained me or attempted to harm me. It simply stood so close to my side I would feel it’s breath, but if I moved away it wouldn’t even twitch, like I could run away and it wouldn’t pursue me. For some reason I couldn’t bring myself to run and it was like it knew this because I felt an atmosphere of mocking dread.

it was like this thing was a manifestation of everything wrong in the world and it was tormenting me by showing these horrors through murder, I didn’t know anybody that got killed because their faces weren’t visible. That was the worst part about the dream, not knowing if these victims were strangers or somebody I loved.

That’s one of my worst dreams.


Has anyone got that dream where is starts off seeming like a good dream but then a montage of loads of ways you can die (arrow through side of head etc) then in 1st person you die.

Except it’s a false awakening and when you get changed you’re eaten by the closet monster?
Nah just me then…
I have lucid (or control- whatever) my dreams (except nightmares, because if I could I’d just stop them- so I get like 90% less nightmares :blush:) but this dream caught me off guard.


Holy Jesus yes I have and I hate you for bringing those memories up xD

I had a big fear of spiders when I was small and I had one where I was swarmed by massive spiders and suddenly I woke up. I got up and went to go to my mum only for spiders to start leaking out of the walls, door, the fecking floor and spun me madly in webs until I couldn’t breathe.


I can’t really tell my weirdest dream here without K18 rating, but maybe a nightmare, I started having when I was just a kid, will do.

It is my everyday morning, I wake up, take a leak, put the coffee maker on and so on, but there is this palpable dread and the knowledge that there is something watching me, not once I’ve seen what is causing it, but I know it’s there. When I try to search for it, the feeling of dread just grows stronger and stronger. Then the sky goes black, all the lights go out, until there’s only one candle, immediately after that I can see myself from the 3rd perspective, and see my head turn towards me slowly. Then I hear myself say “Maybe it would be a good time to wake up”. Then I just wake up.


Yea I’ve had a dream like that (you made me remember)
I was in school and everyone was upstairs because there was a wasp downstairs but then I went and checked and it was just a fly, then I woke up (I thought I woke up even though I was in my old house) and I went to the edge of my bed and there was a wasp on the windowsill (I had one of those bunk beds that don’t have a bed underneath) and I tried to climb down but the wasp JUMPED not flew, JUMPED at me and then I really woke up
(Its weird how dreams last a few minutes even if your sleeping for hours)


I usually don’t remember any of my dreams these days so the ones that I do remember tend to stick.

Last year I had a dream that starts with (I don’t know whether it actually started there but it’s the earliest thing I can remember) something similar to the Meet the Pyro video from Team Fortress 2. It’s just a very colorful sequence of excruciatingly kid-friendly things, with what I seem to remember was a baby cupid flying around doing something in a green meadow with rainbows and stuffs. I don’t know how I knew this but I remember knowing that I was (in the dream) a woman dreaming that sequence. Then I remember the woman waking up and she was in a hospital room (there may have been a doctor and a nurse at the corner of the room, can’t remember) and I think I was seeing things through her perspective. She looked up and there was a baby protruding out of her stomach eating her intestines (I seem to remember her being relieved or frightened, can’t recall.). It then turned around and clawed her face out and I think that’s when I woke up. I don’t know how but I fell asleep again relatively quickly.

I’m a dude so I don’t know why I even had that dream.


Three bad dreams for you, then a good one. The first was a recurring dream from when I was in primary school (elementary). The dream was very simple: me standing in the playground with friends waiting for mum to come and take me home. One by one my friends leave until it’s just me. Then the dread comes. They are coming. Who or what they were, I never found out. All I knew was that I wasn’t safe. The fear always woke me up.

Another odd, vivid dream from childhood was being chased by a giant. (I was a kid so probably a 7 foot ogre). I climbed a kids climbing frame and spoke to it and there was a girl there too (a complete stranger that I seemed to know in the dream). The three of us spoke for a while, and all was ok. But then the ogre remember it was going to kill us. The girl ran quick so I jumped from the climbing frame and lay face down on the ground, pretending to be dead. The ogre stood over me and I just held my breath, not knowing if it would kill me or not. I woke up before finding out.

The third dream was recent and I was home in England near my folks house. I was cycling along country lanes going fast, seeing people I know from back home. Then I went too fast around one corner and found myself drifting over a cliff. I could see a long way down to the valley below and knew I had seconds before I was dead. The scene is still vivid and it was beautiful. My first thought in this situation, knowing I was about to die, was to call my parents on my phone and tell them, so they’d understand. I, of course woke up before I could.

Finally, the good dream came about from a recurring bad dream of falling. Every time I’d wake up with a start before splatting on the ground. Then on one occasion, I found myself falling but told myself to keep with it. At the last moment, instead of a splat, I did a slow motion mid-air roll and landed safely on my feet. I was so happy with the outcome that in my dream I decided to go up and do it again. I never had that bad dream again.


Honestly my regular dreams are most people’s nightmares. It’s like watching horror films all night long. Many of which I’ve actually died in. Sometimes more than once.
So Freddy, Jason, Xenomorphs, Predators, Crites, Reavers, cannibals, zombies, serial killers, ghosts, witches, warlocks, demons, giants, giant lizards, giant insects, giant fish, mutants, parasites, genetic experiments, vicious man eating whatevers, and so on and so forth. That’s a normal night for me. All of those things that go bump in the night and try to murder your face are what make up my average regular dreams.

So I guess one of my weirdest was the one where I was a squirrel trying to win the Acorn Cup in the Squirrel Olympics. I was cute, fluffy, and being physically active…
Now that’s a nightmare. XD.


About recurring bad dreams turning into good ones- (when I was a kid) I kept having a dream where my younger brother and sister were fighting near a road (standing on the pavement) I tried to break up te fight but then thy both pushed me opposite the road.

And there was a cliff, and I kept falling and died (I always wake up after I die in dreams (which actually happens quite a lot))

But one time I lucid dreamed (or the thing where you think ‘I can do anything!’ And then in your dreams you can do anything) and still tried to break up the fight (Saving them) but when I fell I realised I could fly. And dreams where you have awesome powers are awesome dreams. I even had a dream where I went i Hogwarts and saved hagrid beacuse their death was really sad.

Edit: It might’ve been Dumbledore


This is fuel for writing guys :wink:
oh and did they change the emoji’s?


I was staring into a mirror. My reflection began to smile. I did not smile.


Mostly have scary and creepy ones.

There was one time in my childhood when I dreamt that someone was pulling my hair. It was scary! The thing that scared me most is that the hand that was pulling my hair was in my pillow! Now this caused me to change my set of pillows. :frowning:

There was also a dream where I was riding a roller coaster (never tried to ride one). The coaster was just… Going. It never stops. Until… It stops… And devoured my entire being. Scary, right?


Not as scary as trying to eat ice-cream while on a roller coaster- defeat would mean accepting your parents were right :slightly_smiling: