Weirdest Christmas Traditions


Jut for the heck of it what are traditions that everyone does that is not norm for Christmas?

Christmas is mostly about celebrations, gift-giving, merry-making and church-attending. That’s what the common notion of Christmas is to most of us.

But in some parts of the world, you may/can/will find strange and bizarre traditions and customs that would raise an eyebrow or two. hahaha yeah :stuck_out_tongue:

Here are some i know but do correct them if it is wrong :stuck_out_tongue:

Bananas With Christmas [India]

  • Only about 2.3% of the population are Christians, but because of the large population they have, we are talking about 25 million people here! Christians here celebrate Christmas with midnight mass and gift-giving like the rest of the world, but with the absence of fir trees or pine trees to decorate, they usually made do with banana trees and mango trees instead.

Get Hitched and toss the Shoe [Czech Republic, Slovakia]

  • If you don’t want to celebrate another Christmas single, then try this: stand with your back to the door and throw a shoe over your shoulders on Christmas day! If the shoe lands with the toe pointing to the door, congratulations, you’re going to get married soon! There’s no clue as to how long before you meet your prince charming though. :-/

Kentucky Fried Christmas [Japan]

  • I am not kidding. just like how Christmas turkey is a must on Christmas, for the Japanese it’s the Colonel’s Chicken. It was KFC marketing four decades ago, KFC has been associated with Christmas in the minds of the Japanese for generations from parent to child. More than 240,000 barrels of chicken will be sold during Christmas, five to ten times its normal monthly sales. “In Japan, Christmas equals KFC.”

Facing your Christmas demons [Austria]

  • In Austria, St Nicholas has an evil counterpart called Krampus. He is the bad cop to St Nick’s good cop, a demon-like creature with one task: to punish bad children before Christmas. Men dressed in devil costumes roam the streets, carrying chains and a basket for abducting especially bad children and hauling them to hell. It’s one way to keep the kids off the streets. >:)

Last for those who write to Santa :))

Santa’s own Postal Code [H0H 0H0] Yes Santa Does :slight_smile:

  • Where do you send your letters to Santa to? The North Pole? Santa’s workshop? Actually Santa has his own postal code, H0H 0H0 (with zeros instead of the letter ‘o’) and it’s in Canada where postal codes are alphanumeric. Letters – the kind that bypass parents – used to end up undelivered because there was no centralized address for Kris Kringle. But for the past 30 years, Canada Post volunteers (in the thousands) had been helping Santa reply to a million letters (every year!) from children around the world in different languages, including Braille.

So what are Strange Christmas Customs you know? :smiley:


The Anglo-Saxons had a tradition of crowning invading Norman dukes. That’s pretty weird, as things go.


Our household undergoes the strange tradition of making a huge mess with the wrapping paper of the presents lol

Tasteless joke, don’t mind me XD

It’s not a tradition, but one morning on Christmas Day, I woke up and went outside and saw a beer bottle on the lawn XD
I immediately woke up my little brother and showed him. We both agreed Rudolph shouldn’t be driving drunk, lol


When I was little my family used to vote what we would give santa one year we set out two oranges and a glass of orange juice and I wrote a letter that said Santa my family gave you these cause you need to go on a diet from eating cookies :smiley: of course my dad ate all the stuff we put out. That was so long ago


@Drazen wow really they do that? :expressionless: i agree then it is weird.

@Aquos_Boost hahaha Rudolph is on a roll his drinking. Hope Santa doesn’t crash his sleigh :stuck_out_tongue:

@Storm Poor Santa making him Diet. Your dad must be sick of eating orange and lols “I wrote a letter that said Santa my family gave you these cause you need to go on a diet from eating cookies”.

I wrote to Santa when i was a kid i asked him if i can marry undertaker, the wrestler and the letter came back and it says. “If you grow up to be a hook-er you have a chance.” Turns out my Dad wrote that :-S


As a kid, we’d put out mince pies and an alcoholic drink for Santa. This stopped the year when we were choosing a drink and my little brother asked “What drink does dad not like?”

Not a tradition, but my strangest Christmas was spent on Isla del Sol in Bolivia (the final destination in ‘The Race’). My friends and I had little food and there are no shops, so we were given some chocolate from some Argentinians we met, and some beer from some Germans we met. Considering we are British, it was great to receive such hospitality from previous enemies!

Christmas Day in Korea is a holiday, but no one does anything special. I tried cooking a roast dinner a few years back for my Korean family, but my mother-in-law saw what I was cooking and decided to make something else ‘just in case’. These days I get to experience a UK christmas once every two or three years. No matter what decorations or presents you have, Christmas away from home just isn’t the same.


@Aera lol your dad wrote that, and @andymwhy how many places have been lol farthest I have gone from my home state of Ohio here in the US is Florida lol


@Storm 34 countries in 5 continents. I’ve never been to Africa. The closest I got was standing on the shores of Gibraltar looking out to the Moroccan mainland in the distance.


I always wondered how Santa got down the chimney with that belly on him; lol


@Storm yes my sadistic dad wrote that to me and I was like 10 years old that time :stuck_out_tongue:

@andymwhy Africa well Africa I guess but people speak like french there

Santa has magic powers get inside the chime haha or he is actually our dads the horror then /:slight_smile:


I HATE santa is artificial and is Coca-cola invented thing , in my country NEVER santa was celebrate until 30 or more , we dont eat turkey and have our own thing. But commercial merchandise don’t stop copy American customs we celebrate our own festivities since medieval age no kidding. And i don’t want change it for a drunken guy with a weirdo vibe.

In Spain we have gifts sharing 6 january with the 3 wise man our Reyes Magos two old man Melchor Gaspar and everyone favourite the African king baltasar black and younger . we got our own foood etc to all process is really different to american overall



Coca cola didn’t invent Santa Claus lol


We have “simbang gabi” here from dec16 until dec24, and if you had a complete attendance, your wish will come true, or so they say, since I haven’t completed it in my 18 years of exsistence. It’s called midnight mass in english but the mass is held at 4 in the morning!

Well, I think the Philippines is not the only one with this tradition. It’s pretty normal


@Nocturnal_Stillness Yes it has. The Saint Nichlas the original traditional saint ,WEARS GREEN and no red. Coca-cola needed something to sell in winter, and adapted the sant Nicklaus or Nicolas creating the red dressed Papa noel . Is true that the old-fashioned tradition of nicklaus continue in some north europe countries, but the horribly merchandise thing that is shallowing the local customs all the world is a red drunken Coca-cola advertisement.


Coca-Cola made Santa fat, red and gave him a beard. They certainly didn’t invent him though.


@MaraJade =)) sorry but i agree with both @Nocturnal_Stillness and @andymwhy Coca Cola did not invent Santa =))

Santa became fat because he consumed too much sugared Cola so Coca Cola’s Santa is fat :smiley:

@Sandstorm cool yet if it is that early in the morning are you guys like zombies and not listen to the priest? just asking if it is offensive i apologize in advance.


They do give free soup or coffee at the end of every mass



That’s like saying Stephanie Meyer invented vampires. Because she made them emo and soppy.


Coca-cola invented the modern idea of Santa before Coca-cola campaign a old-fashioned saint gives some gift 25 december or 16 in others . The mythology of santa is modern period, and i dont want to workship a Coca-cola invention. Because my country only recent years has heard about red guy, its not MY culture, and is destroying millenarian customs , i haven’t nothing against saint klaus but why i have imitate twisted foreign traditions due here people think Coca-cola version is the actual and only figure


I think i get what your trying to say @MaraJade this is just like in Japan they think Christmas and Santa is KFC. Yeah they do so if Coca Cola makes people think Santa is a fat old man well KFC made the Japanese think he is Santa.