Weird Writing Habits


I imagine writers or really anyone with creative tendencies are some of the stranger breed of people on the planet. And I imagine writers often have strange habits or rituals to get in the flow of their story or maybe just work something out easier with this odd habit. I know I for instance usually practice dialogue between my self like the characters were speaking to get a better idea of the character or whatnot. Maybe not particularly strange but I tend to recite these lines out loud without meaning to often in very public places. Usually whenever an idea hits me. Can seem kinda odd to strangers. So I’m curious does anyone else here do anything odd with regards to their writing?


I need people to be talking to me while I write. It serves to deal with the stress.

I am perfectly capable of writing alone, but it usually ends with me thinking about the future of the plot and how I won’t be able to execute it.


I’ve not written much in so long.

I find it easier to write while using coloured pens and using notebooks. I bought a whole box of the comfiest pens I’d ever used. Although I seem to have lost the box somewhere.

I do my best composing of writing when I’m out walking. I find that works best for the creativity, letting the plot ideas run through my mind and sorting them out. Or when playing mindless puzzle games. For me Picross puzzles work really well for this.


I always get in the mood to write when I am tired, all snuggled up in my warm and cozy bed. It’s… Interesting to say the least


One of, if not the main thing I do when I create a character is I cultivate their personality down to the wires; what they like, what they don’t like, gender, temperament, accent and a vast amalgamation of idiosyncrasies that include the pitch and manner of their speech, how they walk, how much they use their eyebrows while talking, etcetera. I think of everything I possibly can and fix it into their character until they’re truly personified.

Subsequently, whenever I write dialogue for a character or between two characters, I immediately envision the character(s) sitting or standing next to me, having a conversation and literally telling me what they would say. As in I’ve genuinely had a character sit right next to me and say “Ehhhh, that’s laying in on a bit thick, right? To be honest, I can’t even remember what I said. Sorry dude, but her tits were gigantic. You might as well have shot me and I wouldn’t have noticed you were talking. Sorry”. While that character was sitting next to me on an imaginary chair having propped her feet up on the desk. While eating a donut that leaves jam on the side of her mouth, so she spent the entire time talking with her mouth full.

That also extends to dialogue between two characters. They often discuss and have arguments about what I’m doing right and wrong. One time I was writing dialogue, and the two characters I was writing got up and left to get Taco Bell. So I had to wait for them to come back. And the smaller one got food poisoning. Then when the taller one admonished her for getting a large taco, they ended up doing what small children do when they stick their tongue out and consistently make that irritating sound just to mock the other person. So I had to sternly reprimand both of them, who then pouted like children. I couldn’t get any writing done for 20 minutes because they refused to talk to me.

As I write this, it becomes increasingly clear that this sounds less like a weird thing I do and leans more towards insane, but I must note that none of this happens out loud; I envision it all in my head. More often than not, this happens in my head while my real-time expression never changes.

Is that weird enough?


I need to get into a good mood. I have to be sure I have no chores to do, no needs to take care of, and that I’m not 5 seconds away before falling asleep

Basically I need to be “free” of responsibility before I write.


I’ve developed some kind of habit where I daydream about my characters and plots while trying to fall asleep. It works a lot better than staring at the ceiling, for some reason.

Oh, and it’s easiest for me to start writing right after waking up and before having breakfast. As a result I tend to only eat breakfast at around lunch time whenever I’ve got a day off.


One word…
Meditation. It always works with me especially when I’m in sensei’s dojo/water garden, I may live in England but still spent mean I can’t use Chinese techniques for inspiration. And Sensei says “water flows in one direction, whilst the mind flows many ways” it means that people can only truly focus on one thing, but seeing it in different ways can create an inspiration.


I guess my strange writing habit would be me getting ideas to write stories when at a cemetery. Once I get an idea I also have a habit of drinking coffee while writing and if I can’t find coffee, tea is acceptable.


For me it’s always just the process of finding a good playlist, and listening to it whenever I have to walk somewhere. The themed songs I choose based on the personality of my characters, and I just think about them.
Also, because my game is a satire, I just play other games and think, ‘wow that element is particularly silly, I’m going to directly make fun of that.’ My characters are purposefully made up of shards of dozens of other characters.


I get my best ideas when driving and listening to music. I have certain CD’s for different emotions or themes and I’ll either play a certain one to try and get more ideas for a story, or throw a random one in and see if I can’t draw out an emotion (say, action & fighting) in a story I wouldn’t have thought of (like a romance). That, and falling asleep and waking up are where I get the best ideas.

I find it easier to write when I’m using unique fonts (I use to download them) and watermarks / page colors in word. They give off a sense of…something? Setting, individuality of story, I’m not sure. But I hate typing in a blank, white document with Times new Roman. At least, creatively.


I always have to read what I wrote back out loud to myself before I can tell if I like the line or if it sounds natural. I can write a page, read it, edit the heck out of it, have to go back and read it all again to make sure it feels like it flows correctly. Sometimes, depending on the mood, scene, or writers block, this can be a process I repeat over and over one sentence at a time. I guess that would be weird if someone were watching (well, listening to) my writing process? Though I tend to talk to myself quite a lot in general, now that I think about it. :sweat_smile:
Sometimes to get in the mood to write I have to psych myself up and listen to music that has the same tone/energy as what I’m trying to convey.


I assign rythmns to scenes characters places and scenes and cue them to certain music.

How they move and react in a fight has a certain rhythm and song while their dialog has a very different one. Take one character that moves at the speed of light in a whirl of caporeia like moves I’ll listen to electric and up tempo classical.
The same character is very laid back and easygoing to talk to so his dialoh so it comes across with more easy going music like regae or indie pop.


Hmm tough one…
I end up making the characters first by playing an old acting game of “who am I” it’s quite fun, then I end up making a story around them or making a world for them.

I also listen to music to help with moods and that if I’m writing something sad, sad songs something happy joyful songs so on and so on.

Not sure that counts as werid though?


I don’t do anything that weird, I think?

I envision scenes like a movie in my head, so I tend to over-detail who’s hands are where, or what so and so is doing with their feet. Sometimes I put my writing through a word processor that says which words you used the most. Mine are always hands, smiled, or shrugs lol.

Also I really love poetry so sometimes I’ll read over my dialogue and realize that it’s so rhythmic that I ~accidentally~ wrote a poem… and then I have to rewrite it, bc only nerds talk in meter.


I don’t really do anything weird (IMO anyway) but I tend to find a good playlist that sets the mood for the current chapter. I also write a lot of mini-chapters in JotterPad (an app for android) until the wee hours of the night. These mini-chapters are more often than not, fluff ones or angsty segments that my characters will eventually go through.

Something that might come across as weird though is that when I see something remotely related to my characters like, a TV scene about affairs and my characters are married for example, I wonder how they’d react if they see the scene.