We are the Hunted (WIP)

This is a grim story set in a horrific world, expect some blood and death.

We are the hunted.
Stranded. Sinking among the frozen mud and shifting trees. Starving, freezing and soon worse.
Lead for us.
Hunt for us.
Kill for us…

Caravans run between the distant villages, made up of the initiated, trained adventurers who are equipped to survive the Forest’s many hazards. The Hunters, providers of food and protection to the caravans. The Scouts, mapmakers, expert guides with knowledge of the area and the local wildlife… The doctors, protectors from the unseen. But here they are all the hunted.

Very short proof of concept demo: https://dashingdon.com/play/spytim/we-are-the-hunted/mygame/
Thoughts on what you read and what the future for this project could be are welcomed.


Well that was an intriguing read. World building could use a bit of work but it was otherwise alright. Nice images too.


Thank you for taking the time to read it, I hope to flesh out the world a lot more very soon. :slight_smile:

It was short but I’m hooked, I love the concept so liked and bookmarked.


Hm. This is pretty darn neat! I’ll keep an eye on this here delicious WIP. Pigeon style!

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@demontears So glad you enjoyed it! <3

@Pigeon Yes, Pigeon style!

OK this was really good! Looking forward to more!

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Is it ok to assume I see similarities to AoT in this?

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Yes :grin::smiling_imp:
And some other things :smirk:

Ha, of course. Aside from the obvious Jaeger, green cloak for scout? Hmm hmm.

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Green coat was actually just a random thing that I ended up chuckling at after the fact

Very interesting read! I like the use of subtlety when describing the other caravans, the titles are enough to draw your own conclusions as to who they are without going into long rants describing them. Good use of word choice to instill fear, I like the lack of description when describing the Jaeger & whatever attacks you, it lets the reader’s mind wander and create their own monsters. I also (personally) like the use of names, the reader doesn’t know who these people are, but obviously the MC does, it fleshes out the MC while still letting the reader imagine the scenario.

One thing I will say is I’m very confused with your choice of italics, they’re not used to describe MC’s thoughts and they put a strange emphasis on certain things. Other than that and a few spelling/grammatical mistakes it’s a very promising story! I like the choices you have for the reader so far :slight_smile:


I’m someone who likes describing everything so trusting subtly is always a challenge for me haha thank you!

Yeah, I was trying to do something clever with the italics and failed miserably, when I update in a few days I’ll probably remove them as they are now.

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I.Love.It. literally screams
Am really looking forward to this.

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@TheDecentWolf Aww thank you! :grin:

@iota Also I’m glad someone noticed the jaeger and the thing that attacks you isn’t the same creature. a couple early readers didn’t notice :grin:

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Looks very interesting and terrifying so far. Monsters collecting teeth :fearful:

Is there some sort of a system of numbering in the labels?

@Riful yeah, the labels don’t make much sense though haha
Glad you enjoyed it, I have quite a few monster ideas I can’t wait for people to discover in future updates.

Also curious what profession people chose. Doctor, scout or hunter :thinking:


I personally chose doctor! I tend to play the healer role in basically everything :smiley:


Coding error??


@Nuan10 Yep, good catch :grin:
I’ll fix it in the next update