Waywalker's update problem

I looked at the author’s blog and it said there that they updated way walkers university 1 and 2 with new scenes, I checked the demo for it on the COG and sure enough, there was an update that added achievements, new scenes, etc. I checked the my phone version to check if it had it but it didn’t, The play store didn’t have any new updates for it. Is this problem just for me or is there just no update yet for android?


I checked the google playstore and it does say that there has been an update

We neither monitor, nor have any control over what authors say.

That said, some authors are at times overzealous in saying they’ve updated their games, in that they’ll say “it’s updated” when they’ve just sent it in for updating. In most cases we try to get updates turned around and submitted to the various app stores quickly (to prevent this kind of discrepancy), except for in two circumstances: 1) in December we tend not to release updates for anything other than game breaking bugs, since we tend to be too busy with the Holiday rush, and 2) when a game is over about six months old, the code/meta data tends to be out of date or in the wrong format and requires bug fixing and resubmission (which can be a long process). In the case of Way Walkers, both were true.

Updates for both WW and WW2 were released yesterday. Our site should be the latest version (since we have total control over it). GPS and AAA updates make take up to two days to be approved and propagate, while iOS may take upwards of a week to do so (since they have a much more intensive review process).