Ways to save output in a txt file

Hi! Is there a way to make ChoiceScript write information in external text files? I assume that some save systems and games with ties may use this but I haven’t figured out how to do it myself.

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Choicescript currently doesn’t support any form of exporting.

Well, it does, but we can’t gain direct access to the files without contacting CoG, as all saves are handled in their server.


Oh, this would indeed make testing and collecting feedback way easier. But I can live with that :slight_smile: Thank you!

You could, if i understand things correctly, always have the beta test come with a little overview of stuff at the end to check the most important bits. Like

RO: @{(ro = "") None| ${ro}}

Found Kitty: @{(kitty) Yes| No}}

Artefacts stolen: ${yoinks}

Assuming this is for beta testing of your game

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To add @MeltingPenguins, you can always ask your testers to send you their stats screen as screenshot.


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