Way Walkers: University3--suggestions and feedback


You know, I think we need to be more supportive. Assuming that the Red Mages aren’t pleasant is so cruel! Let’s invite them over for tea and discuss our differences, so we can find a better solution.

It’ll also make it easier for the Red to assassinate everyone and finally take their place as the rulers they were meant to be! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

…Did I say that last part out loud?


Mildly spoiler-y but was too amusing not to share:

*if (recruit = "Genoa") and (recruit_favor = "true")
		#"How about I just get Genoa to go grab it?"
			Semryu rubs his chin, eyebrows knitted in consideration. "Are you certain? We're only going to be able to leverage Genoa into one favor, you know. We certain we all want to use it up so soon?"

			"You said it yourself, Sem, this is a pretty integral portion of the plan-- a wrong moment or a miss measurement could mean disaster for Illyan," Shelly proclaims. "Genoa can move easily into Third Tier and procure whatever we require of her and no one would blink twice due to her position working for Lady Xeni."

			"True." Semryu nods. "If you want to, ${name}, it's up to you."

			*if relationship_jun = "friend"
				Looking to ${roommate}, you watch as ${he} bobs ${their} head back and forth in contemplation. "I don't like blackmailing Genoa-- morally it's wrong, but it also just makes me nervous that there will be backlash. I'm not so certain we should involve her in something so early that so [i]obviously[/i] hints at what we're planning. It might make more sense to save her for something that also has some... [i]incrementing[/i] aspect so she's not as inclined to warn or betray us-- as she'd also get into trouble."

				Semryu bursts out laughing. "Look at you, thinking all Rheanic!" He actually ruffles Jun's hair, which earns him a dark glare from your kins${man}. "I'm so proud."


Oh Sem… [flashback to Darkest Timeline Jun sneakily pushing a Red!MC into the ry’tora pit] …you have no idea.

Oh shoot, I was not aware that this would be the last time we ever see Sem alive, lol.
rip in peps, Clansman


@impeccably-stressed-- actually, the best part about this is it can take place in the timeline where Jun’s past self is still active…so yeah XD

also happy birthday :slight_smile:


Aw, thank you! :blush:

Also, I keep forgetting about that! I don’t know how many saves I have where I didn’t actually defeat Jun’s past life. Oof, WWU3 is going to be the death of me and also Sem, apparently.


Only emotion felt whilst staring off into space for hours now :scream:


This has gotten very far since the last time I have been here…can’t be bothered to read all 365 posts that have popped up so I will catch up with you all another time.

But I would like to say well done with the progress.


This is a bit of a WWU2 question, so forgive me:
What stat needs to be up so Cael confesses that Jun’s past life is his master? Or, rather, what needs to happen? I have already defeated the past life and am Jun’s friend, even though we used to dislike each other and have a 50+ on Rosin and Montage. It worked when I used a preset (Ro’ly) yet it failed with my “canon” playthrough. Cael just kinda… went wild. Is there something else I have to worry about?

As for WWU3, I hunger for more exploration on the different ways. Are we going to help Sem pick his?


You didn’t defeat past Jun, that is why Cael will not confess.
Jun is the only one who can defeat his past self.


You need to lose the fight against him for Jun to actually defeat him. If you win he will just fake his defeat but still be secretly active. That’s why there’s an achievement for losing called “Sometimes when you lose, you win”. Pick an option that uses your weak stat: if you have weak Desmoulein (below 30) pick the heal his hurt soul option, if you have weak Turin pick the accept he’s dead option, and if you have below 30 in both Angani and Rhean pick the option saying he has demons and you can attack him. If you have above 30 in all of these you’d have to restart and get a lower stat


So if I don’t manage that can I do something like it in the third game?


Yes, listen to @Urban and @Frogs they know whats up. :wink: Also watch out for the pesky montage, it will also give you a success when yr hoping to ‘fail’. muahahahaha

as far as Sem’s Way, if you survive, he will pick one. i’ll try to expand it a bit more for ya :wink:


I just get into a telepath battle since that will never end in a victory for me.


You can win some telepathy battles-- it just depends on who it is and what yr stats are.


How does one manage that? I usually get Jun with the empathy explosion.


Jun is the one that’s pretty much impossible to beat during the live-or death scene. You can hover ever beat out Archhill, Clay, Cale and several others with high enough stats, depending.


So, I really want to know, because I can’t figure it out…

How do you throw the energy ball at clay in the first book? The option is always grayed out for me.


you have to go with Sem instead of orientation. The two of you discuss how they work there. :wink:


Yeah, but the option is grayed out, is the problem…

Or… Ohhh


I noticed if you do things like skip classes it reduces your Academic Status stat, and passing exams/doing well raises it. Will it have an effect later on? Like having a high stat would make you an honorary student or something and allow you to get more advanced classes, and low stat would make you repeat the year or even get expelled if it’s really low