Way Walkers: University3--suggestions and feedback


Sometimes simple is better. I’d laugh my ass off if the MC tried to bullshit their way through sneaking in and Jun had to rescue them because it blew up in their face.


Is there anywhere to read all the lore of this universe? Because it’s been a while since I read all of it, and I feel so lost with the theories…


there’s a ton of it on the website, mostly. Short stories, too.


Well, this was a fun typo:

“What, who?” Yestin asks as she steps off the curb after you.

“This little Pure Ishim kid I met when tracking Genoa. Ish said ish would help me for more kitten leftovers.”

“Oh for Spirit’s sake,” Jun mumbles.


This made me smile! :grinning:


Woo, I would love to try to be the villain for once. By the way, are we talking about dlc or a new book?


Way of the Red is would be an entirely new book. :slight_smile:


(wow that was fast)

Ok cool, and another question. Is Way of the Red set in another time period. Or would it be in the same time period, where our original MC exist?


Yeah i was lurking lol

And i’m not entirely certain. I wasn’t planning on having it be tied into the WWU time frame the way some of the other Way Of games i’ve got knocking about in my head might be. But i do have a sort of general plot-line written down for it, same as Way of Relationships and Way of the Warrior.


well, maybe if it is set in the same timeline, we can perhaps import our old save files so that there can be a slight reference of our original mc in certain scenes. For instance, the new MC will mention that there is a certain brat keeping foiling his plan or something, which would be quite interesting to see.

But on second thought, it would be a hassle to do all that codes and wrings so maybe not.


Yeah, dear god no XD. Essp since i’m seriously going to change-up the stat system to be more streamlined in any future games. XD


How do the Red mages become strong and immortal?
The way of the red in the game gives you no power at all but just makes you more evil


Similar to High Mages, you have to fuse with an energy source-- in the case of Red Mages, the Red Himself. They literally have a portion of the Red infused into them.


What kind of power does the red give you? Blood magic?


When they fuse with the Red, they weld fire and air as opposed to High Mages who will fuse with only one element. It’s more about the sheer volume of power source than certain types of magic. to make a base example: let’s say a typical Talent has a magic energy bar of 200, and it takes say, 25 to read thoughts telepathically, 25 to levitate something, 50 for a big fire ball, ect. (for comparison, yr MC in WW:U would have a bar of like, maybe 50-75) And each spell drains the bar-- but absorbing X amount of an energy source refills the bar, but it takes a few minutes for every say 10 points that need filling. A High Mage would have a bar of like, 10,000-- and would almost instantly be filled up by their fused element. Red Mages have double that. Which basically means, their constitution and overall energy reserves are double that of a High Mage, so in a toe-to-toe fight, they can outlast them.

And just about everything else gets squished like a bug.


So Red Mages are like the strongest people in the world? Was Jun a Red Mage too? (it only said red follower)
What would someone have to do to become a Red Mage?


Yes, they are, but no Jun wasn’t. And I can’t tell you exactly as if I ever get way of the Red written that’ll be a big spoiler. :stuck_out_tongue:

Though I can say it’s nothing pleasent.


Anything to do with the Red is not likely to be pleasant!


Very true. It’s also highly likely that it’s not at all what you think it is ;p


What u guys talking about. Where should I start. I dont think that it in the game. Though it seem interesting. . .