Way Walkers & Lords of Infinity

I’ve been wondering what’s the thing with these two games. I mean these two games are by far the best COG games I have played and both of them just suddenly stopped after their second installment. I really hope this isn’t another Half-Life 3. And I mean Way Walkers is the shit that game has such an amazing setting like goddamn. And don’t even get me started on how good the dialogue and characters are in Guns and Sabers of Infinity. What I’m asking is what happened to these two games? (Lords was supposed to release 2015)

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Hi Noldyn.

One of the forum rules is not to ask about release dates, as it puts unwanted pressure on some authors.

As far as Cataphrak’s work goes, you can check out his monthly updates in his page https://cataphrak.com/ right now he is still busy with Burden of Command

As to Way Walkers, I don’t know much, so I suggest visiting its thread to find out more. (Way Walkers: University3--suggestions and feedback

I’m going to lock this thread now.