Way Walkers-- Big News


So i thought i’d let you’all know that my traditional Way Walkers novel has indeed, been picked up by a publisher. :slight_smile:

More info here on the website: http://waywalkersguide.com/authors-blog/


Congratulations :smiley:


Hell yes! you totally deserve it! I’ll be picking the novel up myself whenever it hits bookshelves.



As a fellow author who has tried publishing the traditional route I admire your perserverance, I gave up way to quickly and self-published my book instead. I wish your book all the success it deserves :smiley:


Good show!


That’s great news, congratulations. I have friends who are wannabe authors so I know from their tales of woe just how incredibly hard it is to be picked up by a publisher. (Suffice it to say, it’s the reason I design games instead!)


Congratulations, Leigh! Hope the inevitable battles with the editor work out well… I thought mine was obviously wrong when we were in the heat of the argument, but looking back 6 years later I’ve come to realize he had a point. On occasion. :slight_smile:


:smiley: Congratulations

EDIT: Would also like to know about the question below


Will it hit UK shelves?


@WayWalkerLeigh I have already congratulated you once, but who cares? This deserves more congratulations! Congratulations once more!


congratulations!!! :smiley:


I will buy it DEFINALTY!


Congratulations! :smiley: I, also, would like to know if it will hit UK shelves- if it will, I will definitely buy it!


Great job!


Thank you everyone!!! :slight_smile: To answer the UK question-- i don’t know if it will be formally on shelves in the UK, but it will be available on amazon for ordering both in the traditional book form and as an ebook. :smiley:


And, for what it’s worth, I offer you my heartfelt congratulations as well.
I hope the novel has some good Romance in it.


@idonotlikeusernames – all the books i write are about relationships, and while this first book isn’t dripping with romance, it does have some really awesome interactions. :slight_smile:


Congratulations!!! When will it be released?


Can’t wait!!! I’m sure it will do well!


@dreamwolf685 —all we know now is 2013. when i have a more final release date iw ill be posting on the fanclub and the website. :slight_smile: