Warlock City (Superhero/Magical WiP)



Seriously wondering … will our familiar change into human form ? I chose female alpha wolf and she is cute :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Can i really sleep on her like a pillow ?

and will we meet the female superheroine again ? Is she an RO here ?

Anyway, it is a very fun and interesting WIP… mixing super hero with wizards is cool, thus far i don’t think there is a WIP that combine super power individuals with magicians , who is more powerful?.. perhaps you should make a pool… my opinion is Wizards and Magic beat all super heroes and villain :smile:


Thanks for the kind words! Every day it becomes a world I look more and more forward to exploring. :grin:

With your familiar, your relationship has the potential of getting…strange…depending of what school of magic you’re best at (Manipulation Magic). Turning them into a human…hmm…I actually kind of like that idea. There could be some fun story in a later book with them wanting to be more human if you push them in that direction. Thanks for idea!

I’m actually rewriting that first Super you meet. I wrote her before I really started thinking about it and soon she’s going to have a name and everything! She’s going to be one in a pair of (possibly) romance-able Super twins — a gloomy one with sun powers and a happy one with rain powers


Hey yeah… our familiar should change to human form like Vampires and werewolves :smile: they can even be our RO one day :grin:

but in seriousness, i really looking forward for a romance with Supergirl , so twins means that she has a clark kent as brother ? I am totally imagining a romance between HellBlazer ( original Constantine , not the weaker tv series version ) with Supergirl… that is so cool, Supergirl deserve Constantine, who can change all those Kryptonite into harmless glass to protect her…i am so looking forward to it :blush:


Hey! I was on the fence about this because of the lack of stats (what can I say, stats are half the fun for me) but this looks really really good. I love the fact that I can playfully be a dick to my sister (I threw your coin lol SIKE). Also my wolf familiar :sob::joy: He really thought I wouldn’t use him as a foot rest.

I like the new information you provided, but it might be easier for new arrivals if you edit it into the first post. Looking forward to this!


It would take some work! First you’d have to teach your familiar how to turn into a human and then you’d have to teach them to talk. However, in the future…who knows!

As for the twins, they’re a pair of identical sisters and not extremely powerful. However, there is also a “Supergirl power level” heroine flying around called Athena, but the story’s not ready for you to meet her yet!

Thanks for the advice! Yeh, I know a lot of people like stats (me included…:zipper_mouth_face:) so it was a gamble not starting with them. However, I feel like now that I’ve gotten a ways in I can come up with some good ones. In the next update I can introduce them and then redo the first 3 chapters for them!


Personally i won’t check the stats so early in the story, but i can understand the appeal to it… i think it is alright stats is not included for the time beings :slight_smile:

Athena seems out of my league, so i am happy to befriend with the sisters :slight_smile:


Oh that’s a relief XD I’ll make sure to aim for playful more, during my Rowan playthrough >_< We’ll see about that grudge :joy:


I’m already loving Elza :heart_eyes:



Yeh, Athena’s a bit of a solo vigilante type! So she’s a lot harder to get on your side.

After all, I don’t want to force too much drama on the player if they don’t want it! Well…not yet anyway. Hehehe.

Glad to hear it! I can’t wait until people meet her next chapter. I love her so much. :blush:


And I appreciate that!! Sometimes we just want lighthearted stuff, so I’m glad to see that here :relaxed: (Though I sense trouble coming up…at least it’s not romance drama lol)


Damn. I haven’t fallen this hard for a WIP in a while. Magic and heroes? Sold. Your writing is quite smooth, easy to read, I like it. The worldbuilding was great too. Egyptian mythology? Hell yes. Also, we have a wolf familiar. Like, what else is there to say? Athough I was surprised we couldn’t have a dragon. The magic gun totally made up for it though, it’s like the Colt from Supernatural! That’s my canon anyway.

Oh yeah, this never gets old.

Elza…Sword wielder…Please tell me she is inspired by Erza from Fairy Tail. Please.

Alright, question time. Is the MC, in terms of power and control, a genius? Maybe saying “genius” is a bit much, but are we like, incredibly good? It does give that vibe but, like, the other magic user we’ve met seems utterly useless. So I can’t properly compare the MC with anyone.
What’s the big plan? The summary is rather vague about it. Sounds too laidback. I’m not saying you should implement it in the demo but it’d be nice if we were at least told about what our main goal is gonna be, if any. Maybe you’re planning on a “monster of the week” kinda story, which is fine. But I’d like to know for sure.
There are heroes, then obviously, there are villains. For some reason you’d have us be heroes, that’s fine, but can we turn? Or at the very least be incredibly antiheroic. I’ve never liked playing a goody two shoes.
Also, is our master a man because of plot reasons? Would you consider having us choose their gender? I’m tired of the male mentors to be honest. Plus, I’m a big fan of Fullmetal Alchemist (Izumi for the win).
And finally, I’m joining the club WE ARE NOT RELATED BY BLOOD.


Oh, woah, thanks for the great post! I love posts like these, they really help me solidify things in my own head. :yum:

Hiding this because it's so long

Is the MC, in terms of power and control, a genius?

Warlocks in general are a class above wizards because of the innate link they have with the Shroud and your biggest threat is certainly other warlocks. However, the MC still went to a wizard who’d mastered familiar conjuration for advice when creating their familiar. But that master was old and they were only competent in that single field of magic.

Warlocks have an innate ability to understand most magic and will be extra competent in a few. What this means is that the ones you’re really good at are the ones you can use on a moment’s notice, such as in a fight. However, when creating a super persona you have time to think and so you can draw on all schools. So your skill as a warlock won’t restrict what kind of super you can present (yes, this is somewhat gamey, but I thought it important and more fun).

What’s the big plan?

It’s not a monster of the week story! As @SneakyFantasy pointed out, I really should start inserting the mystery earlier. Right now I’m focused on Ch.4 and getting stats sorted, but I’m planning to rewrite some bits in CH.1-3 to hint at the grander mystery. I didn’t really go into it in the synopsis because when I tried to write it, it kept coming out as multiple paragraphs. It’s just kind of hard to explain without understanding the world first! The overall plot is going to be about a mythological, magic problem that’s affecting the mortal world. You’re going to find yourself having to deal with it while the Supers get in your way. Then you can choose whether you deal with them as nuisances or as assets.

Which brings us to being an antihero. You won’t be able to engage in mindless violence just for the sake of it because the plot somewhat relies on you wanting to at least protect either the magical or mundane world (I don’t have the energy to branch it out to a true apathetic path). But you certainly will be able to choose how to handle people getting in your way.

For an example that isn’t in the game: If you need to steal a McGuffin from a museum, some options may be to beat up the superheroes that try to stop you, hire some villains to help you or try to make friends with the superheroes so that they’ll let you get away with it. That kind of thing.

Elza…Sword wielder…Please tell me she is inspired by Erza from Fairy Tail. Please.

Haha, nope, Elza isn’t related to Erza…despite their name and red hair.

is our master a man because of plot reasons?

I can totally understand why you’d want an Izumi mentor, she was awesome. But I’m afraid he’s stuck as a man for plot reasons, sorry. If I let you change that then some important plot points would just become way too obvious.

Having said that, that’s part of the reason Elza’s stuck female too. While your mentor taught you magic, Elza was the one to introduce you to the magic world (a distinction that hasn’t been made clear in the game yet), so she is also a mentor figure in some ways. Eventually, when I find time for flashbacks I hope to explore that more mentor-y side of her but for now you interact as equals.

Again, thanks for the awesome questions! I’m not sure I answered them how you wanted so let me know if some stuff wasn’t clear! Hearing what people want to see helps me understand what options I should present. (e.g. I was worried no one was taking the gun, I’m glad to hear that some people are!)


Welcome to the club :grin:


By the way, triple *** works. I mean, one ***, or three *.
Or if you want to be a bit fancy, double the ***

Give it a try.



I was trying to forget about that club. :upside_down_face:

Kidding! Kidding!


Oh, that’s really cool. Exactly what I was looking for! Thanks.


hahah if the club prevails I think I’m going to name one of my MCs “Corrin”, then he will be a bland idiot who make stupid decisions. Oh, and then he will date his not sister.

Damn fire emblem fates, you’re a bad influence.


I was replaying to see what I’d missed and this time I picked the knives and they were brutal. It went right through, that was awesome. Might just choose it over the gun. Maybe. They are all for range magic though, what if our MC prefers to get close and personal?


playing this…I feel like I just slipped in Dr Strange…only…I have bewbz :hugs:

ahem…I mean , the story is Good! Love it! Keep it up…


I always prefer to invoke the FireBall , it is cool to observe my purple white flame slowly mold into a shape of Ball before unleashing it … or i can just slam both my hands together with 2 fireballs and create a grand explosion :smile:


honestly ? no . Cose then you can say that about any genre : Zombies , werewolf…

As long as the writer can make it unique , stand apart from the others same kind of story…peoples will love it .

and I…for one , I will never get enough of wearing spandex and a cape ! I say gimme more! :smiley: