Warlock City (Superhero/Magical WiP)



Thanks! It feels good to get some information out there even if it isn’t a new chapter. Otherwise it’s too easy to fall into complacency!

Haha, yep. That gem of a joke was certainly at his expense! I couldn’t resist.


3 ROs in total now!

Elza — The claymore wielding, Scottish were-bear. (Available to all):


She’s a sturdy 6 feet and naturally well-built with fiery orange hair that’s buzzed on the left side but cascades across and down the right to contrast exotically with striking blue eyes. She’s got a good heart, an implacable smile and is a well-known serial bear hugger even when not in bear form. She has a general lust for life and optimistic energy, but can fall back into a thick Scottish accent if agitated. However, that’s rare because she’s part bear; not much worries her.

She’s an enforcer of Ma’at and your old partner so you already have a very friendly rapport with her. However, with a bit of nudging she might be able to become something more. Also, your familiar already likes her which is always a plus. Jealous familiars-in-law can be such a pain.


Staring down the line of samurai golems looking to slice us to shreds, I hear Elza’s lilting voice next to me. “Well, there’s one thing we should be thankful fer’.”

“Oh, yeh?” I ask, honestly curious as I turn to look at the woman and notice her claymore angled eagerly in front of her.

“Aye. At least they aren’t Scots.” She smiles.

I roll my eyes as the samurai charge.

Rowan — Fellow stage magician and performance partner (Likely will be available to all):


You’d think a magician would be numb to mundane life and that’s why they escape to performing magic tricks, but instead Rowan finds wonder and magic wherever he looks. However, he’s been down ever since his father took badly ill so you don’t catch him in such a mood as often as you’d like. Still, on the rare day when you manage to elicit his sunny side, he has a childlike wonder and general enthusiasm that’s hard to deny and is completely infectious. He’s never left the city and seen the world, so you’re quite sure that if he ever does, his head might explode.


“I used to hang out here all the time with my dad when I was a kid. Too bad we can’t get in.” Rowan laments as he wistfully gazes into the abandoned arcade.

“Yeh.” I murmur. “It’s a shame. It would probably take a magician to pull off something like that. Too bad we don’t know any.” I take an innocent slurp of my drink as I stick my face up to the glass, my plan in full swing.

Rowan crosses his arms as he raises an eyebrow at me, tempered excitement creeping into his eyes.

I can’t help but laugh when, on cue, the lights buzz to life as if by magic. But magic’s easy. What made this gift special is that there wasn’t any.

The Stranger — A Super Hero? A magical? Maybe just a free spirit? (Available to all):


Really, you have no idea what he is. He just seems to show up places with a smile and an agenda, accompanied with some flirting. Some think he’s charming while others think he’s a sleaze, and you’re not quite sure whose side he’s on. Will you engage with his flirting or shut him down at first glance?

This relationship is mainly designed to be a bit of fun and a bit of drama. His main goal in life seems to be to get ahead any way he can and he holds a strange grudge for you, so the question is whether you can enchant him enough to want to stay behind.


As I rush into the room I slam the door behind me and let out a frustrated sigh when I notice that there’s no lock: only a table and a couple of chairs decorate the small room. With few options, I drag over the table and fuse its legs into the ground to make opening the door much harder.

“Going to help this time?” I ask, not even deigning to look at the glamoured figure standing in the corner of the room.

The Stranger seems only mildly surprised that I’d noticed him there. “Oh, but I do so enjoy the struggle.” Purrs the shadow-cloaked figure.

With a kick I send one of the chairs skidding over to him before giving him an inviting bow. “Then might I suggest you sit down and enjoy the show?”

My smile and light bow are only mildly affected by the door cracking behind me.

Chapter 4 Progress: Chapter 4 is coming along bear-ingly (Ha! That pun doesn’t even make sense). I was worried it was being structured to become a bit of a bore but now I think it’s planning out to be quite fun. Thanks to Elza’s pension for trouble, you’ll be able get to into a scrap with a Super, dig up a body or be a good warlock and do none of the above! After all, you have a show tonight, getting injured might impact your performance.

It will still be a little while because I want to also add in Stats. That’s right, Stats are finally coming! I’ll do an update on them in a little while but they should be interesting. A mix of attributes, spells, perks 'n quirks to add a little flavour to scenes and a means to keep track of each of your personas!


Dude, Elza sounds awesome! :heartbeat:


Oh I love this! A magic/superhero dynamic! It’s amazing! Oh gosh thank you for writing this! :slight_smile: I’ll be keeping an eye out!


Hey @Revache I’ve got to ask should our MC decide to possibly go down the route of becoming a super would they were a mask to hide their identity. I was just thinking about this since it would be a nice subversion of the normal formula as the MC might not care what the regular world thinks but would be concerned about the magical community and its enforcers gunning for them.


Thank you, I’m super glad to hear that! I love her dearly and hope the readers do to when they meet her!

I’m so happy to hear that other people are as excited by the prospect as I am! I’ve always loved that side of the Superhero worlds and thought it under-represented in the CoG database!

The MC is definitely going to have to hide their identity to protect themselves from magical enforcers, however, the great thing about being a magical is that you have access to glamours! In Chapter 4, you’re going to be able to engage in your first Super activity if you so choose…only it’s going to come out a bit villainous. In later Chapters you’ll then have to decide if you want to stick with the same glamour and build a reputation for it or choose to wear a whole new glamour so that people don’t recognize you!

So, in the end, you might have a Super persona which people see as completely all over the place — sometimes villainous, sometimes heroic. Or you might choose to have a range of costumes which people will expect different things from! You might end up with a crowd cheering for you to rescue them from…well…you!


Awesome I was totally picturing the MC as an anti hero and the idea of having what sounds like a bunch of different personas running around makes a lot of sense as it would confuse the hell out of both the hero and magical communities and make it easier to hide. Also not sure if you have plans to make this a series but it would be pretty cool if (depending on the laws of magic in this universe and how much belief affects them) if one of these glamour personas became real based on the belief and acted out against you as you. Keep up the great work and know that you have a guaranteed customer in yours truly


Ohhh, I like the way you think! It’s going to be a 3 book series so there will definitely be time for something like that. Maybe punish you a little bit for having too many personas or maybe your student decides to take on one of your personas :face_with_raised_eyebrow:! The first book is definitely more centered on the magical side of things, but we’ll be moving harder into the interaction between both worlds as the series progresses. Thanks for your interest! :relaxed:


Ah now there’s some potential. A young amateur takes on the role of the mentor to prove themselves and is unprepared for the dangers they face. It only becomes worse when they realize that their mentors greatest enemy is actually a magical tool gone wrong and knows every move they can use. I can see a great line up to a “Death in the Family” event happening at some point should it play out this way. High hopes for this one especially since I can partner up with a claymore wielding Scottish Werebear while working my way towards becoming an magical anti hero moonlighting as a superhero :smile:


Haha. Elza will certainly be up to getting into any mayhem you’re looking to start. What else are best friend’s for!


Minor Info Update with changes to lore and things:

Any questions or feelings are great to help me flesh it out more!

How magic now works:

I’ve changed it up a bit to add more of a traditional aspect:

Wizards no longer have direct access to wizard’s fire. Instead, spells are made out of 2 components: a written instruction and a triggering device. When the wizard has finished drawing the written instruction in any medium, they trigger it via a shroud focus (i.e. a classic wand) and the Shroud opens and wizard’s fire streams out to complete the task given by the instruction. However, written instructions are massive and complicated and even the simplest spells require ridiculous amounts of writing. As such, there’s a grand practice in the wizarding world of enchanting mundane items into magical reagents to provide pre-established spell blocks. i.e. if casting a spell is like writing a book, a magical reagent can act as an already written page.

Enchanters give them fun names to increase sales (i.e. pixie dust, grave ash) and this creates a whole industry of specialists making magical reagents and selling them in Wizard Town.

////////////// *** //////////////

New Warlocks (i.e. you)

Warlocks are no longer just weird wizards (this game is going to end up heavily steeped in Ancient Egyptian mythos):

Warlocks are different in that they have access to wizard’s fire and can cast magic much easier. This is because they have undergone what is known as “The Journey through the 12 Gates in the Kingdom of Shadow”. This is a spiritual and physical journey steeped in mystery as the partakers cannot remember what takes place during the trial. You simply awaken after it or you don’t. It’s a rite overseen by priests of Ra and It’s a journey of life or death to accompany Ra (creator sun god and seen as the representation of magic) through the 12 hours of night. If you survive, it is said that at dawn you are witness to his true name and power – the powers of the sun.

This gives warlocks two things. They gain access to the fiery aspect of the sun: the direct manipulation of wizard’s fire which makes schools of magic they specialize in particularly easy to cast. This also gives them access to the absence of light, a type of magic unique to warlocks called sheut magic or shadow magic.

Each warlock is naturally attuned to one of the 5 classes of shadow:

Scryer: Extract secrets and insight from a person or object’s shadow. Sometimes even from ghosts.
-----> Legendary Ability: Future Sight (Get a vague sense/feeling of a person’s path.)

Riftwalker: Open portals to the Shroud to blink yourself or other things short distances.
-----> Legendary Ability: Distance Teleport (makes holidays easy)

Shadowkind: Project your consciousness into your shadow to explore or eavesdrop.
-----> Legendary Ability: Astral Project (Be able to completely transform your body while projecting. Such as ghost walking or into an inanimate object to hide.)

Hexer: Curse or bless people via their shadows, such as healing or altering emotions.
-----> Legendary Ability: Shadow Possess (Force others to perform tasks via the shadow. The more difficult the more focus required)

Shadowmancer: Give physical presence to shadows including shadow shields and conjuring shadow objects.
-----> Legendary Ability: Living Shadows (Give life and sentience to shadows)

////////////// *** //////////////

Your Super Hero Persona:

When it comes to pretending to be a Super, you will have to choose a general theme or profile. As a stage magician, you are a performer at heart and acting the part of a Super is just an extension of that. Each Super Persona will start off weak as you try to work out ways to disguise your magic in accord with the Persona’s profile. However, the more you practice the Persona and the more defined it becomes, the stronger it will become too! So you can either have a single Persona that becomes well known or a variety of weaker personas for different occasions.

////////////// *** //////////////

Chapter 4: Chapter 4 will hopefully be coming this week and it’s going to be standalone to see what people think of the stats and things! (Before I do a mass rewrite of Chapters 1-3 to accommodate stats better.)

tl;dr: General magic now uses fun magic reagents. Warlocks are cooler and more Ancient Egyptian. Being a Super Hero will take work. Standalone Chapter 4 this week!


Love all of the new information!


Absolutely love the delve into Egyptian mythos. It doesn’t get the love like Norse and Greek that it should. I have always found it one of the most interesting mythos and I think this will be a great addition. I love what you did with the warlock, I am now just torn over what to specialize in.

I think this is my most anticipated work in progress. I really like some of the others, but I think this just hits on so many things I love that it has to be at the top of the list.


I’m glad to hear it! As the background becomes more defined it becomes easier to write. I look forward to finally getting the concrete stats up because that’ll make writing so much easier! Part of me wishes I’d started with them but then again I only now really understand what I need.

Thanks so much! That’s really flattering to hear. :blush: I’ve always loved Ancient Egypt between their fascinating myths and the splendor of their buildings (And animal headed gods). It really is a pantheon that doesn’t get enough love! And with how long they lasted there’s plenty of stuff to pick and choose from to build my story off of.


Random thought (and the ROs’ descriptions have been here for awhile now) but our little sibling has good taste

This boy sounds precious

:(( can I

protect him??

Also I really, really love this line!!! :hugs:


Haha, yay! That’s exactly the reaction I was hoping people would have for him. :blush:

I plan on there being lots of ways you can develop your relationship with him. From just being a good friend to breaking a few magical rules/all the rules if you really want.


Yessss >_< nerdy fistpump Curious though, if the MC starts developing romantic feelings for Rowan, how would that affect their relationship with their younger sibling, if at all? Since the sibling seems to have a crush on him as well, ehe


That’ll be half the fun of the Rowan romance! Your sister won’t let him go without a fight. :yum:


Oh no, I’ll lose :joy: She’s adorable though, could I blame him? Haha!! Will it be amusingly dramatic or have its serious moments? I feel guilty ahhh XD


That’s going to depend a bit on the player based on how playful your relationship with your sister is. But, no matter how it ends up, it won’t ruin your relationship with her because at the end of the day your family! Or, at least, she won’t bear a grudge for too long…maybe you will, though :laughing:.