Warlock City (Superhero/Magical WiP)



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Oh no! I guess I deserve this, but it’s still unbearable! (Wait, I haven’t released CH.4 yet so that pun makes no sense. :sweat:)


dont feel bad i didn’t understand @Takashi_Shin’s pun either and mine was just sad by my standards.

Edit: maybe there is a warlock pocket dimension for pun sinners like us…


I really loved the idea. :smile: I would love to beta test when it is ready


Poor monster’s just a hopeless Romantic. Not that Viktor’s own situation is any better. But I guess that’s what you get when the author is Mary Shelley. ¯_(ツ)_/¯


I remember such experience before … but that’s also what make me truly feel satisfied when finally receive the outcome i want, no pain no gain :wink:

by the way, perhaps we could have something like either we save the City or our RO ? If we sacrifice our RO for the city, we will become a national hero and many people will be thankful to us… but we don’t have an RO to share with …

If we save our RO , most people will hate us for not saving the city … but will our RO be thankful ? :thinking:


i love when people say that it makes me want to grab a bull whip and ask them if their ready for a lot of gain.
such a silly phrase


uhhhh… wouldn’t that make the RO the hero?


I personally think that’s a bit too clichéd and overused as a trope. We’ve all seen the scenario where the hero has to make a choice between saving his/her love or the world.

That would only be the case if the RO willingly sacrifice themselves. If they don’t, however, and we are the ones who make the decision, it’s a different story.


I was about to make a joke about confirming a lovesick Frankenstein’s monster RO, but then realized that people would probably take me seriously. :laughing:

Everytime a pun is made a new demon is born. Warlock hell is filled with them.

Thanks! That’s great to hear, but it could take a while! :zipper_mouth_face:

I don’t think it will ever come out that black and white, though I would like each RO to play out a bit differently and kind of have their own “quest-line” (see how much work that is). However, if I feel that one of the ROs are organically heading in that direction with their story then I won’t shy away from it. :yum: Power to the characters!

Haha…you would definitely want them to get a little recognition at least.

I certainly agree that it’s overused, but I think it can still be fun in RPGs (including choice of games) because choices like that come off as more intense. I mean, I do think that ones like in the Dark Knight are a little obvious, and I wouldn’t head in that direction. However, I think having an RO with different values that seem inconsequential at first but by the end of the story are violently irresolvable can be interesting, you get to see if either of you are willing to budge on your beliefs and whether that might destroy the love anyway.

At the end of the day, I’m just going to have to let the characters take me wherever they want (with some mild nudging)!


This explains so much about my birthplace…I mean would you look at the time.



I agree with you… perhaps it should be done the other way around? RO is an Antagonist and captures us, then RO request us to stand down or be destroy along with the others :slight_smile:

Hmmmm… how about this ? RO request us to sacrifice ourselves and promise to spread the story of our heroic deeds… If we refuse, RO threaten to break up with us :stuck_out_tongue:


That would certainly be more interesting, yes. Also, as @Revache said,

^ this would be amazing as well.


You say that like it’s a bad thing. :wink:

I agree wholeheartedly.


I love this game will there be opportunitys
To hone our skills


What got you to make Warlock City


I plan on it! Though a lot of it will be about picking up on environmental clues and choosing the right magic for the job.

It really came out of a love for the magical Super Heroes and just mythology in general. I love the idea of magic but I think it’s best when its grounded in something and Egypt seems like a perfect fit!

Also, I’m again sorry this is taking a bit. Every time I think I’m close I find a bit I’m not happy with and I return to rewrite hell. :dizzy_face:


don’t hurt your head stay cold and think what you what ,.


Stay calm and don’t fret. The true fans will remain true.
And like fine wine, the more time put into the story will only make it better.


I play warlock city to me it a good read