Warlock City (Superhero/Magical WiP)



Could meant our darling sister say something to us like I love you ____ to introduce our name instead of just point blank asking


A snake familiar would be very usefull as it could fit into tight places or help in a fight with its venom


RO with the cured wasteling?


We’ll get there eventually! Glad to see someone for the Earth love.

Some good ideas! It’s a bit tricky creating a character with a lot of power but still making the fights and things interesting, but I’m having fun creating them! I’ll keep the snake in mind as I rewrite, but the mouse was kind of the go to “fit into tight places” character. Though, I do admit that a snake could be fun.

Thanks! I’ve certainly created a few monsters in my experiments, so I hope the current iteration is a bit more elegant!

This has been coming up a fair bit and a fair few people seem to want it. The only problem is that considering you can kill her without any indication that she could become someone important, it wouldn’t work at the moment.

However, I do need to rewrite the first few chapters and that might be one of the changes I make since a lot of people seem to like her for some reason (and it takes attention away from the sister RO :smirk:).

Tagging in @Logan3000x to contribute to necessary sister antics and memes.


I also wanted to vote differently than most.


While we seem to be on the topic of the sister I feel as tho the relationship between her is undefined details like how she views,how she fits into the family,and how it’s like having someone related to you who can’t possibly see you doing magic would be like cause the court should have special rules in place for these situations


Yeh, there’s so much to get into in the first few chapters that I haven’t been able to get into that. I also still have to get the performance in on the next chapter (which will provide some nice characterization for your sis) to introduce some more characters! Having said that, I should probably think about having the possibility for a phone chat with her or something in Chapter 3 since she’s such an important character and that might be nice, just to see if she’s okay.



Great to have you back.


How about a Cuban giant owl? Or a xenomorph lol




Still rooting for vampire Ro even if it means they eat our face literally…becuase Hillarios to punish those dateing sim players …I swear those dozen or so games aren’t dating sims…hides computer games shhh.

More than 2 in 3 games featuring a step or half sister seem to think the answer is always yes, or at least you can get really really close…:neutral_face:


@Revache glad you’re back!

Please stand strong against the sister romancers


I just looked up Cuban Giant Owls. They sound terrifying. Xenomorphs are nothing in comparison. :fearful:

The only time you can actually die in the game is if you romance the vampire and there’s no warning. :smiling_imp:

@Logan3000x @WillyJackson
Phew, thank you. This has satisfied the memo quota for my post. :star_struck:

Haha. But can I? Their memes are so strong!


no warning, the few times its perfectly deserving.
Does that make me evil to…well even more evil
to all superheros “there is no good and evil there is only those like you and those like me and other like minded individuals”


I don’t think all Vampires are cold hearted , Elizabeth of the Vampire House is the most adorable vampire who is simply more Good than an Angel… She allowed herself to be thrown with a stone and mock about without even attempting to bite the head off those foolish humans :wink:

Of course there are also those Vampires in the Wayhaven Chronicles who are kind to Humans :slight_smile:

@Revache Can our sister become our evil-hunting partner like Hansel and Gretel ? That will be great…


To be fair, I don’t feel that anyone is really deserving of having to replay through a Choice Script story because they died. :persevere: And then you are just about to get back to where you were and you click too fast and choose a wrong choice so you have to start all over again! :disappointed: (which is why I kind of want to avoid death states.)

I won’t confirm or deny whether that’s a possibility. Though I will say that it’s outside the scope of this book at least. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I need lock for my warlock do you have lock warlock KD


Errrr…I’m afraid you’ve completely lost me. :dizzy_face:


It was pun like you made in Warlock city


Your pun ish ment to never be understood again