Warlock City (Superhero/Magical WiP)



Hmm I think the best one I’ve seen was in Zombie Exodus safe haven by @JimD it gives you a good grouping of both combat items and miscellaneous items such as healing and collectibles and armor.


Oh cool, I’ll check it out. This obviously isn’t a survival game and I don’t want to get ahead of myself but it could be cool to pick up tricks or magical objects that you can use in certain situations.


I thought so as well plus it would allow you to encompass some fun lore borrow more form the Egyptian line of magic as that mythology has some pretty cool relics from Osiris and Ra


I hope warlock city is still going it was fun playing it


Don’t worry it definitely is! I’ve just been struggling a bit with how to make the super powered portions interesting given you can use all sorts of magic. I go back and forth between forcing you to pick a specific power set and letting you use all sorts of magic. I’ve finally decided to just go overboard with customization to see what people think and get some feedback however that takes a fair bit of writing. I hope to get that done soon. :yum:

Thank you for the continued interest and sorry this is taking so long!


By overboard with customisation what do you mean? (Not that its a bad thing I just want to know what options we can expect :grin:)


Maybe add a a few power set’s that would compliment a magic user.


Since you’re a magician I want to approach the super activities in a “performance” kind of way and so they come down to three aspects: powers, costume and attitude. Each time you pick one it limits your options for others.

Costume wise I want to let you pick from classic spandex to more specific costumes (knight amour, renaissance leather, future looking tech…among others.) This will then limit your power options and attitude (if you pick a Tarzan costume you are forced into a savage attitude). Then you pick your attitude and how you want to be perceived (whether you want to appear savage or smart or stoic etc…). Finally you pick the power range (Right now I’m limiting this to Earth, Fire, Water, Air, Light and Tools to keep it more magic-like.)

However, I also want to let you do this in any order. So you decide if you want to first decide the costume, attitude or powers (which has been somewhat of a coding nightmare.)

On the other hand I was wondering if I should just give the player a nice selection of 10 or so pre-written costumes/attitude/power combos (which would be much easier). However, I get the feeling that people would prefer to customize than for me to force a costume on them!

Yeh, that’s what I was thinking! By giving you “elemental” powers you can hide a lot of different magic behind them.


I’m assuming that outside our “super-persona” we will still have all our magic available to us? and maybe when no one is looking 1v1 situations we can step outside the “super-personas” powers in a fight?
Also, side question but is not going with a “super-persona” and just fighting stuff as a normal warlock still an option?


Yup! Your Supersona will level up the more you stay within its power range and attitude (as an incentive to not just use all your magic) but it is really more of a minor aspect of the story. Most of the story is about fighting things as a warlock and you can still avoid the super portions. (And depending on feedback on the next chapter I might scrap the supersona altogether but I at least want to try it on before I get rid of it!). I certainly understand that people are interested in this project because of the warlock side (there are enough superhero games out there) so I definitely don’t want to take too much focus away from that.


Ok cool! I do like the idea of the supersona being a thing it’s a fun idea I haven’t really seen before, but like you said I think magic should be the major focus of the story as a whole.

With that being said though having a few fights (probably only at the beginning) where it would be better to be your supersona would get players to make one and used to it and to see if they like it and then they can switch back to just a warlock or a mix and that way your customization coding isn’t a wasted effort (because this seems like it would be hard :sweat_smile:)


Yeh! I do have this grand vision of you being able to approach people as your supersona, stage name/normal self or warlock to varying degrees of success! Whether that turns out to be too much of a hassle, I’ll have to see! :yum:


Hello everyone!

Jeeze, looking at the days of when I last posted is so tragic. :roll_eyes: Sorry for that! I just feel bad for posting without news. So, it’s about time I had some.

Firstly, I just want to explain what’s been going on and why it’s been so slow. I wouldn’t call it writer’s block as much a writer’s experimentation.

My process and reasoning (tl;dr I tried a lot of systems I didn’t like.):


I’ve always imagined magic as being creative but requiring intelligence to use while also having an inherent flow to it. I don’t want it to just feel like using super powers, so it’s been hard to get that through in the writing.

I first tried to add a “spellbook” to your stats-screen but that quickly became old (and was quite ugly) to flick to whenever you wanted to cast magic. Also, I didn’t want to force a long list of spells on the player (not to mention write for) that the player had to scroll through. I then experimented with letting you type out a spell each time magic was to be used but quickly realized that this would be a hassle for people trying to run through the game or just playing it while chilling in bed.

What I needed was a system that is mostly handled by the game but also has a little creativity/thought on the player’s end. I won’t actually go into details here, mainly because it’s hard to explain without seeing it in action, but also because I’m kind of making it out to be a bigger deal than it is. It’s a fairly simple system but I think it accomplishes what I want (Yeh, I’m a bit of a tease).

This all means that, finally, the demo for Chapter 4 is coming out very soon (within a week) as I mainly just need to finish editing and rejigging some paragraphs.

Furthermore, from the conversation with Djone1 and from also reading back on posts, it’s made it clear for me that most of you are here for the magic (as you should be! :star_struck:). There are a lot of games out there that are tackling superheroes, many in more interesting ways than I ever could. So I’ve scaled the Super portion down to picking one of the four elements and most of the interactions in the world will be as warlocks.

With that in mind, and seeing as this is just a test of Ch.4 for feedback, I’ve decided to only feature 2 elements. I’ve already decided on water/ice (as that’s the one I’ve experimented with and finished writing) and would like you all to choose the other one!

These will mainly affect the flare and “feel” of the magic but all have the scope for great things.

Fire: Intense and Furious.
Earth: Strong and Resilient.
Air: Quick and Smart.

  • Fire
  • Earth
  • Air

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Again, sorry this has taken so long and I’m very excited to have this chapter nearly done (not to mention to see what you think of the systems). :yum:


Either I broke the poll or everyone is picking fire. :thinking: Hmmmm.


It’s probably because you didn’t give any examples of what the elements can do, and fire is just easier to imagine being awesome.

It also makes a nice contrast to water.



You make a good point. I’ll edit that in for future voters, though it may be too late now. I also do like the idea of it contrasting so it’s not necessarily a bad thing.


Basically the reason these two are always my favourites.


I went with Earth. Not likely to win. :slight_smile:


I’m gonna a just say this THIS IDEA IS SO AMAZING I’m enthralled by the idea of superpowers AND magic it makes the character sound so powerfull
Also I was nearly crying when I didn’t see water in the poll my fault for not reading #earthfordawin


Does all the experimenting make you Dr. Frankenstein and this your monster?
It’s a nice monster BTW