Warlock City (Superhero/Magical WiP)



There’s definitely discrimination against non-humans trying to be wizards. However, I am changing the title of warlock so that it only applies to the MC’s sub-type of magic user! It isn’t just everyone wizards hate anymore — so that bit in Chapter 2 is a little outdated.


If mc can fight others like zuko. That’ll be a badass fight!


As a Warlock, what’s our lifespan look like? Average human length? More? Less? Can magic extend your life in this universe?


The MC’s warlock has just a normal lifespan and normal human features. The are a few cities of purely magicals, however, that use magic to transform their bodies in all manner of ways. There are experimental spells to increase lifespan or for other practical uses and then there are also magicals simply trying to keep up with the latest trends or fashion transformations (leopard spots, elf ears, ghost limbs…that kind of thing).

However, that stuff doesn’t happen for magicals living in the normal world. Living in the mundane world requires a license and continual assessments that include magical divining tests to see if you’ve used any magic to alter yourself in recognizable ways. They don’t want the mundane world finding something odd in your blood if you get into a car accident and end up in hospital.



I wonder if as magicals living in the normal world start feeling their age, do they tend to move to the pure magical cities to…not die?


That could be a very interesting question to explore! I mean, magicals living in the mundane world are living there for a reason (usually because of human connections or they prefer normal people). So they’d have to choose whether to go to a world of pure magicals and get treatment to live longer but know that they’d never be allowed back to the mundane world.:thinking: An interesting philosophical quandary!


If I actually lived in that world I’d try to have my cake and eat it too (extend lifespan while in normal world, healing others with magic), and probably be a persona non-grata to the magical enforcers real quickly…


I’d love to be able to write in a diverging path like that, but that would be like writing two books at once. I’m afraid at some point the MC is just going to have to be like “Yeh…this use of magic is a bit too obvious”.


I’m late at replying comments, but



In traditional occult practices power comes at a heavy price, is that the case with magic in this world? Also does this world have lords or beings that wizards call upon?


There’s no real cost to pay in casting magic in general beyond having the know-how. Some spells might require unsavory things, I mean, who’s heard of necromancy without a corpse? But, in general, there’s no cost to be paid beyond having the knowledge.

Beyond the familiars I do plan to have some summons and demonic type creatures wizards deal with (though that’s an oversimplification). They aren’t spells for the MC necessarily, but for other characters and wizards.

Edit: Partly because dealing with situations where wizards bargain with dark beings is always fun. :yum:


Mc: takes off shoe pulls out sole i dont know why you wanted it but here you go.

Dark entity: i asked for your eternal soul wich is now mine.

Mc: Actually to quote you said “you will give me your sole in exchange i would provide you a copy of the book of the dead in English and original script” you however did not say Eternal Soul which is something else as such i do not owe you my eternal soul but my sole. in future deals i recommend remembering to add the word eternal or hiring a lawyer before you make deals good nondescript dark entity from beyond the expanse.

Dark Entity: I just got played… Bravo Claps


Spelling. The greatest downfall to us all. :roll_eyes: Also an important lesson in always wearing sneakers and never sandals when dealing with demons. :yum:


Playing the demo now but I just came to comment because the name I often use my real name is actually on the default list! yes (it’s a first)


That’s awesome! I love all the names I put in there, wish I had one of them. :blush:


Looks like an interesting concept. Never be afraid to be outlandish. Some of the greatest minds in the scientific, religious and creative communities were considered crazy by their peers.


will we get a chance to preform an exorcism?


Thank you very much! It’s going to be a careful balance to maintain, so I hope that I can pull it off! :sweat_smile:

Not exactly in the traditional sense (no Latin required) but who knows! I’ll have to see where the story takes us. :yum: I won’t fit one in just for the sake of it but if it fits in with the story, and I feel like it could be fun, then definitely!


Hey @Revache I was just wondering if you have any plans for any artifacts to be put in the game magic or otherwise or an inventory system to prep for quests depending on individual play style


Oh, woah, I can’t believe it’s been this long since I’ve posted in this thread!

This is taking so long because I’m still having trouble with the stats screen – trying to get that balance of maintaining clear stats, skills and perks while also including enough depth for fun role-playing. An inventory systems sounds like a neat idea and I’ll definitely put it in the list of things to consider as things progress. Is there any game in particular you got the inventory idea from? I’d love to see how other people handled it and how it turned out for them! :yum: