Warlock City (Superhero/Magical WiP)



MWHAHAHAHA! i know your kryptonite, know i can take over the moon and…build a warlock Vacation resort? i didn’t really think my evil scheme through to the end there. :thinking:
anyway Egyptian Vampires cool.
and you spoke of WoD :open_mouth::crazy_face::star_struck:


at least someone still remembers that. I loved Dresden files.


Ohhhh, I remember those scenes in Penny Dreadful now. They were really cool. I also like the idea of having a few different types of vampires. That way some can have a consistent savage form but there can also be the more regal ones.

The idea of wearing human skin to protect themselves from sunlight is also terrifically creepy and awesome — if not vampires, then at least another monster-of-the-week type creature. Thanks for the ideas!

Edit: I just realise you didn’t actually say they wore human skin. That’s just how I read it. Still, it’s an awesome idea. :laughing:

Yeh, once you experience cool vampires, it’s hard to go back! And, hey, even warlocks need to chill sometimes.


Oh I forgot to ask, what flavor of WoD have you checked out? There is Vampire: The Masquerade from oWoD (which is now just known as World of Darkness again) and then Vampire: The Requiem from nWoD (which is now Chronicles of Darkness)

((not really a fun fact but I’ll call it one, my forum avatar is the portrait in the main room of a higher up vampire’s mansion in Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines))

In Vampire: The Requiem, each of the four clans have seperate origin stories, and one of the clan, the Mekhet, have their origins steeped in Egyptian mythology. ( here’s a wiki page with a brief summary if you want to check it out.

I really like the egyptian angle magic took, and (probably obviously) would be into the vamps having an origin in that mythology too.


I’ve only done stuff with Masquerade, it’s funny that Requiem has Egyptian vampires and I completely missed it. :sweat_smile:

Oh, woah, that was in Grout’s mansion? No way. The more you know. I thought it was a strange avatar, but that completely makes sense. Also, Malks for the win. :laughing:


that is actually cool bit of info i didn’t notice that.

gotta love having quality conversation with stop signs.

bloodlines was awesome as malkavian. go doc!


There is a lot going on in Grout’s mansion so missing a wall painting is understandable

I’m more of a Tremere person myself, but I was enamored with the portrait when I saw it last time I was playing.

I’m torn on what sheut magic my character will specialize in. I always go for healing magic, but also conjuring stuff out of shadow is always a cool move…

Very interested in what actually happens on the Journey through the 12 gates in the Kingdom of Shadow, Since its a physical and spiritual journey, how does it…begin? Do you go to a certain place? Do you open some sort of gateway? Do you just fall asleep and disappear? What do the people who die on it look like when discovered, or are they just never seen again? (feel free to not answer haha, just spit-balling questions)


Or televisions. Don’t forget televisions.

Yeh, I’m not going to answer any of those questions. But know that I have answers for all of them and am very satisfied with them. :wink: I’m not looking for a Lost situation.

In terms of the vampires, I think I might also try to go a bit of the Kuei-Jin route in giving at least some of the vampires something to strive for and maybe go even further. Some holy vampires with a religious fervor? I’m just spitballing too. :yum:


Hey great to see another reader of Dresden files…i remember White Court are vampires that feed on the fear of humans, there are two more factions, Black Court (sort of like street vampire who are more barbaric ) and the Jade Court ( eastern Vampires that are yet introduced) …i remember Red Court is finish right?

That is the “Skin Walker” :wink: another powerful super natural beings , who can take over the person’s knowledge and power once the skin walker killed and wear that person’s skin…


That’s a good point. Vampires don’t necessarily have to feed on blood. Any creature that craves something that humans have might be considered a vampire…hmmmmm. Lots of great ideas in this thread!


emotion vampire, life force vampire…twilight vampire :unamused:


Dresden Files are good! Hopefully the next book will be out this year!

The Red Court were Aztec in origin (spoiler for the 12th Dresden Files book: unless you meant finished, which yes, they are…

I forget the term they used for their human disguise…it may have just been called a ‘Skin Mask’

@Revache Poor Lost. I truly loved that show and still have a lot of misguided affection for it.


Yeah…i am longing to know what happen to White Council , sad that the entire wizard council crumbled like that, i am longing to witness the true power of Merlin … the outsiders seem more powerful than the devils themselves

strange enough the tv series version tried to pair Dresden with Bianca (Red Court Baroness ), i actually like that idea very very much :slight_smile:

Seem less harmful

Even worse than Blood vampire :slight_smile:

How do we love an Emotion Vampire when she drains all our emotion ? :smile:


they typically have a flavor of emotion they like to drain most.
commonly they can thrive off the bleedoff of large groups of people without takign everything.
they could choose to take certain types of emotions and not take happiness love lust and take the negative ones instilling a inherent addiction to being around them since they always feel good after. (the reason they can be so dangerous emotion selection)
life force vamps could always just cut off a decade of your life or hang around large groups and easily grow fat and happy just taking mere minutes off of hundreds of peoples lives.
imagine one living in say las vegas…


If you want to add some more Egyptian flavor, you could add a couple more familiar types:

A Jackal (after Anubis)

An Ibis (after Thoth)

A Falcon (after Horus and Ra)

A Snake (after Apep)

A Crocodile (after Ammit)

Do/Can Wizards have familiars as well, or are they just a Warlock thing?


intresting thought… @Revache Can supernatural creatures also be wizards and warlocks?


Great !!! Emotion Vampires should go to war zone and drain all the hatred , fear, anger, greed, and bloodthirst emotion … there will finally be Peace on Earth !!! :smile:

I think Life Force Vampire can drain life force of other animals too right ? If they drain on Human’s life force, it is still a concern, what if there are 10 of them ? :scream:

Well, for wizard to have a familiar , they need to cast “Find Familiar” spell, which is under conjuring/summoning school :wink:


:cold_sweat:… 10 working together equals very bad times ahead
100 working together…end of days


I rather being drain of blood than being drain of life force…because we can always regenerate blood cells :sweat_smile:

But i think Force Vampire is equivalent to D & D’s Ghosts… who main power is to drain essense :slight_smile:



Those would be some interesting familiars, though I think I’d lose my mind if I added too many more. The crocodile could be especially fun. :laughing:

Wizards can have familiars but they’re complicated creatures to create for people that don’t specialize in conjurations. That means that there are some master wizards out there that make the big bucks helping other people create theirs (I mean you got help).


A lot of them can if they have the mental capacity. The undead have trouble though because the Shroud doesn’t listen to them. Also, werefolk seem to have trouble becoming warlocks, at least none have ever passed the trial. It’s suspected that it’s something about the chaotic energies running around in them.


hmm…i bet even if a werefolk did pass they would be labeled warlock by the wizard council just because