Warlock City (Superhero/Magical WiP)



I suppose so! I guess you could even use it to make him study harder when I go back to redo that chapter. :laughing: Or at least focus more.


Oh yeah…you really should, using hex to help him study harder and more focus… that is excellent idea :smile:


Not sure if this is a known issue or not, but after sealing the one vampire in my pocket dimension and scaring the other one off and I was returning to my apartment and ran into the woman who doesn’t care for me, there was a line saying “Lucy hadn’t mauled her yet” but wanted to because she’s a protective pack alpha even though I had not chosen my familiar yet.


test their runes protecting against Angry flashlights and then go to the dean and demand a retest from a fair source…like maybe me.


Oh jeeze, thanks for picking that problem up. It seems obvious now. I’ll put that in the list to fix when I redo those chapters. Good news is that I think that should be the only occurrence.


oh speaking of possible bugs i remember once trying to toss one living vamp in the shadow and killing the other and it pretended like i killed and there wasnt a vamp trapped in my pocket dimension when my pet came out was this intended or a oops?


That isn’t a bug, just bad writing unfortunately. One of the reasons I need to go back and redo some things. :sweat_smile:


ahh ok maybe a if command on that scene

if one is trapped it sends you to a scene where you have to open the pocket dimension and deal with that issue after dragging the deado in.


Because this is CoG/HG, my first thought when trapping the vampire to hopefully have her rehabilitated was “I wonder if she’s an RO later?”


i had thought maybe it would cause a eventual story-line sidequest where you help them out and that could be a friendship, ro, or maybe future assosiate so yea im with you on that.




Those are actually some really cool ideas. I might have to think about doing something like that. I’m not sure if there’s RO potential…but I think you might have started a new club.


I mean, who wouldn’t want to date a corpse white 7 foot tall half corpse with fish-hook teeth? It would be cool but seeing as You can kill them super early (or I assume you can, I haven’t chosen the kill her options yet) it’d be something a probably significant portion of the player base would never see or realize they were missing!

On a serious note though, very much looking forward to running into Elza in game.


well yea who wouldn’t :rofl:
hidden achievement anyone…Vampire diaries




Yeh, that’s why I don’t think an RO would happen. I’m happy with writing a lot of stuff that players won’t see but an RO would just be too much. Unless you romance her and she just eats your face. That might make it worth it. :yum:


oh right secret achievement “Don’t Date a praying mantis”…


Haha! That’s amazing. I almost have to do it now.


This does have me curious on the nature of the vampires in the setting though, once the degrade to that state, assuming there was a way to rehabilitate the mind, could they become less bestial? Or are all vampires that bestial looking but just more in control, if so, can they disguise themselves?


another question do they remember what they did in that state and would it effect them mentally if they were rehabilitated?




Ah! Questions about the vampires! My one weakness.

I’m not actually 100% sure on what direction I want to go with the vamps. My favourite vampires are by far the World of Darkness ones because they’re actually interesting and I certainly want the ones in this setting to be more than “pretty people that drink blood”.

Also, now that I’m really looking into the Ancient Egyptian setting, I kind of want to tie them more into that. So the vamps are a bit of a work in progress.


If you’ve never seen it, Penny Dreadful, at least the first season, ties its vampires somewhat to egyptian mythology (their bones even have excerpts from the book of the dead inscribed on them), and they aren’t entirely pretty people who drink blood, although there is some of that.

The Dresden Files have a few flavors of vampires, but one, the Red Court, are humanoid bat monsters wearing people suits essentially (just magically created skins that protect them from the sun/make them look human but can be torn through/apart)

Just some ideas you could check out for inspiration if your looking for some.