Warlock City (Superhero/Magical WiP)



Yeah that one look stylish :smile:

@Logan3000x well, personally i think rune drawing is a slightly lesser way of conducting a magic, although it may be useful in some ways… like @Revache said, we have direct access to magic, so we should be able to invoke out magic faster :smile: and i follow the casting of Fireball by applying the Dungeons and Dragons magic rules, Fireball should fall under the school of Evocation/Invocation …where the caster has power to manipulate the elements of nature , or more precise manipulate the atoms in our surrounding … in this case , invoking those particles (atoms) of our surrounding and cause them to vibrate ferociously until these particles generate heat enough to create spark and then fire in the mid air, then we can direct these burning particles and throw them to our enemy :wink:


but only one at a time and only fireballs other wise we have to use runes



It’s not necessarily that you don’t need runes but that they’re much more concise and so more easily hidden. A warlock can basically speak the ‘slang’ of the Shroud while wizards are kind of foreigners using a dictionary. This means your runes are a lot smaller and don’t need magical reagents (at least if you’re using a school of magic your good at).

So if you wanted to pull a complicated spell like Gilgamesh, the rune would still be massive and obvious while conjuring a tiny object (like a thin dagger) would be barely noticeable and would look like you were simply pulling it from thin air.


Basically! I mean, technically, you can make one in each hand but throwing them both at once would be as awkward as chucking two tennis balls. :sweat_smile:


I see a lot of talk about pretending to be a Super, and I’ve probably missed where this was specified, but do we have to pretend to be a super?


I’m glad to hear that there’s another vote for gun! But that kind of makes it more of a fireball vs knife vs gun (vs soon to be bow) discussion. :yum:

It’s coming up a lot lately because a lot of the next chapter is going to be exploring a Super fight if you choose to (you can ignore it and go on more of a magical investigation). If the mundane world doesn’t see you use magic, then you don’t have to pretend to be a Super. And if you need to cast a bit of magic in a dark alley you can just throw up a shadow around your face and not necessarily get into a costume.

Even if you do, It’s not going to be like: “I hear Madame Evil is attacking the old saw mill! I can dress up and go investigate.” It’s more like: “I’ve heard that a ghost is making a mess in an old mansion so I have to clear it out but superheroes have shown up to conduct their own investigation”.


Ah cool, thanks for the answer! I’m not against the idea in principle but I’ll be playing the games as magic heavy as possible (first few runs, at least)


Thanks for letting me know! I’ll try to keep a clear angle for people who prefer the magical stuff as much as I can. :slightly_smiling_face:


I agree with you on most part… Hmmm, i think the maximum fireballs a wizard of Dungeons and Dragons can throw is eight or four …remember the 9th level spell Meteor Swarm ? :wink:

Ahh…it is logic, place undetectable runes so that they act like mine field :stuck_out_tongue: ready to strike any time…

Oh…i know how i can help that superheroine sister, there are spells called “Strength” and “Haste” in Dungeons and Dragons spell book, i just cast it on her without her knowing it…and she can win the fight on her own :smile:


Oh ya! In this world, casting meteor swarm would require a massive rune. I mean, being a level 9 spell and all. :thinking:

Also, you can’t cast spells like haste or strength as a wizard in this world, unfortunately! Oh, wait…you’re a warlock, not a wizard. And blessing people seems to fit perfectly into the Hexer branch of sheut magic…hmmmm. :wink:


but, but…what about madam Evils needs
villians need lots of attention and tireless attention from their loving nemesis, or else they cry and retire just look at Evil doctor Sinister when his nemesis died in a freak shark attack he was heartbroken.
i must give Madam evil the attention she deserves as a heroic nemesis…:rofl:


That is too bad …else the “Fly” and “Jump” spell would be helpful to disguise as super hero :slight_smile:

do we have knowledge of that branch of magic ? I like to Bless people :grin:

who is madam Evil ?


I do plan on opening up the game a bit later so that you get free time to interact with different characters. So, if you want, you can go on more Super adventures and maybe even mind a nemesis for yourself. :blush: She’ll probably become your nemesis because you keep calling her Madame Evil even though that’s not her name. :yum:

Each warlock has to choose one of 5 classes of sheut magic. I recopied them here from the main post under “what’s a warlock”!

5 Sheut (Shadow) Classes

Scryer: Extract secrets and insight from a person or object’s shadow. Sometimes even from ghosts.
-----> Legendary Ability: Future Sight (Get a vague sense/feeling of a person’s path.)

Riftwalker: Open portals to the Shroud to blink yourself or other things short distances.
-----> Legendary Ability: Distance Teleport (makes holidays easy)

Shadowkind: Project your consciousness into your shadow to explore or eavesdrop.
-----> Legendary Ability: Astral Project (Be able to completely transform your body while projecting. Such as ghost walking or into an inanimate object to hide.)

Hexer: Curse or bless people via their shadows, such as healing or altering emotions.
-----> Legendary Ability: Shadow Possess (Force others to perform tasks via the shadow. The more difficult the more focus required)

Shadowmancer: Give physical presence to shadows including shadow shields and conjuring shadow objects.
-----> Legendary Ability: Living Shadows (Give life and sentience to shadows).


umm what if you tattooed a Meteorstorm rune on a person as well as say a ranged touch effect so its treated like its with you at a distance and also attached “firestorm resistance” effect on them then you could easly flash down heck onto them with the help of your trusty sidekick robi- Samwise…

i made a joke on the comment about dressing as a superhero

this is the quote i was joking about


Years after the Mcs death…
shadow Child: pappa tell us again the story of the great shadowmancer who gave birth to the race of shadowmen

Shadow Pa: well you see this was in a time when humons were still the dominate species on the planet there was a great 404 error Gender not found was cast out of their community and they wanted a family of their own…


At that point I think it would be more efficient to just cast Power Word: Kill on them. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Oh, gosh, that’s a sad image. Your MC can’t make any friends so they just create shadow-people out of other peoples’ shadows.


where is the dramatic flair the showmanship…oh right overlord 101 efficiency is key.


Now you’re making me thing about what if your MC has ethical problems with terminating their living shadows after creating them. What would they do?? :sob: Might really have to make a shadow society where all the shadows can live in peace and shadow harmony.


Oh thanks…definitely Hexer for me, i like healing and making people happy , like if i see that little kid crying for getting a zero in his exam , i just make him happy by telling him " If you get 50 next time, it means you improve your score by 50…if you get 100 now, you can’t further improve next time :grin: "


YAAAAY Long live the shadow people!
i am your i mean i low all shadowkind i would never be evil :innocent:

My student got a zero?!? where is that teacher!


Hey, you don’t need shadow magic to be a nice person! That’s just called being friendly. :smiley:

At that point maybe your own shadow would awaken to create a shadow-you that was good and lead your shadow people to the light! But they’re shadows so the light kills them…


But i still need Hex to “make” them feel happy right? we can be nice , they might still feel sad …so i think Hex will sort of trigger their happiness hormones in their body :grin:

What if the teacher is your shadow creation ? :scream: