Warlock City (Superhero/Magical WiP)



Maybe firefists haha


Corrin…so that’s who I have to blame for this club! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Also…fire fists…hmmmmm :thinking:


I think the ways things are going, I’m going to be moving the straight up weapons more over to the Super side of things to separate the magic and Super fights. So @Eric_knight has the right idea in terms of what you can do in magic fight that turns into a melee (I really like that idea)! However, once you create your Super persona you might decide to use the weapon you choose there for a magic fight that gets too personal.

You don’t just have to wear spandex and a cape! I think I’ve gone a little overboard with the costumes you can choose. :laughing:




You can still wear spandex! But if you want to look like a viking or Aladdin, you can do that too!


Ohhh! Let me look like a Valkyrie! :hugs:


Pfft. Like that was ever in question. :smirk:


I think it is great for you to create a hybrid super powered/super natural universe that distinguish itself from other universe :slight_smile:

Well…a super heroes can still choose the traditional spandex and cape if they wish to do so , but for my warlock, whenever i need to conjure my power and hide my identity… i can simply call out my mini portal to retrieve my wizard cloak (with hood) and apply another face cloth/muzzle to cover my mouth +nose, it will be a lot cooler than traditional heroes uniform :wink:


I was joking actually . And I may catch a cold if I go Valkyrie :grin:

But yeah , when I read your story…Dr Strange came to mind .

But then you have this scene with powers…and strangely…I could see Gambit there as well .

and the dialogue choice at the beginning remind me of a magician .

So really…could go for anything that look classy :kissing_heart:


So…Like Wonder Woman?

Fine, let’s do range magic. But let it be epic, Gilgamesh kind of epic.




So that’s at least two people I need to make sure I have a flowing cloak/long coat option for. :yum:

And, hey, you don’t have to worry about getting cold. You’ll be heated by magic! And the thirst for battle. Insert warcry*


That’s not over the top in any way, shape or form. Also subtle. very, VERY subtle. :laughing:


Would be awesome :grin:

And add the option of call our opponents of “mongrels” hahaha


Finally someone that gets me!

What’s the point of having magic if we aren’t gonna make our enemies cower before us? Half a battle happens in the mind.

Wait, is there a limit to how much magic we can use per certain amounts of time? I mean, it’d be funny if my MC gets his face eaten by a monster because he used all his juice heating up the shower.



I’m still debating on whether to have a visible fatigue or not. You definitely won’t lose any for insignificant displays like heating up the shower. However, having fatigue would mean you would have to at least think about the strength and efficiency of a spell your casting. Still, if I can work out another system then I’ll probably go for that because fatigue/energy isn’t my favourite.

If you run out of fatigue you wouldn’t die, you’d be forced to rely on what’s called a “witching tooth”. One of your molars is filed to a sharp point so that you can bite your cheek and cast blood magic. However, it’s considered forbidden for reasons that will not be spoiled here!


Alright, that statement begs the question can we use other types of forbidden magic? And can we use them freely? The Council probably won’t like it, but they are assholes, so their opinions don’t matter


I got 2 fireball version, one each for Male and Female :wink:

Both look pretty awesome …


somehow When I read the game
this type of firebolt came to mind

the ones where you have to invoke runes first


There aren’t strict schools that are forbidden. It’s more that most magics fall more into the category of whether you use them in ways that are legal or illegal.


Spells of persuasion are in general illegal but have legal uses in specific situations such as protecting the magical divide against mortal intrusion.

Necromancy is generally illegal, but if someone’s dead husband has said that it’s okay to turn his body into a golem servant after he’s dead, that’s your creepy domestic business.

So I think whether you break the rules or not will come down to a case by case basis. There’s no school of magic that’s just like…no one knows this because it’s forbidden.

Blood magic isn’t exactly a school, it’s more of a method of casting spells. It just falls into the category of “you should never use this ever” and the MC’s seen evidence as to why that’s the case.

I especially like that second one. That’s kind of how I imagine the warlock casting spells only a little finer and with way more lines!

That’s how a wizard would have to cast a fireball. However, since warlocks have direct access to the element of fire (from their trial with Ra) they can just throw it. Now, if you were going to throw ice shards or lightning bolts then you’d be drawing stuff like that.

Edit: actually, if you wanted to throw three fireballs you’d have to invoke runes as well. You only have two hands!


Can I fight like a firebender? .-.


Not really when in a magic battle or solving a magic problem, because I imagine the MC using a larger variety of tools and spells more specific to the problem your facing.

However, Avatar is definitely one of my inspirations when designing some of your super persona (I need a better name for that) options. Most of the super personas are going to be about hiding your powers under a single element and then slowly being able to hide more of them the more superpower engagements you get in. It’s hard to explain, but I hope you all like it when Ch.4 releases!


In response to the fireball vs knife discussion all I have to say is if a gun is good enough for Indiana Jones then its good enough for me :wink: