Want me to draw for you?


Hey, since I’m taking a break from writing to find some new motivation, I want to ask people if they want me to draw for them. I’ve thought about this for a little while and asked people if my art is okay enough. I’m not confident whatsoever, nor am I really great, I think I’m just a little better than most. If you want a sample of my art, look at my profile pic or follow these links.

or just visit my blog http://sandstormart.blogspot.com/

Note that I just started my blog today for the sake of posting it here.

So, I don’t like putting colors in my drawings, and I can only do basic poses and close up pics. But I’m still learning so maybe I can do all those aerobic moves next time.

Just post in this thread if you’re interested. And it’ll be better to send me a draft of how you want it to be, because I don’t want to draw something that you don’t like.



I like your art style. I don’t need any drawings currently though but they’re nice. You should definitely illustrate any game that you create.

Why is it that you don’t like using colours?


Your art is unique :3


I absolutely have no skills in coloring using Adobe, and I don’t think it’s appropriate with my style.


Thanks @2Ton !!


@Sandstorm I know a website where you could colour stuff, in any sort If way. It’s called ‘Pixlr’ just type it on google amd it will show up. It’s easier than Adobe and has lots of choices and variety.


I do like your style. It’s crisp and it’s clean.


@Sandstorm You have very nice curves Sandstorm… I want to touch them.


Hehe… *sweats


C’mon guys there are kids here…


Sorry, won’t happen again @trollhunterthethird


@Sandstorm Tis alrights! Like your drawings though, really crips and well-done!


Thanks! I searched Pixlr but it won’t load :frowning:


@Sandstorm Aw dammit it had lots of good effects! But If you want I could colour for you, I’ve done it tones of time plus I don’t like charging people so I always do stuff out of the goodness of my heart.


Your stuff is pretty decent! It looks like you’re on your way to having a solid visual-novel-esque style. Do you have any 3/4ths figures to show off? How about an older looking person?

Those are my suggestions, anyhow, if you’re looking for something to work on while improving your skills.


That’ll be awesome!!

Before learning about Cog and coming into this forum, I was actually working on a visual novel, although my characters were free sprites. Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll make 3/4 figures and mature-looking people next time


i like your drawing :smiley:


@trollhunterthethird I meant how his drawings were shaped those type of curves.


Actually, five minutes fiddling with my own cruddy art programme (an ancient version of Paint Shop Pro) I’m going to say that I think your drawings would actually colour well.

As for not having any skill with it, if you practice you’ll get better.


Remember guys im an artist too!