Walkthrough for Guns of Infinity?


Assuming you’re not doing the disgraced playthrough, in chapter 4 while waiting to storm Kharangia, go visit Katarina. After talking to her, choose “I would hope earnestly to gain her deep affection, perhaps even more.”

That should start the romance, so then if you choose to call upon her in Mhillanovil or go with “For you? Anything” as your reply to her asking you to go on the secret mission, that should max out the romance stat heading into the mission.


Anna Path
(In order to gain enough soldiering in order to successfully capture Anna you must observe Cazarosta’s squadron during the first winter and then accept his invitation after the Storming of Kharangia

☆Guys,I need your help. I can’t choose the option of OBSERVE Cazarosta’s squadron TT


You need to have a good relationship with Cazarosta to do that . Your import game might not have it high enough. You can use tactical genius or the dirty scoundrel to get the train wit Caz scenes


Sir Paul, do you mean the lieutenant that beside Lieutenant Findlay?


Sorry, amino. What do you mean tactical genius or dirty scoundrel ?


The pre set characters, if you opt not to use save files or do a run through of Sabres on Guns.


Amigo, can you give every decision that help to improve my friendship toward Carzotota in Sabre


No I don’t know them all. but some key ones are training with him in chapter 1 this should let you lead the attack on the ship. Persuade Elson to use Caz’s plan when you attack the fort, you don’t get a ransom but it is still pretty fun. Visit him after you come to Noringa after finding Khorobirit’s army. At Blogia defend the castle but don’t give him control of your troops.

Last ,talk to him when you have the chance during the first part of Guns.

Also, you have the runegun right?? This knocks up your soldering stat quite a bit.


Ok, I see now. Thank you very much^^


I tried to find someone speaking on this but I couldn’t.

How do you prevent Lanzerel (or whomever) and Marion dying at the end of 2K?

I usually use the guns to defend the Exp while I go help the Foot because I’m trying to woo Welles, but no matter which option I pick I always end up losing both Marion and my Sergeant after the battle is over.

I managed to save them both once, but I can’t remember how. Is there a formula?


You have to choose to either not help Hartigan and/or Marcus, as having the other squadrons help increase their probability of survival. Otherwise, If you did that, if you choose to assist the experimentals, you’d have to sacrifice them and do a second volley. With Welles, if you choose to assist her directly and you have at least another squadron, you have to choose the third option (I forgot what it actually said).


So if you help Welles, there’s no way to save Lanz and Marion without sacrificing Hartigan or Marcus?


It’s possible to save all of those people, but someone has to die at SK.

If you go to aid the 5th, you need a second squadron with you if you don’t want you sergeant and batman to die.

If you aid the Experimentals, you either need to let them sacrifice themselves and then order a second volley, or you need to have a second squadron with you and order a second volley.


The final battle is one with gaurenteed loss I believe. Though the secret mission also has its pros and cons. Both are winnable but the question ultimately is how much will you sacrifice? For the secret missions you can sacrifice almost your entire command and your lieutenant for insane riches or go for the decent random that makes you rich but not insanely so. (Depending on if you go for the wife or the kid). The final battle if you don’t take the secret mission pretty much demands you make a sacrifice of a squad of soldiers. Either way, this book never fails to leave the impression of the brutality of war on me. (Personally I only took the secret mission because of Lady Katarina ;))


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What’s the best walkthrough for S/GOI out right now that allows you to be 18 and get the ending where you have mentored Renard and improved on the Garing plans?

Can you achieve the above while also hitting 45 Sol in time to avoid losing 10% health on Thunderer?

In your personal opinion, do you think it would more beneficial for your MC to complete SK or the Secret Mission?

Finally, I’m curious if you think Welles or Katarina is a better RO with regard to how things are likely to progress in Lord’s?


Personally i would think the Secret Mission is the best , since we will have chance to rekindle our romance relationship with Katarina , and most importantly we could save Princess Anna’s life

Thus far, i think Katarina is the better love interest based on :

  1. She met and approach us first
  2. She had that enigmatic charm that bring along a sense of Mystery with her
  3. This is of personal opinion . i think Katarina regard us highly in her heart and she is “fiercely” loyal to us , She will comfort and convince us it wasn’t our fault when we made mistake / poor judgement along the way (such as allowing Lady Aleksandra to escape ) … most importantly , i was especially touched when my first MC was poor in both Soldiering skill and reputation , had a less decorated career and may be consider “weak” if compare to other war heroes… But for the way Katarina treat me the same way as others, it shows that she is not an egotistical person but humble and willing to love even those who are inferior to her :slight_smile:


Hi, the best guides for both installments are still those made by @Verand with Aetorian 18 year old build. Of course that comes with -10 hit to health while charging on Thunderer & failing the soldering check.

However you can still use that guide & pick an older PC as they will provide additional boosts to Charisma & Intellect. Thus you could focus on improving soldering with the opportunities you’d get till the battle over river Kharan.

But picking an older PC has its own pitfalls. In the later installments of the series the PC will start taking penalties to the stats based on the age the PC starts the series at. So the PCs who start the game 30 years old are gonna get hit hard, followed by 25 years old PC & so on.

These questions are better asked on the current active thread for the series. Here:

Hope this helps


Apologies, I know this is an old thread but I’m going through this walkthrough and no matter what I do it won’t let me ask cazarosta to have a joint command at forlorn hope.
Can you please help me with this.


You must have high relationship with him . Not only you must side with him with every opportunity , you must also show that you are worthy of his respect … i only did it with high intellect MC who lead the ship successfully and know about the 3rd option in that raid of Antari camp in Book 1