Walkthrough for Guns of Infinity?


There is also the anti-Takaran argument, to unlock that you only need to have been very… negative… (read: slightly racist) towards elves, Ambassador Holt, and the Takarans in general.

I also think that argument is an automatic “success”, for those who have MCs with low stats.


Okay, thanks guys. I was wondering when LOI will be released? I kinda late playing this game, but I like it very much.


That’s a good question that no one knows


Is 75 intellect enough?


Enough to what? Beat Elson in chess?


For the kind of stats checks we’ll be facing in future games.



I promoted to Lieutenant-colonel, won every medal, and completed the secret mission (Captured Anna). I also imported a Hero of Bolgia who mentored all subordinates. At the end of Guns, I had good relationships with pretty much everyone.


Those are insanely high stats. You don’t need to have everything above 65 to get through the game just fine. You’ll be fine.

Though I’m curious, what path through the game did you take to get stats that high, learn Antari, and mentor everyone? Us min-maxers thought we had found the ‘perfect’ playthrough and our stats are a good 10 or 15 points lower than yours across the board.


I’m almost tempted to say this is an April fools prank, but I don’t want to start jumping to conclusions and getting killed for it. Will give the benefit of the doubt.


I’m not really sure at this point lol
To get these stats I’ve played both these games at least 30 times each😂
It mostly just came down to positioning stat gains at the right time; eg. I moved on to Antari stage 2 in chapter 9 of Guns rather then 2 for the final intellect bump. I also reglected improving personal stats entirely in Guns, save for said intellect bump.
I’m obsessed with mini-maxing.


@ArthurianKnight If you could give a guide we would all appreciate it


I’ll see, but by the time I got this file I was clicking a quarter of the choices blindly to figure out variables and consequences.


Okay, so, how old are you?


No pressure or anything but it’d be great to have those stats at the start of Lords.


Charisma especially.


Right, you focused Charisma. My biggest question is - how?

Considering every statboost to charisma in the game (picking it as main stat, grabbing the suit, increasing it during the timeskip), getting it to 80 is extremely difficult. And that comes with the caveat of making your intelligence suffer without the +15 book, or the +10 to Int or Sol in the timeskip.

Which means to have 80 charisma your intelligence and/or soldiering would have to be far lower than it is, but it isn’t. How did you keep all three so high?


Stupidly high that’s like the equivalency of captain American level stats.


Bit random but I finished sabres with the death Ride and a vacant NCO post. I carried on the play through in Guns but it says that I have staff sgt “None” with lots of missing text due to a lack of Villanueva.

Any way to fix this??? @Cataphrak


Tag @Cataphrak to see if he’s fixed this on his end and maybe try a different run through until it gets patched?


How do I romance Katarina? because I was able to do the secret mission but I haven’t had any real “friendly” scenes with Katarina