Walkthrough for Guns of Infinity?


This may have been said but I can’t find the correct search words for it.

What are the results of awarding or not awarding your troops with metals after The Siege. While supporting female officers, awarding my whole troop and award for maintaining discipline lowers my reputation just enough where I can’t offer my support to the Wulf-something family,(?) Only money.

Is there some troop benefits that outweigh not paying to support the making of a saint?


I’ve never noticed a change in any of the troop stats after giving medals, just the rep drop so I usually don’t do it. And I’m just about sure there are no troop stat penalties for not awarding medals either.


You get a bit of morale and loyalty. If you give the most commendations, it might even become a part of your unit’s identity.

This might have effects in the future games, but until then you don’t really get any major benefits from being nice to your men there.


Ah, thank you. Sounds like a good bit for lords of infinity. Economic downturn and an ex-soldier comes seeking help to keep afloat, or you get involved in spy networks and they are used as a trust symbol among your agents.


My stats are

52 (honed body and mind in cunaris)
50 char
76 int

Then 35% for Did/Mor/Loy
I have the bane armor

(Shared what I did in Sol lol)


Dont get me wrong that an ok character but you should try to get all stats over 60. Unless you want to be the baddest man alive and kill armored church hussars while enamored you dont need any stats over 60 (that i have found or heard of). I normally get my mc over 60 in all areas but charisma. Most charisma checks are around 35 if i remember correctly. Though charisma has already bean pointed out as a major stat in lords


I got a really good play through in SOI so I had stats at or near 70… none of my stats were below 60… but when I play the Forlorn Hope I survive but I don’t get the medal immediately. Does that happen immediately or a while afterwards? I can’t remember as I haven’t played GOI in a bit.


If i remember correctly it doesn’t happen right away. It should about the same time one of the lieutenants ask permission to go to the salon or a bit before that.


Yeah you get the medal after the dinner with the kings division after you leave kharangia


Show me yours states


How old is your character?


@Rogar This is his stats at the end of Sabers

And this is them at the end of guns

That’s is my main build where i balanced all of them but put a emphasis on high Charisma and Intallect for Lords. But, I do have one where I boosted it up to 60 for soldiering and kept my intellect at what it was. He still has 9 more years left before he hits 50 and is very smart and intellectual so he’ll be a good political maneuver for sure during Lords. But, even then I made sure I went into Lords with fairly high Soldiering is a get a feeling some combat will take place in Lords in one for or another.


how to get the 25k rewardi only get the 4k reward everytime i retry


Capturing Lady Aleksandra is what gets you the 25,000 reward.


i only got 15k on capturing her i tried again and got 10k x.x how do i get the 25k reward?


You always get the 25k reward for capturing Aleksandra. The MC use part of the money to pay the debt of the family, that is why you only have 10-15k.


Hey you know a lot of this game, so I would like to ask you, when we argued with countess welles, if we support her opinion, there are four options of arguments. And I want to know how to open the last argument, number 4.?


Anyone’s know this please tell me how.


Lotus, you are the best about the game. Tell me bro


This one?

*selectable_if (idealism < 45) #“We cannot rely upon the old rules forever.”