Walkthrough for Guns of Infinity?


Thx any of you know about other good hosted games games.excluding ne releases already did them all but playstore only give like 20 games then its other nonsense


lord of Aswick is really good same I study and steam punk


Lords of Aswick
Evertree Inn
The Lost Heir Trilogy
Paradigm City
Zombie Exodus series
Samurai of Hyuga series
Community College Hero
Way Walker series


Is there a guide for Guns of Infinity like this one - Sabres of Infinity Walkthrough


Post number 8 is a guide.


Unfortunately (?) not, partly because your character in GoI can be quite different depending on who you import from SoI.

Although really, that is not such a great reason because you only need to know the skill checks to make an educated guess on how to proceed, and the skill checks are always the same. Is there any specific part of the game that you would need some information on? The Forlorn Hope is a classic.


I think I linked wrong. I should’ve linked to this- http://textuploader.com/5y0kv, because I wanted a guide as comprehensive as that, giving each skill check and each place where the variables​are updated.


Sorry, nothing like that exists for GoI.

There might be some simplified guides in this thread though, and if you ask about any specific chapters or scenes, someone will help.


Oh, do you think someone might make such a guide?


It shouldn’t be impossible, but it would require some work. It would also be far less easy to understand, because GoI uses Fairmath. In SoI, if you got +5 Soldiering, it would always be +5 Soldiering. In GoI, it will depend on what your Soldiering was before (so if your Soldiering is high, it is harder to improve it, and if your Soldiering is low, it is easier).

But I will have a look, just out of curiosity. My curiosity is sated, no thanks. :stuck_out_tongue:

If you bought the game on the Choice of Games site, you can read the code by looking at https://www.choiceofgames.com/user-contributed/guns-of-infinity/scenes/chap1b.txt (for example, just change the chapXa/b depending on the chapter, sometimes with no a or b). That chapter is free, so you can read that one already. If you did not buy the game on the Choice of Games site, you can send your receipt to the Choice of Games support email, and they will give you the game on their site. That will give you all the information, but in a much less compressed fashion.


I can understand. I tried looking at the code, and it is really complex. To create a comprehensive guide could take me way longer than one would expect.
Maybe someone has an interest and will do it. Or maybe someone could come up with an algorithm for automating it. Who knows, I might even try that if no one else does (later, not now).


When I get to the Forlorn Hope every single time joint command with cav is greyed out. How do I get the joint command option?


Well generally you need a good relationship with him and not go the dishonored hero route.


In my playthrough of Sol I managed to get a decent character stats and soldier stats for gol.

Using golgots cheat sheet as ref (in Sol guide). I have a 30 yrs. Old aetorian with banesword. Having into as highest in training and Sol as lowest. Friendly terms with elson and Caz (saving elaon and spparing with Caz) gave me my naval medal.
Then played quie ,lanzerel and bought thunderer.
Most moral choices are I’d(like “great honor awaits”) then I dammed the horses then pocketed the seals (asking for opinion ofc “lanzerel points” maybe) cared the horses, block the roads , cut firing loops, and charged. Got Karol as a friend, a generous gift for my men, and another medal. After that I went to smack carrots brain damage by having the extra ammo and scaring my men , carrots men wanted a more knowledgeable commander so out with carrot and win with a frontal assault,then gave the runegun to Campos. Went to levb for some dirty work ,took the east for jammin with my men, approach but then leave them(if you have the money which I’m sure you have,you can try bribing them,though I don’t suggest you do it bcuz of family matters in GOL)then stare into the eyes of dirty levbf and tell him yolu will go to major hunter. Question the grenadiers ,search and escort them but of course kick lebvf balls by telling it to hunter anyways for a free promotion. Either learn antari , hone body, or read books any would do just don’t gamble. Then pick old squad and be brutal with them by drilling until they faint and hanging one man for butchering a pig(LoL) then buy them a room so that they won’t mutiny. then Nelson wants to give the third medal. Choose elson at first. Eat with your men (less mutiny).pick own plan. Caz first , elson or antari you, Elson or you, another medal. Take a look at takarans and be feminist(or not) then talk with them, also talk with hunter and hartigan. Find caz and elson before eating with men. joke about share of blood and then volunteer for castle and take command of caz and wittelman by outwitting them have your men place bet two towers with caz then have hiding places. After that ask who wants to go and not fight(nobody will leave you). Thus you are a hero after that.

That made me have payment for garing and paying 5crowns for the debt and have 35% disc/mor/lot and I think lanzerel is better than villannueva.

The setback is that I keep dying a red martyr in forlorn hope when I try to lead it without caz


During the forlorn hope try falling back to a more defensible position. This helps out if you are weak in the soldering stat. Another option would be to replay SOI, keep the runegun for yourself and when you get reacquainted with Elson and Caz talk to Caz at dinner and chit chat about nothing. These two choice will boost the soldering stat.



During the forlorn hope dont wear your armor. It makes you seem more impressive when you disarm the bane seal trap and charge and just take him woth you. Idk how but with my dishonored hero i was able to do it with cazarosta.


Without your stats or the steps you take prior to the Forlorn Hope knowing exactly how to help is impossible.

Also your post is very condensed and difficult to read, it’s hard for some of us to interpret what exactly you’re trying to say.

Do you make sure to visit your men the first week after arriving at the fort? That gives a huge unit stat boost across the board if done properly.


You have to strike down Welles’ feminist argument successfully.

Thanks Fiogan!


Do you have a guide to getting to most if not all the achievements for guns? I’ve done several playthroughs and haven’t gotten many of them


Not really. Most of them just require being really thorough, or playing multiple times over with entirely different characters.

For example, there is an achievement for being as progressive as possible, which requires supporting female elf soldiers (not physically, it’s a mental choice) in Sabres before the ballroom, supporting Welles’ feminist argument, and supporting technology outweighing Banecasting (among other things).

There’s also one for being run down by a lance.

Then there’s one for abandoning Lewes and his men to die on the road from Kharangia.