Walkthrough for Guns of Infinity?


I don’t know, it is not like you need your unit stats to be 75 in Guns. My unit at the end had 70/60/70 and could do everything I wanted.
But accepting Lefebvre’s bribe will make him more friendlier to you, so I think it is worth.


Also 10 crown profit! A whole ten crowns just for you, for the low price of being complicit in a war crime!


100 crowns, not 10 crowns.


That makes it even better.


You might well be right (from a min/max perspective). I like to start Guns with average unit stats of 35 (perhaps 35/30/40), which is relatively difficult to reach in Sabres, so dealing with pig thief helps. High unit stats might be relevant in future games. I blend min/maxing and roleplaying, and I don’t like cooperating with Lefebvre, so that influences my perspective. (From a strict min/max perspective, defending Carrecort to avoid making an enemy is likely the right move, but I can’t bring myself to do it.)

There’s no point in Guns where Lefebvre is friendlier to you because you accepted his bribe, compared to someone who does reserve duty but not patrol duty. He might be friendlier in the future, but he certainly doesn’t feel obligated to you: he already paid you off.


.[quote=“Estel_Edain, post:388, topic:16205”]
There’s no point in Guns where Lefebvre is friendlier
If you accept the bribe he lets you capture Anna instead of you disobeying orders and attempting to do it anyway. (Which would probably make him even more at odds with you.)

What unit stats do you end guns with? I usually end with them in the 60’s sometimes 70’s and that is with my max crowns SOI playthrough. Which starts me out with 25 morale and discipline with the exception of loyalty being 35.[quote=“Estel_Edain, post:388, topic:16205”]
High unit stats might be relevant in future games.

I doubt that your unit stats in guns will carry over to lords and beyond considering that most of your unit was comprised of conscripts by the end of the war… I just don’t see much coming out of focusing on your units in sabres instead of focusing on your wallet . Especially if you are from Aetoria, I have been hearing that Aetorian players will be getting a kick in the teeth financially in lords to keep things balanced.


It seems likely that Lefebvre, a man of a moderate amount of influence, will be more willing to help you out in the future if you have proven to be a reliable man of your word in Antar. And in the Cortes, every vote and every bit of influence counts.

Most of your NCOs have multiple years left in their service, so there will be a core of reliable people in charge. I imagine loyalty, ltauto and sgtauto (How much responsibility you gave them) will all play a pretty good role in the future uses of your unit. Discipline and morale might also still stick around to some degree. Not to mention that the Dragoons are one of the few standing royal regiments during peacetime.


I agree that there will be a core of people around that can help. I just don’t think that it will matter much because the core is so small. Most of the regiment was made up of the bottom of the barrel after Blogia. Scum that hate both the king and the army for dragging them to Antar. I doubt many of them will stick around and make a career out of soldiering. Not to mention the MC could be the second in command meaning a whole new ball park when it comes to unit stats. The more I think about it the more sense it will be to just give you a downgrade like in guns. I still don’t see the benefit of focusing on the unit stats in sabers but hey to each their own or something like that.

On another note. does anyone have an idea about the sibling thing and why I should not unbirth them in my power-play through? As far as I know they cause my debt to rise which is a baddie. If CK2 has taught me anything it is that you sell your siblings and/or children to the highest bidder. So I am guessing that there may be a way to ‘climb the ladder’ kinda like you can by attempting to go the Kartissa or Welles route by marrying way above your station.


I was comparing someone who accepted the bribe to someone who skipped patrol duty, not to someone who reported Lefebvre (who Lefebvre naturally doesn’t like). He only stops someone who reported him from capturing Princess Anna.

The key values at the end of Sabres are 45 (which becomes 30 at the beginning of Guns), 65 (which becomes 35), and 85 (which becomes 40). If you end Sabres with 65/65/65, then you start Guns with all unit stats at 35. I’ve only been able to finish at 65/65/65 when participating in Elson’s charge. It’s relatively difficult to reach 85 in a unit stat, though I’ve managed approximately 85/45/65 (with Hernandes), 65/45/85 (with Lanzerel), and 45/65/85 (with Fenton).

You might well be right. There are 6 squadrons in the dragoons, so your squadron together with Cazarosta’s well-trained squadron is a significant portion of the total. Your former lieutenants, if competent, might command some of the remaining squadrons, so indirectly you could have significant influence on how good the Royal Dragoons are. Also, if loyalty’s high, some of the men who are leaving the army might come work for you, which might be important with widespread banditry in Tierra.


True, I hadn’t seen that bit.

Well, ratting Lefebvre out does give you patrol duty boosts and the pig thief boosts to discipline, which makes it easier to have it above 65 to fight the Hussars in SK.

But I wouldn’t mess with Lefebvre. Unlike Carrecort, he’s a reasonably competent person who would be some trouble in Lords, I think.

True, I just wouldn’t count on him to back everything we want, like baneless officers.


Eh well it is easier but it is still possible to start at 25 and end with 70 in guns if you choose correctly.

Is the discipline check needed to order the second volley or is there a way to save your NCO in SK without sacrificing anyone?


As said several times above, someone will die at 2K.

If you want to choose who dies, follow this short guide.


Lewes did his duty…


Well, I hardly know what Lefebvre’s political leanings are, but he seems like a pragmatic person. Baneless officers, something that works fine in the navy and that the Experimental Corps (if it survives) can be a fine example of, does not sound like something that would be impossible to convince him to agree with. He did not seem too impressed by Katarina’s performance at the secret mission, so he hardly seems to lean towards the feminist point of view.

Not saying it wouldn’t require some convincing, but this guy was fine with death squads, shooting a woman, and other vile and untraditional skullduggery. Why would he draw the line at baneless officers?


It’s just an impression of mine. In Januszkovil, if you don’t convince your squadron to fire a volley at Alexandra and try to explain yourself, he goes on a rant about how “your blood gives you the skills to lead men” and on like that.


Perhaps he might be fine with female banebloods in the army?


Who knows… we’ll find out, for sure. Sabres was a personal stat game, Guns had more troop stats, and I think Lords will force us to take a look at our reputation and get the patronage of some friends, like Cunaris or Hartigan or Havenport. Or Lefebvre.


Anyone got any news from lords when it might release


It’s against the rules to ask when a game is going to be released.

But answering your question, Cataphrak is working in the sequel of Hero of Kendrickstone, called Cryptkeepers of Hallowford. He still only start working on Lord of Infinity when he finish Cryptkeepers.


Best not ask I say do what I did put your head in the sand for a couple years and then wait for it to pop out.