Walkthrough for Guns of Infinity?


You have to choose to let someone die in the mission. If you don’t choose to let anyone die, your sergeant and Marion will die instead.


I been meaning to ask you who are your favorite characters?


I don’t really have a favorite. The one I am most attached to is undoubtedly Cazarosta, but I also am interested in what happens with Cunaris and our Lieutenants.


Mine is either Hunter or Lanzeral


If we’re all answering @Rogar:

Cunaris and Lord Renard, Cazarosta, Welles in no particular order.

I like Hunter, but I’m not counting him as we didn’t actually see a lot of him on a personal level.


On my first playthrough, it was Lanzerel. It helps that he reminds me of my platoon sergeant in the Army (minus the sideburns) but it genuinely felt like he kept my MC alive through the war…then I got him killed at SK.

Since then, Katarina has risen to the top for me. There are so many layers to her character, and more than anyone else, I can’t wait to see where her story goes in LOI.


The same he remind of old platoon sergeant I had when I was in the corps. Honest Elson I sympathize with them and I understand that was that sence constant pressure. I was in love with Kat as well. But what I love about this game series is this game takes several books to go get the new he character so the development it is a Slow Burn. Which is phenomenal for character building feel real


The Cazarostas, Wulfram, Havenport, Lefebvre, and Lanzerel and Garrett for my sergeant and lieutenant.


I have been skimming walkthroughs of these games lately and I am curious if anyone has managed to get all stats in the 60’s with a 18 year old? I have been trying to find a way forever but it doesn’t seem possible.


Yeah you can’t in Sabres but you can get it everything over 60 in Guns.

Best you can do is 59, 60, 59. At least it was the best I could do.


Cunaris, Lanzerel, Lefebvre and Miguel.

That doesn’t mean I agree with them, mind you.

Speaking of a walkthrough, is it possible to emulate the stats of the premade characters?


If I did that then I would miss the 65 int check needed to add a bolt lock to Garing’s plan hmm… it would be easy to get above 60 with a 25 year old, problem is, I feel like if I do that then the character will suffer penalties quicker as the series goes on.[quote=“Vertigo, post:353, topic:16205”]
Speaking of a walkthrough, is it possible to emulate the stats of the premade characters?

I don’t know why you would want to do that but I assume it is possible, which premade character catch your eye?


I just go with the 18 year old for the RP.

And I was trying to make a Tactical Genius, but I only got close while being from Aetoria, not Wulfram.


You can get 51, 60, 69. If you observe (and then partner up with) Cazarosta, you can then increase your Soldiering to 55/56 or so in GoI, I think.


In steam there is a guide to achieve that … the only bad thing is that the intelligence or the combat stayed in 51 or 59


The closest I managed to get everything was 55/60/63 by the end of Sabers, which sadly ended up as a failure because in Guns I could not get my INT to 65. Oh well,I hope there is a chance to increase your stats in LOI. I feel like the MC is going to need every edge they can get when it comes to the political world.[quote=“Vertigo, post:355, topic:16205”]
And I was trying to make a Tactical Genius, but I only got close while being from Aetoria, not Wulfram.
Try following exactly what was in the GOI service record, perhaps you might be able to find the reason why the tactical genius is the way he is…


Honestly the best possible stat is 51/60/69 at the end of SOI and there are a lot of guides regarding how to get that.
And if you want to do the special mission you can just go to watch Cazarosta at the beginning of GOI that boosts the soldering to 55 letting you capture Prince Mikhail’s wife. Again that is arguably the best ending you can get in GOI.


So I decided to follow @Verand 's SOI walkthrough to get the 51/60/69 but with a few modifications for maximum monies and friends. I will leave it here for those wanting to sell their souls for a few extra crowns.

1.When you are ordered to place the banecasts by hunter pocket them(You get about a hundred crowns or so, and you get to do all three actions when preparing for the Antari.)

2.When you get the crowns after the battle go by regulation. (you get 120 crowns out of it.)

3.During the Captain Lefebreve mission don’t say a word. (you get a 10 crown profit from it after the cost for the promotion and you get a powerful acquaintance who doesn’t hate you.) Note:One of my characters threw the money away though I don’t remember why so it could differ depending on your “alignment”.
4. If you pick the first option when talking to Wulfram after you spot the Antari army you get a bonus to your rep.

The only down side to this is compared to the original one you have 5 less rep,morale, and loyalty. Though you pass all the checks with your squadron anyway in both SOI and GOI if you follow the walkthrough. So the only real drawback is the 5 less rep but you can easily get more of it so no big deal. But yeah I will take 160 crowns and one less powerful enemy over 5 rep any day.

If any of you have a questions or a better way I would love to hear it.

Edit:There is a way to increase the money even further but I ran into a problem, It drops your morale to 25% for the second game which might not be enough for some checks. I will be doing a test run but if this works you should be able to get almost 200 more crowns.

Edit Edit: Ok so if you attempt to intercede on your men’s behalf(during the housing issue) you fail but they do not get too mad at you…until they try to murder you because of low morale, just survive that(do not preemptively shoot) and keep him under lock and key do not send him back in chains. Then at Blogia have Cazarosta stand with you to make sure you don’t die. Then just follow the GOI walkthrough and you will have no problem with your squadron. (Look if you have already went this far you have already gotten to deep you commented war crimes for 10 crowns, I am sure you can sleep easy knowing you attempted to help your men but failed doing so.)


I try, but I keep getting a 30-42-66, which is kind of like him to survive most of the stat checks in Guns. But I still don’t have enough charisma to stop the Dragoons from looting. And it’s hard to increase charisma in Sabres, I think playing Tassenwerd in the timeskip gives you, what, four.

By the way, I heard there’s a small boost in stats if you import a character. Do you know how much?


For your skills there is no boost for importing a character, and rep and unit stats go down in the next game.(Due to all the fresh blood in your new and bigger force, and reputation goes down because you are no longer the big fish in the small pond.)Perhaps this boost simply refers to the fact that importing a sabres character is better than replaying the major decision and getting weaker stats,or if you are doing a premade character getting good stats but no choice in the matter. As for the tactical genius character… he is a odd one, I find it really weird that the creator would make a premade character that’s stats couldn’t be achieved in sabres. I know that there was a couple updates for sabres that nerfed some of the stat boosts that you could potentially get, though I don’t know how long ago that was. It could be possible that it was nerfed after guns came out making that route which was previously possible impossible. It is just a theory though so I may well be completely wrong.

EDIT: AHAH wait one moment! I may have found a way that could get you 35/54/66 stats.