Walkthrough for Guns of Infinity?


Don’t use the cannons at all and help the experimentals.


Unless you want to marry Katarina…


Adding to what Lotus said, a reactionary/traditionalist MC might well be happy to see the experimentals wiped out (since someone aside from Welles has to die). You can save Hartigan, Havenport, and your colour sergeant if you sacrifice the experimentals and you have high enough discipline by choosing “I need another volley, now!”

If you reinforce the 5th of Foot, Welles won’t die unless you do a flanking charge with mediocre unit stats.


Oh, sorry, forgot to mention that I sorta want the Experimentals to survive. Sacrificing them every time gets a bit old. And preferably avoid killing my squadron. Essentially by sacrificing Hartigan or Havenport to kill Welles, if that is possible.

Well, to start with, Katarina is a bit too radical for a traditionalist. Could marry her for the wealth and status, but she is (from this perspective) a dishonorable and shady individual doing unladylike things in her spare time. Secondly, her relations with the MC would not be directly hurt if Welles accidentally happened to die during the battle, so in theory marrying Katarina and killing Welles should be possible with the right actions.

Traditionalist from a social perspective, still able to appreciate technological and doctrinal improvements. After all, we don’t fight with pikes anymore. Welles wishes to change society in a radical fashion, the Experimentals are just a very effective unit capable of killing plenty of Takarans/Antari.

But in that case it seems like mediocre unit stats is what I am doing “wrong”. Thank you all very much.


Sacrifice Havenport or Hartigan and fire a second volley after letting Lewes retreat.


The only way to do this is to have the guns support the Experimentals while you reinforce the 5th of foot, commit all your forces to a flanking charge, and have discipline + morale be less than 100 (or less than 80, if you’re wearing armour).

This results in your sergeant dying. If you reinforce the Experimentals (even with both Cazarosta and Garret), then at least one out of the Experimentals and your squadron (including your sergeant) will always suffer major losses.


Thank you. Not wearing armour is a great tip, I can probably make my unit bad enough to successfully pull this off. :slight_smile:


It’s not an oversight.


So Katarina’s potentially romantically interested in the MC if he refuses to go on the secret mission, although her opinion of him decreases. She still respects him if he lets Lady Aleksandra escape while saying “I had no intention of ordering my men to fire upon a little girl,” but at the same time breaks up with him:

“Damn your perfidy, sir,” she snarls. “You swore to me upon your honour, upon your love. You swore to me that you would see this to the end.”

“Katarina, I—”

You don’t get any further than that.

“Do not dare, sir,” she growls back, her voice low and dangerous, the bright reflections of tears gathering in the corners of her eyes. “I trusted you. I do not think I shall be making that mistake again.”

I’m not saying that this is inconsistent on her part: perhaps the MC declining to participate in the secret mission doesn’t stop her from thinking of him as an independent man who could be a suitable partner, although she’s displeased that he didn’t help her. Perhaps she respects a merciful MC who, true to his principles, lets Lady Aleksandra escape, but realizes that she’ll never be able to count on him, since he said that he would see it through to the end and then didn’t. I find the juxtaposition interesting, though.


There is, also the genuine possibility that she simply feels used, and doesn’t like it much.


Wait a minute isn’t she objectifying us for wetwork.


If you’re expecting moral consistency out of people, especially people who believe they are serving higher causes, you’re going to be in for a bad time.


So she’s one part using us one part emotionally invested as much as a person like her can be.


Scheming, maniacal laughter


I suppose she feels used because she allowed herself to be vulnerable to the MC (visiting his tent), and might feel that the MC has taken advantage of that vulnerability (especially if they had sex) while not being fully committed to working for Tierra’s future, as she understands it.

This sort of makes me wish there were another option after discovering Lefebvre’s plan, along the lines of “I will do everything I honourably can to see this through to the end.” I don’t think it would ultimately make a significant difference, but it’s indicating that the MC wants to work with Katarina, but has some lines he’s not willing to cross.


-Ruthless, no change Idealism?


When you are at dinner with the king and you support the idea of ​​welles there are four options to support the idea how to unblock the last option?


That requires a high cynicism. Iirc you need 55-65 cynicism (can’t remember exactly) to unlock the last option.


At least 56 cynicism. Since the first choice requires at least 55 idealism, you’ll never be able to choose from all of the four options (and you might only have two choices).


Is there any way to save your color sergeant if u help the 5th of foot and keep Welles alive?