Walkthrough for Guns of Infinity?


I agree that she’d be happy with that (though she might be fine with a husband she can control); I just think that she’s unlikely to compromise on certain points. I suppose that’s true of most healthy relationships, but Katarina has the resources to attempt to force the MC to take her position (or at least not oppose her).

My main MC is compassionate, and developed a friendship with Katarina. When she approached him about the secret mission he asked only “Will I come out of this with my honour intact?” before saying: “You are my friend, madam, and I would not leave a friend in need.” When he heard what her plan was, however, he felt betrayed and thought “Has she always been so cold, so cruel?” He captured Lady Aleksandra to help end the war, and was devastated when he found out that the loss of his men was unnecessary (since the Grenadiers had killed Princess Anna). His relationship with Katarina is understandably somewhat strained. At dinner with the king, he said that it was impractical to introduce women officers in wartime, and he hasn’t spent time with Welles since. So my main MC is hoping for a happy marriage with the betrothed.


We’re gonna have a betrothed? So, there’s going to be like 3 marriage options? Though I’m going to assume that the betrothed doesn’t have much for debt clearing or connections.


You’ll be able to choose whether you were betrothed by your family when you were young. If you were, the betrothed won’t be wealthy or a high ranking noble. If you were betrothed, you can break off the betrothal to marry someone else, and if you weren’t betrothed, you’ll probably be able to meet and marry the same woman who could have been your betrothed.

There will be four marriage options: Katarina, Welles, the betrothed, and (significant spoiler) the Dragoon who’s a woman in disguise (almost certainly Garret) and who doesn’t have the wealth of Katarina or Welles, but does have some (likely shady) connections.


Do I need to oversee Findlay’s development in order to squire him? Or just mentoring him will suffice.
I’m going through a playthrough that will have my PC go to SK, squire Findlay and be in Lady Welles’ good graces.


What the. How did you get 8010 wealth? At most I can get 4k.


Yes, as that’s what it means to mentor him.


I JUST REALIZED! Garrets late to formation because they need to bind their *ahem feminine attributes.


Is there any way to go to SK but still be romanced to Lady Rina?


Not in GoI, might be in LoI.


I believe you can have romance with Katrina in Lords even if you go to SK. If you have high reputation, high relationship with her, take the intelligent decisions while being with her and chose to romance her then at the end of Guns there is a default choice where you think that Caius won’t mind you pursuing a romantic relationship with his sister.


[quote=“Tuhin_Subhra_Maity, post:312, topic:16205”]
Caius won’t mind you pursuing a romantic relationship with her sister.
[/quote] crossdressing dragoon identity confirm.


Well that would be a serious plot twist but I think people are pretty much convinced that the crossdresser is Garrett. And damm how did I make that mistake


You cannot. You can have a decent relationship with her (under 50%, so not really great), but if you are beginning a romance with her at all refusing to take part in the Secret Mission will kill any relationship you have.

There are two hidden modifiers for Kat, her relationship stat and her romance stat. Not taking part in the secret mission guarantees that the romance stat is left at 1/5, which is nowhere close to the max.


The romance stat could be 3 ( expressing interest, from visiting her during the siege) and the relationship stat could be almost 50 at the end of chapter 9. Then she wouldn’t give you the opportunity to participate in the mission (since refusing to go on the mission has a significant penalty to your relationship with her), and choices in the epilogue could increase the stat to more than 50. Having the romance stat be at least 3 gives you the option in the epilogue to pick “I only hope that Cazarosta does not take issue with my pursuit of Lady Katarina,” although this is a very basic level of romance.

Alternatively, it’s possible to pick (almost) all the options Katarina likes throughout the game (having your lieutenant run down the partisans, spending time with her, stoking your men’s fire for vengeance at Blogia, supporting women officers for a reason that Katarina likes) and then refuse to participate in the secret mission (perhaps because you aren’t satisfied by her response to "“Will I come out of this with my honour intact?”). Even with that penalty to your relationship, it’s possible to finish the game with a relationship of more than 50, which is neither great nor bad. Spending time with her at Mhillanovil means that you can also finish the game with a romance of 5, which means you can get this text in the epilogue:

Lady Katarina listens, then nods. “Our ship is soon to embark,” she announces. She steps close. “Saints go with you, Arturo,” she whispers by way of farewell, her breath warm against your neck. “I must hope we are to see each other again soon.”


Well that certainly is a new information for me. But what should be the amount of romance stat needed to start a relationship with her? And do you think that there might be a possibility that you would able to further develop the stat?


I’m not in any position to check, but are you sure the Caz_rom stat doesn’t decrease by refusing her mission? I know for a fact it decreases if you fail the secret mission, so I’ve always assumed refusing her offer leads to the same response.


You don’t really start a relationship with her, as it boils down to a one night stand followed by several years with no contact. I’d assume all potential relationships form in Lords or later.


I actually remember the one night stand part. What I was asking is how much stat do you need to make that happen or does it get automatically triggered if you choose to do the mission in her name?


You must do the mission and have the Caz_Rom variable set to 5. There are two ways you can do this: The first is by visiting Kat at every opportunity, including time off. The second is by not visiting Kat at every opportunity, but still showing romantic interest in her. If you keep her opinion of you high then when she offers to take you on the secret mission you can swear to do anything for her, or something to that effect. Both will set the variable to 3, opening up the scene early in the mission that either sets the variable to four (puts off romance until after the mission) or five (slept with her).


Yes, here’s the code:

#“I am afraid I must refuse.”
*set lancer_info true
Lady Katarina shakes her head and sighs. “Might I not entertain the hope that you will reconsider? I thought to approach you because you are an officer of good judgement and a man of demonstrated courage. I would not very much like to settle for a substitute.”

You shake your head. “I must insist, my lady. I shall go south with the rest of the army.”

The young noblewoman sighs again, but this time she nods. “Very well, if you cannot be persuaded to assist a lady in need, I shall have to seek out some other gallant; a lancer, perhaps.”


#I’ll not rise to this last prodding; my decision stands.
*set idealism %-10
*set katarina %-20
"Then I wish you best of luck in finding one," you reply swiftly. “Shall there be anything else?”

Lady Katarina shakes her head. “No, $!{lastname}, there shall not. Good day, sir.”

Without another word, she heads for the way out. Beyond, a shadowy figure opens the door and closes it behind her as she leaves.

That is the last you see of Lady Katarina for a long, long time.

It’s pretty unlikely for someone to choose to visit Lady Katarina at Mhillanovil (which is the only way to have Katarina’s romance above 3 here) and then refuse to do the secret mission, so not reducing romance might have been an oversight by Cataphrak. On the other hand, it’s very far from being game breaking, especially since the only way to have a decent relationship with Katarina after refusing the secret mission is to have focused heavily on her, forgoing other opportunities (for example, you can’t squire Renard if you visit Katarina at Mhillanovil).

If you have a decent relationship with Katarina but no romantic connection, you might be able to start a romance with her in Lords, as this choice in the epilogue suggests:

Perhaps my friendship with Cazarosta will help me win his sister’s favour—and her inheritance.

You must admit, you had not found Lady Katarina particularly attractive when you first laid eyes upon her. True, she is hardly ugly, and her connections within Royal Intelligence would have served as some incentive to pursue her, but without any knowledge of her wealth or family, you had decided quite plainly that she was too much of a risk.

Funny how the prospect of twenty-five thousand crown a year has served to change your mind.

For years, you had thought Lady Katarina the daughter of some minor family, perhaps no less indebted and obscure than your own. When she revealed that she was, in fact, heiress to Leoniscourt, you could have cried out with frustration; all those years you had spent fretting about your family’s debt, when the solution to your troubles was so easily within your grasp.

At least those years had not been wasted. In cultivating a friendship with Cazarosta, you have found yourself in possession of a precious advantage, for if your fellow dragoon is disposed positively towards you, he is sure to influence his sister’s impressions of you, as well.

Failure here could mean making an enemy of both Cazarosta and his highborn sister, but if you were to succeed, if you were to position yourself into a match with the Earl of Leoniscourt’s sole legitimate child, you could find yourself possessed of wealth and influence beyond your wildest fantasies.

To you, it is a risk damned well worth taking.

On the other hand, marrying Katarina is marrying scandalously above your station. It will likely only be possible if Katarina especially wants to marry you (whether because she sees you as a useful tool, someone who truly loves her, or a talented partner who will work with her towards her goals). We won’t know until Lords comes out how hard it will be to marry her, but I expect that it will be quite difficult without a high relationship with her, a developed romance or manipulation, and a high reputation to get the marriage approved by the Cortes. If she tells you that she looks forward to seeing you soon in Tierra, you’re in a decent position.

or the caz_dec variable set to at least 2, if you’re manipulating her. You can do that by choosing that you want an ally in Royal Intelligence after visiting her during the siege, and then by doing at least one of the following; visit her in Mhillanovil, agree to do the secret mission for her sake, or choosing “Perhaps my friendship with Cazarosta will help me win his sister’s favour—and her inheritance” in the epilogue.

You can reach caz_rom 5 without doing the secret mission, as I mentioned earlier (becoming romantically interested in her at Kharangia, then visiting her at Mhillanovil). If you sleep with her or say “not yet,” then caz_rom becomes higher than 5 (though it is drastically reduced if you don’t say “Then let us see it to the very end, together,” or if you let Lady Aleksandra escape). If caz_rom is at least 5 or caz_dec is at least 2, Katarina expresses interest in seeing you again.


Does anyone have a simpleish walkthrough for getting Welles killed? I know that to kill her someone else also has to die, but the exact details regarding the execution of this indirect assassination elude me. Aim the artillery to help the Experimentals and then what? Charge or hold the line?

Thanks for any help.

In case anyone was wondering, I am curious about trying out some playthroughs as a reactionary/traditionalist, and the death of Welles might actually not be entirely negative in the future for such a character…