Walkthrough for Guns of Infinity?


When the Duke leaves the war council, there’s only 3 options. I have no more questions and two others. I dont have an option to excuse myself.


Is your relationship with the duke decent? For example in the beginning of the game does he tell Katarina he trusts you enough to tell you about the guns?


You need a decent relationship with the duke. Some of the factors that affect this are:
-being from the Eastern Plains gives a large boost
-reading the duke’s books or having a conservation with the duke gives a significant boost
-there’s a large penalty for the camp massacre, and especially for playing dumb or defending your decision
-some answers when reporting your failure at the beginning of chapter 2 of Guns give minor boosts or penalties
-if Findlay is your lieutenant, promising to keep him safe gives a boost
-when the duke informs you that you are now a brevet lieutenant colonel, asking “Are you sure I’m ready for this, sir?” gives a boost if your reputation is high


“It is a simple enough task, I should think, one within even your abilities.”

I read the duke’s books but I defended myself when I ransomed just the leader and killed the rest. I answer with “I wont fail you next time” and I always promise to protect Findlay.


You cannot kill those men, and you especially can’t defend that choice. It makes getting the Duke to like you significantly more difficult. Mechanically there is no reason to kill them unless you want an easier time of making Cazarosta your friend, but it’s easy to get rep increases with Caz compared to Cunaris.


…back to Sabres!

Can’t even decide on which save I’ll use for LoI

Secret Mission (you know…debt)
SK because it’s big battle and I saved Welles and etc.


Yeah, defending the camp massacre means you can’t have Lord Renard as your squire (unless you’re from Eastern Plains). If you want to kill the prisoners for role-playing reasons or to boost ruthlessness, you can reach a decent relationship with the duke by apologizing (you don’t have to swear an oath, though he prefers it when you do). At the beginning of Guns, Cunaris prefers "“We’ve already identified the root causes, and my Staff-sergeant is already working on it.” You should have at least 65 reputation at the beginning of chapter 10, and ask him “Are you sure I’m ready?”


Why not both? That’s what I’ll be doing! Can’t wait!!!


I do secret mission. But I capture princess Anna instead of her daughter. You get 4000 crowns the second highest amount. If you are woeing kat large bonus there. Plus you still have your ssgt and still have Renard worship you.


Yeah, I’ll be sticking to that as wel… Lady Kat + Lanzerel + no moar debt is huge.


All the options have pros and cons; no one option is clearly best.

That said, you can reach a very high relationship with Welles without going to SK (or without reinforcing the 5th of Foot at SK). You start with a good relationship if you have a high reputation when you first meet her, and by agreeing with her about women officers, you can boost the relationship significantly. One of my characters argued that women officers would be an advantage in a generation, told Welles that her argument had swayed him, said that there would be practical obstacles to women in combat, and then chose that Welles had captivated him utterly. Without any subsequent boosts (at SK, or from free time in chapter 9), this character ended Guns with a quite high relationship of 75 with Welles.Because of diminishing returns in fairmath, the chance to boost your relationship with Welles at SK is more significant if you don’t have at least 65 reputation when you meet Welles or if you don’t support women officers.

The biggest advantage to SK is probably the opportunity to squire Lord Renard. There’s also the opportunity to boost relationships with Cassius, Welles, Cazarosta (slightly), Lewes, Marcus and Hartigan, and also to win some royal favour. On the other hand, someone always dies. The secret mission means that none of the characters we know die, but other people at SK die (who might become significant if they survive). The secret mission allows a boost to your relationship with Katarina, but no one else (except Lefebvre, if you reported him and then you murder the girl). There’s more money available during the secret mission, but you can get 2000 from SK if your reputation is high enough.

The best outcome is probably capturing Princess Anna (4000 crowns, nobody you know dies), but some players might reasonably prefer Lady Aleksandra’s enormous ransom (together with losing half your squadron, and Renard’s fury or Garret’s blackmail) or squiring Lord Renard and/or boosting relationships at SK (while losing one of: Hartigan, Marcus, the Experimentals, or your colour sergeant and Marion).


How do I see how much relationship I have with people? O.o

Also, is romancing Welles worth it? I never find her…good enough for that Rep hit when I support her during the meeting. Another thing is the meeting with the King and the PC being in his favour.


And Welles has…Addy. :^)


The relationship stats are hidden, so the only way to know your exact relationship with a character is by inspecting the code (see this thread for details on how to do that, though if you have the iOS version you might need to send your receipt to Choice of Games to access the code on their site) and searching for changes to the relationship in the code. For example, you can search for “set welles” in the code to see the choices that boost or lower your relationship with Welles. Normally there’s some indication in the text when your relationship improves or suffers, and there are moments where you get a sense of how close you are to the other person.

Calculating the precise value of the final relationship takes a bit of time (since you need to search each chapter in order for changes), and works best with a calculator, since it involves fairmath. (For example, a non-disgraced MC starts with 30 relationship with Katarina, can go to 37 from a +10% fairmath boost for ordering his lieutenant to run the partisans down, and then to 43 from another +10% fairmath boost if the lieutenant’s troop was successful against the partisans.) Although it takes some work to calculate the exact score, relationship values can have an enormous influence on the options available to you as the game plays out: for example, you need a relationship of at least 50 with Katarina to go on the secret mission.

Marrying Welles means you become Earl of Welles (although the Cortes has to approve it first). That’s an enormous, even scandalous, increase in wealth and influence for a lowly baron (only marrying Lady Katarina would do more for you, but she’s likely to be in control in that relationship). It’s probably possible to marry her while arguing that introducing women officers is impractical during wartime (therefore meeting the king), especially if you directly reinforce the 5th of Foot at SK (not doing a flanking charge). If an MC who doesn’t approve of women officers manages to marry Welles, however, I imagine their marriage will have significant conflict.

I recommend trusting her when she says:

“Then one may know that Ad—Captain Garret is indeed a close friend of mine. The Garret townhouse in Aetoria stands next to my own family’s manse. We grew up in each other’s company.”

She looks you in the eyes, a scant, dry smile on her lips. “Close friends, Sancroix, nothing more.”

If you insist on knowing why I trust her, significant spoilers for Lords follow: Cataphrak has said that one of the dragoons is a woman in disguise, and several indications point to Garret; Ellie and Addy are very likely girlhood friends.


Is there a thread for Lords updates? I want to get in on the hype train.


No, Cataphrak isn’t working on it yet. He’s writing the sequel to The Hero of Kendricktone. There’s a decent amount of info about Lords buried in the Guns of Infinity thread.


What’s wrong with Rina being in control of the relationship, I feel that a high relationship + high char + high Intel would sway her.


Nothing’s necessarily wrong with her being in control, but it would likely restrict future player choices (and I could definitely imagine a scenario where Katarina secretly kills her husband if she sees him as a serious threat to her objectives). The MC might well be able to influence her, but I expect only up to a point (similar to how Renard holds to his principles even if his mentor kills the girl). As a male war hero, the MC has some advantages in Tierran society that she lacks, but Lady Katarina is a talented spy. She is dedicated to (her vision of) Tierra’s future, and she has many social and spy-related connections that an MC who “marries up” doesn’t have.


I can either be a mutually exclusive relationship hell there could be love there or 1 depending on the other. Ideally she wants to have a romantic relationship with her husband if that’s possible whose her equal but they simultaneously complement each other.


Who would you go for in your opinion, Im #TeamKat