Walkthrough for Guns of Infinity?


out of the 5… who’s the… uhm… most acceptable loss… 1.) for the army… 2.) for you…


I normally let Lewes die as for the army (I hate to say this) the least important but for me I’m more attached to my sergeant and Marion


That depends on how you feel. We don’t know how each person’s loss will affect the army until Lords. I prefer keeping Lewes and Welles alive since both seem like the keys to more open and elite officers. Hartigan is the last link we have to our old friend Elson, and Marcus Havenport is a sweet guy who is nice to you no matter what your past. That just leaves loyal Lanzerel and Marion, neither of whom I’m happy to send to their deaths.

All in all, it really sucks reading the paragraph for whoever died, knowing that your actions could have saved them.

  1. Lewis

  2. Lewis

The choice for me is clear.


He’s such a good writer he makes you give a s*** about all of them!! Lanzeral literally been with you since beginning he’s been your man for close12 years! Is practically Sharpe number 2 of the series! Marcus and Lewis is such decent Human Being!


From a role-playing perspective, not reinforcing Hartigan is defensible. He requests aid quite early in the battle (before we know how bad the situation might get), and the message says: “you are to provide one of your squadrons as reinforcement, if you deem it acceptable to do so.” Hartigan seem to be a competent officer (and has experience as a major in a general of brigade’s staff), but nothing suggests that he’s irreplaceable for the army. He’s a personal link to Elson, and might give you some influence in Grenadier Square if you had a good relationship with Elson. He was also a friend of Hunter’s, and could help with the process of sainting him.

Not reinforcing Marcus is more questionable: Antari light horse had crossed the river, which could lead to future problems, and there’s no “if you deem it acceptable” in the request. If Marcus dies, many Highlanders die with him, and replacing the Highlanders (one of Tierra’s elite units) would be a very long process. Aside from being a decent guy who doesn’t hesitate to socialize with a mere captain during the siege of Kharangia, Marcus is also the younger brother of both the Queen Dowager and the Duke of Havenport, who is Councilor-Militant and Lieutenant-General (second only to the King). A friendship with him could be quite advantageous.

(I’m ignoring Welles, since she’s never the only casualty.) From a role-playing perspective, allowing the Experimentals to sacrifice themselves to stop the Hussars makes sense, especially if you aren’t reinforced by Cazarosta or Garret. Stopping the Hussars is critical, and your squadron might not be able to do that by itself. The Experimentals could survive the loss of Lewes, but when he dies you lose almost all the Experimentals. That will delay the modernization of the Royal Tierran army. Lewes is closely based on Sharpe (the main inspiration for this series), so I expect him to play a significant role if he survives.

From a role-playing perspective, helping everyone else and suffering more casualties in your own squadron (including your sergeant and Marion) is certainly legitimate. This loss probably has the least direct impact on the army, since your squadron can remain at decent strength and no officer is killed. Depending on who your sergeant is and how much autonomy you’ve given him, the army might lose someone who could help to reform the system. Lanzerel’s use of a ledger to set aside some savings for each soldier might become more widespread, and Hernandes’ book for new sergeants might make a difference. Your sergeant is someone you’ve known for years and, especially if your men have high loyalty, he might help you for occasional unofficial assignments in Lords.

In summary: when considering the good of the army, your sergeant is likely a more acceptable loss than Hartigan, who’s probably more acceptable than Lewes (assuming the Experimentals need to survive to catch on), who’s likely more acceptable than Havenport. When considering your own benefit, it depends on what your MC values. Roleplaying and min/maxing enter into this, but so do your goals. For example, if you want to saint Hunter and become Grandmaster of the newly formed Order of Saint Enrique, Hartigan (and likely Marcus, who’s connected to political heavy-hitters) becomes more valuable. For myself, I had one MC (young, intelligent, idealistic, and interested in reforming the army) let Hartigan die in part so that Lewes, Welles, and Hernandes could contribute to a more modern army, while another MC (older, charismatic, conservative, and politically ambitious) let Lewes and the Experimentals sacrifice themselves: he didn’t like Lewes, and wanted to strengthen his connections with Hartigan and Havenport while preserving Fenton and his loyal men. (Lanzerel was my primary MC’s sergeant; sadly, he died with half the squadron at Januszkovil as Sir Alaric sought to do his duty without becoming a murderer.)


Guns Walkthrough


is there still a perfect walk through of sabers after the update


I was bored so i made a revision on the walkthroughs by reading the codes of the two games.


@Tiago. Thanks for the walkthroughs, looking forward to trying them


Someone could tell me how to save count welles in the final battle


Sure! When given the option to fire artillery at either the Antari Hussars or Line Infantry, fire at the Line Infantry.


I’m pretty sure Argo Mr. Paul best to get off the old English system. If we pick up Lieutenant Colonel we could have a chance of getting appointed Brigadier General if another war breaks out.


Need help in winning the Forlorn Hope battle. How do I not die in said battle? Does the stats have somthing to do with that because I have medium soldiering, mediocre charisma, and very high intellect.


If you can, do it with Cazarosta.
If you have 50 Soldiering or more don’t use the armor, if you have less use your armor.
Find the safest way to reach the breach.
Choose “There must be another way”.
If you aren’t using armor choose “hang back and let one of my men trigger the trap”, if you are using armor choose to disarm the baneseal.
If you have the Runegun go personally and destroy the gun, if you don’t rally your men or send Cazarosta.
Pull back to more a defensive position.


I already did that but in the end I still die.


Then you need more men. Do things to increase morale and loyalty beforehand.


Choosing to leave the wounded behind slightly improves your chances of surviving the forlorn hope, though it also hurts loyalty (but boosts your relationship with Cazarosta).

If you have at least 50 soldiering and (almost) full health, I recommend not wearing armour and disarming the baneseal. Your health suffers, but you get a lot of health back after the forlorn hope.

In terms of morale and loyalty, it’s good to have them both be at least 40 before attempting the forlorn hope.


Any chance of a guide on how to squire Findlay?


You need at least 35 charisma to reassure him when he comes to speak to you after the sack of Kharangia (if you didn’t lead the forlorn hope, you need to have stopped your squadron from looting, and if you led the forlorn hope and your men looted, you have to condemn the sack), and then tell him that he can come to you for advice. In your free time in Chapter 9, you need to oversee Findlay’s development. You can’t do the secret mission if you want to squire Findlay, and then after the Duke of Cunaris leaves the war council, you need to ask to be excused and go talk to the duke.