Walkthrough for Guns of Infinity?


[spoiler]In the final battle of the war, one of the following must die:

Marcus Havenport,
Lt. colonel Hartigan,
Lieutenant Lewes,
Your sergeant and Marion.

Your actions can lead to all of them dying (Note that this basically has to be on purpose, similar to Mecha Ace), any combination of them dying, or just one of the five options dying, but one of them will always die no matter what you do. [/spoiler]


well ain’t that peachy… if i go the katarina route, i miss a glorious battle for some spec ops action without losing a named npc… tsk2x… thanks… gonna roll a dice on who gets to die then…


During second Kharangia, Welles cannot be the only named character to die. Also, for Lewes to be the only named character who dies requires a specific build, including high discipline.


so if i want welles to die… someone else needs to die with her?.. or am i misunderstanding your statement?..


Yes, you are right about it.


how many more romantic interest are in guns? I known we have Katherine is Countess wellas possible one?


Yes, she is an option.


How do I win the countess heart non spymaster one!


To get all dialogue you cannot attend the Secret Mission.

Complete the Forlorn Hope, you get a slight Welles boost for doing it, iirc.
It’s best to successfully get your pro-feminist argument across, but failure works as well. As long as you agree with her, you’re good.
In the carriage ride, tell her it was her argument that swayed you for +5%.
Visit her instead of Katarina, Casius, or training your lieutenants.
If Kat really likes you at this point, you have to refuse her offer of a secret mission. I’m sure a Welles romance would still be possible without going to 2K, but within Guns itself 2K is the best bet.
During the time before 2K, visit Welles (The best bet if you’re going Welles, imo, is visiting your men before being turned away (Wish them well before leaving for a morale boost), visiting Casius so you get a boost with him, visiting Cazarosta because that dude is always fucking amazing, and visiting Welles. When overhearing their conversation, do not mistrust Welles.
When the battle begins, exhaust all dialogue options with Welles before she leaves, including asking about Garret. That’s the closest to a confession you can get, iirc.


What this meeting with King stuff I keep hearing about?


If you successfully argue against Welles, the king requests to meet with you.


Take that hurts her liking me:(


This is not Mass Effect!! So how do you keep them alive! Lease what are the path system all about one from dying!


The best way for everyone to live is to take the secret mission and capture Princess Anna.

Without that, someone has to die. Unfortunately this isn’t a power fantasy, and Cataphrak wanted to illustrate that war isn’t fun. Not all of your friends get to come home.


but… doing the spec ops one doesn’t have any important allied “npcs” killed… so what’s stopping you from always choosing that route to reinforce the power fantasy of keeping all your friends alive?..


A. Because other people did die in the battle, we will find out who in the next game. Heck, if Cataphrak wanted to he could introduce a character who lived because of your actions at Kharangia, you could get to know him, be friends, etc, but he would only exist in the event that you took part in the final battle. There’s all sorts of ways to still show the consequences of the war.

B. The only route where things end with nobody with a name dying is kind of obscure and very difficult to accomplish, and the vast majority of people aren’t going to play through the game a hundred times to get that route. Also, you either kidnapped/murdered a child or did the same to her mother, and Khorobirit will learn that you did it from somebody. I don’t know about you, but I would not like to be on a first name basis with a ruthless, ambitious, genius, who also hates my guts.

There will be consequences no matter what the path. We just don’t know what those consequences are yet.


I’ll play it a thousand times to get it! I’ll do it for both games! Just teach me, oh great master!

Child murder, Lanzarel still being alive, ehhhhhhhhhh. I’ll go with a wee bit of infanticide there lass.


A couple more things about boosting your relationship with Welles: Having a high reputation when you first meet Welles means she starts with a favorable impression of you, which is the equivalent of a very significant boost. (Participating in the Forlorn Hope is helpful for this, but not necessary.) During second Kharangia, you get a significant boost if you go to help the Second Battalion of 5th of Foot and directly reinforce the line, especially if you follow her directions.

From a min/maxing perspective, it seems possible to disagree with Welles at the dinner (thereby meeting the king) and spend your free time at Mhillanovil doing something else (mentoring Renard, continuing to write your memoirs, and refining your Antari are all good choices), and still end up with a high enough relationship that you might end up marrying Welles. Try following the instructions in the spoiler text above, say that her proposal is admirable but impractical, and at second Kharangia don’t say “Are you sure you would rather not observe from here?” (You don’t need to visit her the night before the battle.) You should end up with a relationship value of 70, which is pretty high, though it might not be enough. You also won’t have expressed romantic interest yet, though I imagine Lords isn’t too late for that. Of course, even if an anti-feminist war hero impresses Welles enough to marry her, I imagine there will be significant conflict in their marriage.

From a min/max perspective, capturing Princess Anna (provided you have the stats to do so) is almost strictly superior to killing Lady Aleksandra. Aside from being a despicable choice, killing the girl means you lose Anna’s ransom money and suffer penalties to reputation, morale and loyalty. The only advantages to killing her are a significant boost in your relationship with Katarina, and you repair your relationship with Lefebvre if you had previously reported him to Hunter.

Note: while I often mention min/maxing, in my own playthroughs I blend role-playing and min/maxing. I have 4 characters, and I try to balance (i) keeping them distinct, so that I can explore various interesting parts of the game (they’re all from different regions, are different ages, have different personal stat strengths and weaknesses, and have different sergeants in Guns; one is a deserter, one doesn’t do the forlorn hope, two participate in the secret mission, etc.); (ii) having their choices fit their internal motivations and values (which can change over time); and (iii) min/maxing within that framework. Even for the characters whose values don’t match my own, I want to feel some sympathy for them so that I can get into that mindset and role-play that character. While I can understand why a character might do it, I don’t want to role-play a character who kills a 13 year old non-combatant girl in cold blood.


At SK is it possible to help the 5th of foot while saving Marion and Ssgt or are they doomed to die apart from the experimental route?



It’s possible, but only if you let either Hartigan or Marcus Havenport die, and you bring Cazarosta or Garret with you. Even with extra men, however, your sergeant has a good chance of dying, especially if you reinforce the line (which boosts your relationship with Welles) instead of committing to a flanking charge (which can boost your reputation more than reinforcing the line). If you have decent intellect, however, it shouldn’t be too hard to find an option that lets your sergeant live.

As a reminder, at least one of Hartigan, Havenport, Lewes, and your sergeant will die if you do SK. (Welles can die, but she’ll never be the only named casualty.) If you don’t reinforce either Hartigan or Havenport, he dies. If you reinforce them both, then your sergeant dies unless you go to stop the Hussars and let the Experimentals sacrifice themselves. Having Lewes as the only named casualty also requires the right stats, including high discipline.