Walkthrough for Guns of Infinity?


I was wondering if there is a walkthrough for Guns of Infinity like there is for Sabres of Infinity? If there already is one I have not been able to find it anywhere. Just pretty much wanted to go through it with best stats, medals, etc. If anyone can post a link to a walkthrough, or can post it here I would be eternally grateful. Thank you!

Guns of infinity final battle walkthrough
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Walkthroughs for Guns of Infinity are very difficult to write, because it all depends on the character you import.

There is no ‘one size fits all’ walkthrough for Guns.


I imported a charcter pretty much from the Sabres of Infinity walkthrough, the only one on here, so didn’t think it would be hard. Whoever made that can just make Guns of Infinity walkthrough from the save they used, since that walkthrough gave me excellent stats and all medals, that was probably best way to go through it.


That would have been good information to mention from the get go.

To get both medals you need to Survive the Forlorn Hope and successfully capture either Princess Anna or Lady Aleksandra. The former has a ton of walkthroughs on the main Guns page, and the latter requires (With BaneArmor) 45 soldiering/65 charisma for Aleksandra, or 55 soldiering/65 charisma with Antari knowledge for Anna.

If you have Antari language level 3, both charisma checks are easier.


Ok, thank you for this information.


I can send you one based on the guide I think your using for Sabres.


I am also interested. Could you send me that guide?


I’ll just post it here for anyone who wants it.

1.Choose whatever you want here, they’ll all succeed.
2. Go with Lanzarel’s suggestion
3. The next couple choices are just personal preference.
4. Go with Findlay’s troop.
5.Order extra drill.
6.Do what you will in the winter, although I always socialize.
7.Maintain normal readiness.
8. Run the Partisans down.
9. Send Findlay to hold the bridge.
10. Turn the tables.
11. Check on your men and then call a staff meeting.
13. Visit Katrina and be nice to her.
12. Ask to see Garing’s plans, then donate some money to him.
13. Volunteer for the Forlorn Hope and convince Havenport to allow a joint command.
14. Find the safest way to the breach.
15. Find another way to help your wounded men.
16. Dislodge the Baneseals.
17. Charge the cannon on your own.
18. Countercharge.
19. Help Lewes and choose to lure them in and then countercharge.
20. To the rear for her lady’s sake.
21. Go north.
22. Mount up and charge them.
23. Do what you will at the dinner, although supporting her gives a pretty big hit to your rep and saying that it’s impractical allows you to meet with the king. If you do meet the king choose the second option when talking to him.
24. Allow him to attend the Salon and tell him to relay the discussion back to you.
25. Stop them with a volley and choose the option to lose neither time nor men.
26. Get the men back in order.
27. Mentor Findlay.
28. Go to Second Kharangia.
29. Follow Cunaris outside and accept his offer to have you squire Findlay.
30. Allow Cassius to accompany you.
31. Commit both your squadrons and help the experimentals and use the howitzers to help the 5th of foot.
32. Allow them to sacrifice themselves. Order a second volley.
33. Buy the promotion to Lieutanant Colonel.

EDIT: Finally got around to making the guide for the secret mission. Note that it will be in two parts, one for capturing Anna and one for Aleksandra.

Aleksandra path

  1. Accept Katrina’s offer.
  2. Hear your men’s grievances.
  3. Wear your armor.
  4. Stay with your men.
  5. Form up in front of the gate.
  6. Aim high.
  7. Charge alone.
  8. You are now thousands of crowns richer, all at the low cost of half your command. Was it worth it?

Anna Path
(In order to gain enough soldiering in order to successfully capture Anna you must observe Cazarosta’s squadron during the first winter and then accept his invitation after the Storming of Kharangia.)

  1. Accept Katrina’s offer
  2. Hear your men’s grievances.
  3. Wear your armor.
  4. Go into the keep
  5. Go forward to Lefebreve
  6. Use the Runegun
  7. Charge the Princess
  8. Enjoy your four thousands crowns.

Sabres of Infinity Walkthrough
Sabres of Infinity: Feedback, Discussion and Suggestions

Thanks for doing this! I used your walkthrough for the Sabres one actually, so I should have same exact stats as you. :smiley: Again, thanks for taking the time to do this.


Why go to sk when the secret mission makes sure none of your friends die and gets you twice the money?


It is much better for boosting relationships with the various characters at SK, it gives you the opportunity to squire Findlay, and we don’t know what consequences the higher casualities Tierra takes if you go on the secret mission will have in Lords, plus I simply want to be present at the most important battle in the history of the Unified Kingdom, the battle that ends the war that we have been fighting for the better part of a decade.

That said Ira really just my personal preference and I might eventually end up adding in a guide for the secret mission when I have the chance to go down that route a few more times. As it stands I’m not too familiar with it.


The only thing you lose is squiring the son, and the other romance, which isn’t quite as good, in my opinion. My guess is it’s about the same number of people who die, because remember, the people you don’t help lose men from there regiments. So it would just be different people dyeing, people you don’t know.


If you aren’t present than Havenport gives Cunaris another regiment of cavalry (the fourth I think). This allows everyone to live but the cavalry charge is a bit slower to deliver the killing blow, resulting in higher casualities for the line infantry.


I’m pretty sure then that the other two squadrons of dragoons would take part in the charge, making it almost exactly the same as if you had gone. Either way the charge is only short a squadron, if your there that one squadron would just be lancers instead.


Is it possible to capture Princess Anna without getting your officers killed?


Cunaris retains the Dragoons, hence why there’s enough cavalry to save everyone.


You can save them if you have high enough unit stats, although I’m not sure what the exact check is. Try getting each unit stat in the 50s or 60s and you should be fine.

BTW its Aleksandra, Anna is Khorobirit’s wife, not his daughter.


No one dies if you capture Anna.


The Check is 70 I believe. However your Sargent and batman die no matter what.


Sorry, I had thought he would have to give up the dragoons


As an addition, if you have 85 or above soldiering, you can pretty much capture Princess Anna like a boss - the fight scene where you take on 2 armored knights with just a cavalry sabre is like something out of a Kung Fu movie.