Walking the lands of the dead (Mythology WIP) Updated 14th September



I’ve put up a new chapter to continue through the Maze of Mist :slight_smile: . Unfortunately I still haven’t finished the track that leads to a completely different part of the underworld from the red door in the hall (It’s on my to-do list) so only the blue door is currently selectable for now (and means there’s 3 locations in the stats page that you can’t get to at the moment.)


Just a little poll for my interest (and perhaps others :slight_smile: ) Not including Hades and Persephone since they’re a given to turn up prominently, who would you most like to see Orpheus/your MC to interact with in the underworld?

  • Prometheus (Titan who stole fire for humans)
  • Hecate (Goddess of magic)
  • Sisyphus (The King who has to roll a rock up a hill for eternity since trying to capture death.)
  • Tiresias (The blind prophet from Oedipus)
  • Melinoë (Underworld nymph able to bring nightmares and madness)
  • Furies
  • Someone else entirely/ Or more of someone we’ve already seen like Charon or Cerberus (Please comment :slight_smile: )

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Hecate is my choice


I’m a big fan of Orpheus myth. Such a tragic story, but also so so beatiful what he does for the one he loves.
I’m glad I found this WIP, and kind of ashamed I didn’t see it before.

As for the poll, another one of my favorite myths, Prometheus story is also amazing, and I would absolutely love seeing him in the game.

Anyways, I really like the idea, so good luck with the project and I’m very excited to see what you have planned for this one.


Thanks for the support @MAppolo! I love Prometheus’ story as well.
Thanks also to everyone who voted! It’s really interesting to see so much interest in Melinoe. I was originally debating whether include her in the story somewhere, but it looks like I should try to find a place for her to turn up!


Not yet updated (Still needs work but there’s about another 14000 words or so that’ll go up once a few more bits and pieces are finished and I’ve had a chance to edit what’s up) but here’s some hints as to some of the places you might end up in. (Under spoiler tags for anyone who doesn’t want to know what’s lurking in the underworld waiting for them :innocent:)



How well do you know your Greek Mythology? :slight_smile:


7/12, dammit.


Still better than half. (You passed!)


Guess so, especially when I did it in a minute…



Yep :grin: (Some of those questions are actually quite hard!)


Unfortunately, I realised that I actually knew the correct answer to some of my wrong answers…


7/12 here as well, which isn’t so bad for me, considering all my knowledge is based on the Percy Jackson series :sweat_smile:


10/12 yay


9/12! Not bad I guess!


10/12 here
Some were indeed quite hard, I had no idea about the horses one.


I got the horse tamer one wrong too. (I figured it had something to do with pegasus, but apparently not.)


I got a 10/12


Another 10/12 here. Now, I’m trying to think of a story, where muses are involved. :thinking:

Nice quiz btw!


I wonder what one I missed you all are getting! :stuck_out_tongue: But ya, it was a good quiz! Good mix of easy and obscure questions.