Walking the lands of the dead (Mythology WIP) Updated 14th September



I’ve put up a new chapter to continue through the Maze of Mist :slight_smile: . Unfortunately I still haven’t finished the track that leads to a completely different part of the underworld from the red door in the hall (It’s on my to-do list) so only the blue door is currently selectable for now (and means there’s 3 locations in the stats page that you can’t get to at the moment.)


Just a little poll for my interest (and perhaps others :slight_smile: ) Not including Hades and Persephone since they’re a given to turn up prominently, who would you most like to see Orpheus/your MC to interact with in the underworld?

  • Prometheus (Titan who stole fire for humans)
  • Hecate (Goddess of magic)
  • Sisyphus (The King who has to roll a rock up a hill for eternity since trying to capture death.)
  • Tiresias (The blind prophet from Oedipus)
  • Melinoë (Underworld nymph able to bring nightmares and madness)
  • Furies
  • Someone else entirely/ Or more of someone we’ve already seen like Charon or Cerberus (Please comment :slight_smile: )

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Hecate is my choice


I’m a big fan of Orpheus myth. Such a tragic story, but also so so beatiful what he does for the one he loves.
I’m glad I found this WIP, and kind of ashamed I didn’t see it before.

As for the poll, another one of my favorite myths, Prometheus story is also amazing, and I would absolutely love seeing him in the game.

Anyways, I really like the idea, so good luck with the project and I’m very excited to see what you have planned for this one.


Thanks for the support @MAppolo! I love Prometheus’ story as well.
Thanks also to everyone who voted! It’s really interesting to see so much interest in Melinoe. I was originally debating whether include her in the story somewhere, but it looks like I should try to find a place for her to turn up!