(W.I.P.) A Hag Called Fate(Update: May 17, 2018)



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So this project of mine has been left in the ditch for a while now and it’s unclear if I will ever be able to get back on track with it. I did however, do something today.

A possible concept for cover art. Mind you, I’m not the artist I used to be. I’m not married to the design, but hypothetically it should be better than nothing. I hope. People are welcome to say if they love it or hate it(But not too critically, please, because my heart is really fragile.)

I wanted to capture that retro rpg look to go with the themes but also make it clear that there’s something just not quite right with it as compared to a typical rpg as well. I think I accomplished that at least.

Maybe? ....No?


I am not a professional artist , nor even writer, which is clear if you already read the wip.


The narrative is hilarious, and I love playing the character. There are some grammar mistakes, though.


It definitely needs a few touch ups, if I ever get back to continuing this project. It’s only recently that I have some thought on how I could progress the story. In my head, it’s a good concept. Whether or not it actually is in execution, would be different.

Question. Does the special ultimate artifact thingy that corrupts and twists things because that’s what they do in all rpgs, really only do that for everyone except for yourself? Or do you just think that you’re perfectly the same way you always were?


You mean like red lyrium from Dragon Age or the one ring in Lord of the Rings?


To me this art work looks cool :grin:


Technicaly most of the artefact are possessed by evil entity (Ex : DQ8 with the evil taking control) so it depend if you can resist said evil entity, if you can you shouldn’t be twitsed.

Other ultimate artefact that aren’t possessed actualy have the reverse effect, it’s the users who is corrupted and so the ultimate artefact ‘grant their wish’ in such a way (Ex : DQ 9 with the Yggdrasil fruit)


It does capture those things well. :smile:

But as someone who doesn’t have that nostalgia for for retro games, it doesn’t do anything to pull me in as a potential reader. :thinking:
It doesn’t really make me think of this game, and it wouldn’t make me stop and play the game, if I didn’t already know and love it.

But, as said, it does feel retro and like something is a bit wrong, so if that is what you want, it definitely works. :blush:


I can see your point and while I would love to be making stellar art that captivates the masses, it’s out of my reach of feasible goals. There are many skilled artists out there who have art that belongs in a museum. Mine, belongs near it. In the dumpster outside.

It’s possible I may be looking at things the wrong way when it comes to design. I wrote it. I already know what the narrative is like and what the story is. People looking at things for the first time, aren’t going to. Obviously, not everyone is going to like the same things. I think it’s safe to assume, the largest portion of people who are interested in me getting to work for once , sometime, would most likely be fans of roleplaying games in general.

Much like my other project, what is that people would want to see?

After deciding to go against my first thought of “Cat Girls”, the concept currently eludes me. It may be worth some time to think over, carefully.


I don’t think it’s a bad idea from a marketing point of view, and I wouldn’t discount it from the words of one person.
Most gamers has that retro-game nostalgia, I just happen to be one of the few that doesn’t.
For me, that nostalgia point probably lies pretty firmly around Final Fantasy X, as that’s the first J-RPG I ever played, and Neverwinter Nights and Morrowind for western RPGs :thinking:

And yeah, designing the perfect cover art is a seriously difficult task. :pensive: