(W.I.P.) A Hag Called Fate(Update: May 17, 2018)



Can I eventually just kill them or do I really have to wait for the heroes to do one of them in for me and let the other live


Oh, I never really intended to letting them survive the entire game.

But…I don’t know how much I should give away about it.


The heroes or the unlikables (hope it’s the unlikeables cause the heroes are at least somewhat bearable)


so if read this right we have choice we can kill them or not


Essentially, but this gets into a serious spoiler zone so I want to be careful of what I say.

The easiest way to put it is, if it was an option to simply outright obliterate the Dark Lord, then why is it that, the MC hasn’t already done this? Worth thinking about.

On smaller news, I’m debating putting this project on hold again but I also don’t really want to do that. I wasn’t planning on my other project to start taking priority but that’s how it’s ending up. Mainly, since I still need to work through a lot of technical issues with this one that there aren’t any clear cut solutions for. On top of that, it’s hard to say where to go from here with it after the next two chapters to be released whenever I can manage the next update.


LOL I really love how our gender gives a different scenario. Pff- did the boy seriously ask her in a date when they are enemies? :joy: I like how our mc says how it was a bad day because of the hero party while mixing their concern about the boots they got. I love that lack of concern toward them, as if they were talking about the weather. Moreover, that time about the fourth guy. Honestly. I don’t know his name either. Damian? I love how they forgot the boy existence. :joy:

Moreover, the story. It was what I was searching all along. :0 The mc is so cool and powerful. It reminds me of Choice of the Dragon which I liked so much.

And well, I also don’t like these kinds of hero. I totally understand the mc’s thought about them. They can be so arrogant… Moreover the title of hero seems to have given them a big ego. A speech in the middle of a battle. They got lucky that mc didn’t do as the mc in Choice of the Dragon where the Dragon attacks when the knight was bragging. :unamused:

I also liked when I tried gender male with attraction to both genders, the reaction of the mage when the other girl said it was time to take out the idiots, she pointed her time toward Leo. It was priceless. :joy:


Happy to see you are a logical person


The Dark Lord? The Grand Father something? Sorry, I didn’t read all the thread. But if it is him, I wanted to answer that question about why mc didn’t kill him?

Well, I thought that maybe, since he is the son or grandson(I forgot which one) of the previous Dark Lord(I think it was the one who got killed by the man that showed up after the party escaped) and since we respected him, we didn’t want to kill his descendant. Until he becomes too unbearable and asks or is going to do something really outrageous(more outrageous than usual I mean) that the mc finally decides to kill him before he executes what he was going to do.


I have just recently realised that there are various various options and reactions to the gender and sexual orientation. I had a lot of fun trying everything. Fascinating how the personality also affects the options.


150 likes! Yes, there are still more popular stories. But shhh. It’s fine. Relax. I call it a milestone. There might be stories like a few thousand whatever, but the difference is, this one is mine.

Which makes me feel a little bad because I’m not anywhere as close to doing this next chapter as I should be. The amount of time I spend on the forums likely gives the illusion that I have more time to work on these things than I actually do, but it’s not really the case.

I’m still way too stubborn to be willing to completely abandon something I’ve put so much work into, so at the very least, I do intend to at some point get this next section done. Just don’t know what then. Or even what next, after the fact.

Quicktest still refuses to run properly, so I need to sweep through just about everything manually, which with more and more content, gets to be a bigger and bigger chore while being a lot less likely to notice something important.

Not making a plan for things has the advantage that you can adapt things whatever as needed without screwing everything up, but also the fact that the minute you end up not able to just do whatever, it becomes a lot more difficult.


smart move what point of reading great story if someone spolie it and take all the time you need


What got you to make A hag Called Fate :first_quarter_moon:


Demon Lord Of the Labyrinth. Because it never came out.


I always liked those kinds of games and was looking forward to day it finally come out. Then it was still in draft revision. Other games were developed and made in the mean time but it stayed in draft revision for years. It was very disappointing at first, but after the third year of it still being in revision I thought “Well, why not me? Why can’t I try making something along those veins if I like the idea so much?”

Of course, things take development time and all that. I’m aware. If it was easy, I’d have had something updated by now. I’m just saying that was the thought process when I was younger and…yeah.


I have read your work to me you did great on A Hag Called Fate I wish the best


What monster that will scar crap out of me