Voyage of the Eldritch (WIP)



It will be in a future update, if possible.


I will look for that.


I think that could be interesting – it would certainly add to the university’s sense of strangeness.

That bonus was fun – it’s nice that the customization of the MC isn’t just brushed aside after making the choice but appears throughout the narrative. I would add more spaces throughout the paragraphs, though, like when the flower or the mannequin speak. Usually when there’s a new/different speaker that causes a new paragraph.

Perhaps for the secretary scene, once you add professor options in, there can be a “meaner” option where we ask her to get us a cup of coffee, or a kinder one where we get coffee for both of us and have a coffee break. :coffee:


Okay, one last question before I write the scene with Misako:
Important Note: Keep in mind, Misako is a plant, she has no default gender. In my stories ‘she’ can be either male or female depending on the context… Plants are hermaphrodites after all… (Plant studies shown here) That being said…

What gender do you tend to see Misako as?

  • Male
  • Female
  • Neither

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Added an extra option for Akashic. Will work on the other option later.


Added some fourth-wall observation in the final class.


Which NPC would you like to see next attending the university?

  • Keliare the student
  • Tetris the vampire
  • Olapen (aka Paloma) the chaotic mage
  • Other (be specific)

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And here’s what Misako looks like in her plant-form, when it’s zoomed up close:

(And yes, I drew that myself! :smiley: Fun fact about this form, when Misako’s in this form she can only screech loudly. She needs the mannequin to talk vocally to other humans)

Misako in her mannequin… The dangling brown vines are her antennae (kinda like insects) to remind you that she is a plant first and foremost, plus it looks awesome…

Updated the scene where Misako is first introduced (bonus is that it’s an extra long and detailed scene!)

I’m going to add some good and bad endings for the game now…

There are still three achievements remaining, including one hidden achievement.

Major Blood-loss: Misako drained you of all your remaining blood, ouch! (10 points)
A Cold Vampire: Vampire Tetris had managed to turn you into a dampyr! (10 points)


As someone who likes achievements and bad endings, those sound like a lot of fun.

A few things I noticed this time around

I received this error when when I tried to eat at the food court:
cap_stats line 22: Non-existent variable 'succubus_soulust

I received this error when I tried changing my clothes using the dresser:
dresser line 27: increasing indent not allowed, expected 4 was 6

I received this error when I tried studying for an exam:
studying line 7: bad label dorms
(You need to change the *goto dorms to *goto_scene dorms.)

You may want to add a “back” choice when you go to buy books/supplies/etc. just in case the player changes their mind about buying something. You may also want to state how much each item is once the money variable is implemented for shopping.

I noticed you can ask Misako to go to class with you before you even meet her. You may also want to have it so once you meet her the same scene and achievement doesn’t pop up again when you open the closet a second time.

Looking forward to trying out the other classes! I noticed there was a home economics class – will we be able to make bizarre and spooky foods as well? :laughing:


Noted, I will fix the errors now! And yes, you will be able to create spooky edible foods for the students!
Update: It should be working now, if there are any extra errors left over, please tell me here ASAP!


The only extra error I could find after playing extensively for you is this when trying to go to the microbiology class:

Odd it proceeds to show me one paragraph of the intro but nothing else.

Anyhow, the comical tone and schooling style existing in this world is both very entertaining to me and oddly familiar…

Heh heh. I like this.


That error is fixed now, and I’m glad you liked it! :smiley: It warms my heart to see that comment.

If anyone has any suggestions about my CS game (ie, bad/good endings, student NPC interactions, achievements etc) as it currently is, please notify me via messages in-site, that way I can look through them one at a time and mull over them as I am often wanton to do.

Out of the Closet: You found Misako! Well done! (5 points)
Major Blood-loss: Misako drained you of all your remaining blood, ouch! (10 points)
A Damp Vampire: Vampire Tetris had managed to turn you into a Dhampyr! (10 points)
Within the Werewolf: You are now within the werewolf… Good luck getting out of here! (25 points)
Plant-Food!: Mistress Trench fed you to her plants for being tardy to class… (15 points)
The Lion’s Den: Professor Leon fed you to his lions at the zoo… (13 points)
Scree!: Misako was furious because of a lack of blood. Chomp! (20 points)
Olapen loves You: Olapen assimilated your soul! Hope you like visitors! (50 points)
Rawr!: Tetris angry. Tetris wants blood! Yours! (4 points)
Samuel does what he wants: Samuel absorbs you and consequentially digests you. (15 points)
Stuck with You: You are stuck inside Alicia’s soul-gem, how will you like company?! (5 points)
Happy Valentine’s Day!: You got your own heart torn out by Misako because of her ire (6 points)
Cybernetic Love: You and Akashic bond inside a virtual realm! Virtual zone! (30 points)

I probably need a better title for Samuel’s bad ending though… Plus, Misako sure gets angry a lot…


Also: Misako can get angry and eat you whole in her plant-form. It includes your character dying an excruiatingly slow death in a bad ending. Thoughts on this?

Can anyone tell me if they can achieve achievement 15 yet? Basically it should activate if you have misako_friendship > 30, you are a human and her bloodlust < 30. If you achieved it, please send me a screenshot of the bad ending, right here ASAP!

Also, I’m pretty open to any game-suggestions now, so please send some my way, lovelies! :sparkling_heart:

New rule of the university added:
Shapeshifter Mode Lock: This is made compulsory at the University’s campus: if an alien or a monster stays more than one month in a singular form, the greater chance of them being stuck in that form and can’t transform back to their Shapeshifter Default Form

Important: I just came down with a bad case of sore throat.