Voyage of the Eldritch (UPDATED, 19/03)

I think I saw a bug in customisation I saw. During customisation, I picked yes when asking if I liked horoscope (note: I picked the seemingly human option) and it doesn’t show where I use magic or not.

It’s fixed now!


Also how come the succubus is only accessible for intersex?

Well, that is for story-reasons only, as in the entity that made the succubi (Felicia) made them as so…

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Ahh ok thankss

Most of the customisation errors should be fixed by now.

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The system asks for the MC’s name twice :thinking:

It turns out that if you input an npc’s name (ie, Olapen, Landon or Misako) it won’t register unless you put a non-npc name in it.

The names that I put are totally different. Example: I write “Name1”, click Next, the text box comes out again, if I retype “Name1” the system finally process it as “Name1”. But if instead of repeating “Name1”, I write other name in this second text box “Name2”, the system process the MC’s name like “Name2”.




I think I fixed this mistake. Try again now, please.

i was so hoping this would have a custom response…

“So, your name is now zenith8? It’s a good name for you!”
“We are now off to University, zenith8 ! Have a good time there!”

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Fixed it! :slightly_smiling_face:

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If anyone has any items that is currently not avaliable in the shops, please notify me and I might add the food to the shops and/or campus. Plus, how is everyone finding the campus so far? I’m thinking of adding a bonus scene if the mc gets nommed by a werewolf while at the food-courts…
If anyone has any suggestions for the game, please ask me anything!


This is the one and only Olapen! How nice!


I like the new zen garden and fishing options! I’m curious to see what will happen if level up in meditation… will these have an effect on the classes in some way?

I received this error when I visited the gym and tried jogging:
campus line 628: Non-existent variable ‘number’

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The error shouldn’t be there anymore, plus I updated the carpentry skill! I’m also working on the biology class a bit more, so are there any mythological creatures not at the university, that everyone wants to study?

I’m still unsure whether to make this Misako’s profile pic when you talk to her in the dorms or not?

Plus, have an extra picture of a possessed Olapen!

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I’m currently working on the third Venusian called Cynthia… Here is the current image of her:


Full Name: Cynthia Thrall
Nicknames: Sunflower Lady and/or Sunny
Age: 25+
Class: Criminal and/or Trickster archetype
Spotted: Fleeing from a crashed Ufo while being filmed by a camera
Objectives: To sow the Earth with dozens of Venusian flowers and cause mass-chaos throughout the entire university and beyond
Powers known: Hypnotism and powerful voice (ventroliquism)
Power-rating: 7, very powerful (Misako is only at a 3, Landon is at a 2, Olapen is at a 6 and the final professor is at a 10+) Approach with due caution…

Note: Since my computer is currently broken, I will pause this project until I get my own computer fixed… Wish me good luck!

Update: I finally got my computer back, but it will take a few weeks to update the storyline and species. Started drawing a new npc as a wip draft in art class! Any questions so far?

Also added unicorns to home-economic’s classroom! Plus your mc can now access the computer and telephone while in the dormitory!


I like the new computer options! They look like they’ll be fun, especially the forum section. I was a little bit confused about Akashic – I believe that’s the first time my MC has interacted with them (at least in this playthrough) but the game acts like the MC/player knows who they are. Perhaps there could be a longer introduction for them when you log into your computer? Also, once you do log in it goes directly to renaming them, but perhaps there should be an option to keep the name (Akashic) the same.

I like that we can rename our username, but it never says what our username is/we don’t get an initial choice to select a username to begin with. It also seems like you can only rename it once, so perhaps the player should be warned about that.

Will we be able to use the computer to help us with classes?

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Fixed some of the options! And yes, the computers will be able to help with classes…

Now, any questions about Jihibukai the Merciful (who only currently exists in the Dream Realm)?

The humor doesn’t exactly sell it to me, and I lot of the choices seem like they’re just there for a laugh. Idk. Would like to see story elements.

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